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-image-Apple Launches New Intel Mac Mini

in the wee hours
Apple Launches New Intel Mac Mini: "It's not necessarily all that it could be, but the new Intel-powered Mac mini adds a little more leverage for the living room. Featuring the same form factor as the former G4-based model, the new mini is available with either Intel Core Solo or Dual processors, but the big news is on the software side: Steve Jobs demonstrated a new version of Front Row that includes support for Bonjour, allowing users to connect directly to any other Mac on the local network to Read more [...]

-image-Apple Intros New iPod HiFi

in the wee hours
Apple Intros New iPod HiFi: "For the audiophile who wants to party indoors with their iPod, Apple has now launched the iPod HiFi, a speaker with universal dock port. It features audiophile-friendly specs, including Two 80mm mid-range drivers in sealed acoustic suspension, a center 130mm dual voice coil woofer, ported bass reflex design. It apparently has great bass, and doesn't distort when cranked up. It's also got integrated handles for portability, and can run off six D-cell batteries for 'hours' Read more [...]

-image-Just for Fun: An updated Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

in the wee hours

An updated Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. With pictures!

Sometimes you just stumble over things in your travels around the internet. Some of these things are unspeakable, others are completely awesome. For Douglas Adams fans out there, this is one of the second kind.

Play HitchHiker Game

-image-Install Linux > iPod< and Dual Boot

in the wee hours

Installing Linux onto your iPod is a non-destructive process and will leave all your existing configuration and music intact. The included bootloader will also allow you to choose either the Apple or the Linux software when you reset your iPod.



Linux Install GMac – Gmail addons

in the wee hours GMac: “Everything is big about Google: big storage limits, big search indexes and big maps. But, as evolved as webmail can get, we’d all like it to behave a little more like desktop email clients. For this, we turn to freeware…”

(Via macmerc.)

-image-This Just In, Even Steve Jobs Messes Up Sometimes

in the wee hours
This Just In, Even Steve Jobs Messes Up Sometimes: "FreeMacBlog has posted a humorous video that takes a look at the Steve Jobs Bloopers from Macworld Keynotes. Even Steve et al cannot escape the "Big" screen! From FreeMacBlog (Via MacMegasite.) Read more [...] : What the other Steve is saying about Apple’s striking resurgence

in the wee hours : What the other Steve is saying about Apple's striking resurgence PETER NOWAK From Thursday's Globe and Mail After being all but written off by the tech industry in the mid 90s, Apple Computer Inc. has made a startling resurgence. But that doesn't mean its latest strategies sit well with Woz." (Via globeandmail.) Read more [...]

-image-Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets

in the wee hours

Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets: “Google
Google Dashboard Widgets for Mac”

(Via MacWidgets.)

-image-Mousepose from Boinx is now Universal

in the wee hours
"Mousepose" Boinx Mouseposé 1.3 goes Universal Munich, Germany - February 24th, 2006. The universally acclaimed Boinx Mouseposé is now universally usable on all Macs, PowerPC and Intel based. The tool, which helps presenters drawing attention to the mouse during presentations, now works with Keynote 3 and complements the Boinx Software Universal Applications portfolio. (Via Boinx.) Read more [...]

-image-Enigmo 2 from Pangea

in the wee hours
...For ~ $30.00 Yanky dollars you really get your moneys worth. The attention to detail, the very challenging game play, the ability to create your own levels, and coming soon, the ability to download other user levels, makes this game from Pangea Software a definite "Must Have" for the Mac user. Many people seem pre-occupied in playing ever complex 3D rendered Combat/Slasher games, that "Simple" games like Enigmo 2 and the recently reviewed Professor FizzWizzle are a definite breath of fresh air. Read more [...]

-image-macosxhints – 10.4: Easily add the date to the menubar

in the wee hours

macosxhints – 10.4: Easily add the date to the menubar

Tiger only : Want to see the date in the menubar, as seen below? Start by opening the International Preferences panel, and clicking the Formats tab.

(Via macosxhints.)

-image-Coming up: Text Editor Showdown!

in the wee hours

Soon to be reviewd :

TextMate, JEdit X and ?SubEthaEdit?

-image-Disable the iWeb ‘Buy .Mac’ splash screen

in the wee hours

Disable the iWeb ‘Buy .Mac’ splash screen: “Last night a Macworld reader emailed me, asking how he could get rid of the ‘Buy .Mac’ splash screen that shows every time he launches iWeb. I hadn’t ever seen this screen, as I do have a .Mac account. So I blanked my account…”

(Via Mac OS X Hints.)

-image-[unsanity] Paranoid Android – Fix a vulnerability in Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3

in the wee hours
[unsanity] Paranoid Android - Fix a vulnerability in Mac OS X : "Paranoid Android is now an open source project for those interested. Update: A whitepaper and sample exploit are available A vulnerability in Apple's Mac OS X results in a potential situation in which a malicious person could execute arbitrary commands on your machine, such as deleting your home directory, or doing other harmful actions. This vulnerability involves the use of URL 'schemes'. These are the part of a web address that Read more [...]

-image-iTunes Controllers PART I : Menuet

in the wee hours

If you want a really simple yet fully integrated toolbar iTunes controller, check out Menuet!

Read the review.