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Excellent Alternative to OSX Mail : Mailplane

As a Mac user we are accustomed to ease of use. Our loyalty sets us apart. If you are a Windows user, chances are you seek alternative applications to those that come with your operating system. With OSX there really is little need to do this as everything “just” works.
Well, I have finally found an alternative to OSX mail in “Mailplane”86FB754D-09BE-423F-BEB1-268AE43B137C.jpg

Gmail is pretty much a standard in webmail. Its features sets the platform apart. But how can I bring this to the desktop. Here comes MailPlane. It is not just an encapsulated safari webpage but a full fledged desktop app. It has full iLife integration, drag and drop features to open windows and to the dock icon. It has great email notifications, including on the toolbar and dock icon, as well as Growl support. IMAP though Gmail, secure login and much more. It’s interface is as good if not better then any native OSX app, and maintains your mail safely on Gmail servers.
Maiplane has full address book integration.
It has support for multiple accounts.

Further features:

* New Gmail 2 add ons and keyboard shortcuts like Apply/Remove label, navigate to label, and hide spam counter

* Much improved account notifications including a “Do not disturb” mode

* More ways to create email attachments (clipboard, better drag/drop support)
* mailplane URL to access searches and conversations from any application

* OmniFocus clipping plugin to create task with a mailplane URL

A full list of features are available here.

What better way to integrate all that Gmail has to offer yet maintain the OSX integration with iPhoto (auto resizing of images) and drag and drop ease of use that we come to take for granted in OSX.

Get MailPlane now.
It is an absolute steel at $24.95 CAD

Mailplane is unequivocally a “Must Have App”!

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