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-image-Sony PSP Running Mac OS

in the wee hours

Sony PSP Running Mac OS:

Neisha Stadelhofer came up with a really twisted hack to run Mac OS on a Sony PSP. She’s running vMac under PSPBochs – in other words, a 680×0 emulator running under an x86 emulator.


-image-Another look at Opera

in the wee hours

Another look at Opera:

Like a lot of people, I tried Opera after they released it as freeware. At first I didn’t like it because of its quirkiness, but I’m now starting to reconsider. I’ve even been using Opera as my default browser for a few days.


-image-What’s Hot

in the wee hours
Hot Tidbits - Hot-Links-Hot-Games-Hot Apps Read more [...]

-image-Links for Older Macs

in the wee hours
New!!! Links for Older Macs - the complete guide to every Macintosh, Mac Compatible, and upgrade card in the world, with technical, configuration, and pricing details Giant Mike's Website - the best gaming gems of another era, all have been checked for viruses. Most will work with System 6 through Mac OS 9 (and sometimes in the Classic mode of Mac OS X. LowEndMac - since 1997, a good source of information on older macs The 6400 Zone - Your source for info on the Read more [...]


in the wee hours
International Macintosh Pages Select Regions of the World to choose Apple Americas, Apple Canada, Apple Latin America/Caribbean, Apple Europe or Apple Pacific. The Arabic Macintosh - an introduction to writing Arabic on the Mac, also info about other scripts including: Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Icelandic, Russian, Greek, etc Localization Team - specialists in Macintosh software translation My Arabic Teacher - Maulimi - comprehensive interactive multimedia Arabic language curriculum MacQibla Read more [...]

-image-Mac Related Companies

in the wee hours
Macintosh Related Companies Adaptec - makers of SCSI, server, networking and storeage solutions Adobe Systems - creators of Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Postscript! Aladdin - creators of Stuffit and Stuffit Expander Alien Skin Software - makers of great Photoshop special effects like Eye Candy Alsoft - creators of that great utility Disk Warrior APS Technologies - Macintosh hard drives and tape drives Asante Technologies - Macintosh networking Avid - creators Read more [...]


in the wee hours
Macintosh Publications (periodicals, magazines, e-zines) About This Particular Mac - monthly e-zine can be downloaded for offline reading Apple Computer Reading List - a list of just about every book about Apple Computers listed by date, view covers of each book along with a short synopsis. iCreate - a Mac magazine aimed at new Home Mac users. Tutorials and features, the creative answer for Mac users. MacAddict - a monthly magazine for the Macintosh computer enthusiast MacCentral Read more [...]

-image-Other Macintosh Sites

in the wee hours
Look for it here if you couldn't find it elsewhere. Other Mac Sites - an engaging and educational experience for Mac OS X administrators and afficionados Aquafiles - Mac OS X software directory (last update April 2003) Business Card Composer - OS X app for creating and printing business or personal cards eChupa Software - a small Mac software developer with audio, children/family, games, real estate and other software titles iCalShare - great source of a large Read more [...]

-image-User Groups

in the wee hours
Macintosh User Groups Apple Users Groups - find your local Apple User's group here PlanetMUG - the BMUG site serving the Mac community since 1986 The Mac Corner - my friends at the Central Kentucky Computer Society Read more [...]

-image-Scientific Software

in the wee hours
Scientific Software for the Macintosh EnzymeX - a program to help determine which restriction enzymes to use for the DNA of interest iSMARTtrain - For those athletes out there who use the following heartrate monitors - Polar S610, S625x, S710, S720, S725, S810, XTrainer or Accurex II Heart Rate Monitor. MacScience - OS X applications for science Microscope 1.1 - OS X capture software for the USB QX3/QX3+ computer Microscope Read more [...]


in the wee hours
Programming Apple Developer Site - Apple's Macintosh Programming Pages Apple Developer Connection News - developer related technical, business, and marketing information direct from Apple, includes info on MacOS, Java, internet, hardware, etc. Apple's AppleScript page - Free scripts, utilities, source code, and more! AppleScript Central - over 300 AppleScripts are here for OS 8-X Cocoa Dev Central - tips, tricks, and tutorials (and more) for the "newbie" cocoa developer GNU Read more [...]


in the wee hours
Hardware Accelerate Your Mac - the Source for Performance News, Tips & Reviews Apple's iMac site - Hot new iMacs - Home of the Mac Cube FAQ The Cube-Zone - a site dedicated to the Apple Cube DataLeach Hard Drive Recovery - offers drive repair services and solutions for data recovery from hard drive crashes Daystar - The company specializes in developing custom solutions, and integrating leading performance technologies for consumers, enterprise and Read more [...]


in the wee hours
Sherlock I have been unable to find OSX Sherlock plugin pages- Watson is probably the way to go (just my opinion) Create Sherlock Channels - Tutorial brough to you by O'Reilly Watson 1.7.5 - an innovative utility that bypasses the web browser Read more [...]

-image-Trouble Shooting Sites

in the wee hours
Macintosh Information Troubleshooting ACS Data Recovery - hard drive crash? "no data, no charge" promise, if we are unable to recover at least some of the data you are looking for, then you pay nothing AllExperts MacOS - free Macintosh experts answer your questions via email! DataLeach Hard Drive Recovery - offers drive repair services and solutions for data recovery from hard drive crashes DTIdata - hard drive and data recovery services Focus on Mac Support @ Read more [...]

-image-Instruction & Training

in the wee hours
Instruction & Training Atomic Learing - Atomic Learning brings us FREE Jaguar video tutorials (there are some more FREE tutorials and a very reasonable annual subscription for their entire library).check out the free iMovie tutorials....thanks guys HTML Code Tutorial - if you ever wanted to learn HTML, this site has great tutorials - over 2450 training movie tutorials. GREAT stuff! MacAcademy - CDs, Videos, Online and On Site training - learn Read more [...]