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The Snugg iPad 2 Black Leather case and keyboard review

A debate can be had on whether or not you need a keyboard as an accessory with an iPad.
recently I’ve had the luxury of testing a bluetooth keyboard/iPad case from Snugg.

On first impressions the quality and stiching of the case is very good.
Seems are well aligned and the method in which the iPad is secured is top notch.

The keys on the keyboard provide enough tactile feel to prevent error when typing and the pairing of the Bluetooth 3.0 is accomplished with the push of a button.
Charging of the rechargeable lithium battery is accomplished with the provided micro USB connector.

There are handy keyboard shortcuts for volume, brightness, lock/unlock, language change and search.
The “leather” feels of good tactile quality and the interior is lined with a nice soft nubuck fibre.

The whole case acts as a stand with multiple viewing angles, and by removing the iPad from the backing it can be velcroed into portrait mode. If you want, you can thus easily completely remove the iPad from the whole case, albeit sans cover for the glass. The keyboard itself appears to be glued in place, but it would have been nice to remove this as well and use The Snugg as a standalone iPad case of thinner profile.


All ports have cutouts for easy accessibility.

I can see using the keyboard for a variety of reasons such as the iWork suite, email typing or wherever you need to spend more time with text as opposed to swiping/gestures.

What I did find is the auto locking when closing the case did not work all of the time. I drained the battery one time thinking it was shutoff when it fact it was not. Not as good as the magnetic iPad cover. The cover itself is magnetic with a small fold over tab.

The profile when all buttoned up with an iPad 2 is on the thick side (1 1/2 inches).
Battery life is in the 50+ hour range but there is no light index to tell you how much charge is left.

Overall I think this is a very reasonably priced, high quality accessory for the iPad 2, 3 or 4 version. It has a very professional quality/feel about it and would make a great workplace tool or gift. It is highly recommended!



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