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-image-Safari Menu

in the wee hours

Safari Menu:

Safari Menu let’s you view all your bookmarks from the Safari web browser system wide. This means that you can go to any site you’ve got in your bookmarks with just one click.
Additionally, you can directly go to any URL or search in the Google search engine and you can share your bookmarks over a local network using Rendezvous technology.

-image-iPhoto Mini

in the wee hours

iPhoto Mini:

iPhoto Mini is a widget that lets you browse your iPhoto library. You can select an album and look at the photos in that album. Additionaly, in the album popup menu you get to see how many photos each album contains.(donationware)

-image-iCab – News

in the wee hours
iCab - News: iCab 3.0 Beta 382 (December 2005)The third public beta version of iCab 3 is now available for all users. You can download iCab 3.0 from the download pageNew in this release are the Cache Browser, a simple RSS reader, hiliting of "anchor links" (the link destination lies in the same document), support for alternative stylesheets and much more. There're also some bugfixes and workarounds for certain web pages. Read more [...]

-image-InformationWeek | Consumer Electronics | Intel’s New Marketing Campaign Paves Way For Apple | December 30, 2005

in the wee hours

InformationWeek | Consumer Electronics | Intel’s New Marketing Campaign Paves Way For Apple | December 30, 2005:

Intel’s New Marketing Campaign Paves Way For Apple

-image-Freeware apps for learning

in the wee hours
Freeware apps for learning: There are several Mac freeware apps that will help you learn something new. From languages to music theory to typing to astronomy, there is something for everyone: Genius Freeopardy Stellarium Latin Words Guitar Chords Type Trainer 4 Mac Aquallegro Use these to become a genius! (You’re already half way there by owning a Mac.) Read more [...]

-image-macosxhints – Remove PDF password restrictions using ColorSync

in the wee hours

macosxhints – Remove PDF password restrictions using ColorSync:

Remove PDF password restrictions using ColorSync

-image-Camino : Release Notes : Camino 1.0 beta 2

in the wee hours

Camino : Release Notes : Camino 1.0 beta 2:

Camino 1.0 beta 2 brings a heavily updated version of the only native Mac OS X browser using’s Gecko HTML rendering engine.

-image-iDive 1.5

in the wee hours
iDive allows me to finally import all my tapes and yet NOT fill up my hard drive by using a....... To every father out there with your endless clips of your kids life.... get iDive. It's a life saver...
Read more [...]

-image-iPod Nano video demonstration – Google Video

in the wee hours

iPod Nano video demonstration – Google Video:

Demonstration of iPod Nano running linux playing a music video.

-image-Open-source alternative to iTunes?

in the wee hours

Open-source alternative to iTunes?:

A new Silicon Valley startup is looking to provide an open-source alternative to iTunes. The company…

-image-the arctic lounge: macamp lite x

in the wee hours

the arctic lounge: macamp lite x:

macamp lite x

MacAmp Lite X was a product from the now defunct Subband Software. It was touted as a competitor to iTunes, and, unfortunately, not enough people sent in their money to register it. With the death of the product, I am keeping this archive as a testament to the power of the Internet (and because it’s still the only player on the Mac that plays SHNs and FLACs). Best of 2005

in the wee hours Best of 2005:

It is that time of year again to highlight what was great and free. This year’s picks contain some perennial heavy-hitters and some newcomers that reflect exciting new trends.
As a new addition, I’ve added runners up. There were just too many too many to chose from

-image-Service Scrubber

in the wee hours
Service Scrubber: Here’s a brand new app that solves a long time problem: the cluttered Services menu. As you know, under every app’s main menu there are “Services” — tasks that can be performed by other apps — but that menu fills up so quickly that it becomes a bother to wade through it. Service Scrubber lets you disable any services you don’t use. I was really glad to find this. This was created by Peter Maurer on a suggestion from Rob Griffiths. Read more [...]

-image-Finding and Saving Flash Games

in the wee hours

Finding and Saving Flash Games:

3 sites with flash:
Easy download


in the wee hours
iSwiff: If you enjoy some of the fun flash games that are available online, you’ll probably be interested in iSwiff. iSwiff is for playing .swf files locally. By default, your Mac probably uses Quicktime in your browser. But if you copy the .swf files from the web, you can use iSwiff to play the games full screen. They also give you some tips on finding and saving the online flash games. Of course, iSwiff can also be used for non-games. Flash is often used for movies, presentations, and Read more [...]