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-image-‘Macworld Digital Photography Superguide’ released

in the wee hours
'Macworld Digital Photography Superguide' released: "TidBITS Electronic Publishing today announced the release of the 'Macworld Digital Photography Superguide,' an ebook by Christopher Breen, Robert Ellis, Dan Frakes, Bruce Fraser, James Galbraith, Rob Griffiths, Jim Heid, Joe Kissell, Ben Long, Derrick Story, Kelly Turner, and Ben Willmore..." A review will be posted soon at Maconlysource! (Via MacMinute.) Read more [...]

-image-Dr. Mac: Rants & Raves – Finally, a Fantastic iPod-in-the-Car System

in the wee hours
Dr. Mac: Rants & Raves - Finally, a Fantastic iPod-in-the-Car System: "I've been searching for the solution to my "best way to use an iPod in the car" problem for several years. Then, last summer, I saw a prototype of Harman/Kardon's soon-to-be-released solution, Drive + Play installed in a 5-series BMW and was almost certain I had found just what I'd been searching for" (Via The Mac Observer.) Read more [...]

-image-emlx to mbox Converter (Thunderbird import)

in the wee hours
In Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger', the default message format for Mail messages changed from the Apple custom mbox-package format to the new emlx format (where messages are stored in individual files for Spotlight indexing). However, if you need to recover from a hard drive crash, it's almost impossible to recover your mail messages easily since Mail won't import emlx files and you can't add them to your mailboxes any other way. (Via cosmicsoft.) Read more [...]

-image-MenuCalendarClock 2.5 Adds Universal Binary Support

in the wee hours

MenuCalendarClock 2.5 Adds Universal Binary Support: “Objectpark Software announced the immediate availability of MenuCalendarClock 2.5 on Thursday”

(Via The Mac Observer.)

-image-New flaw crashes Safari, Finder

in the wee hours

New flaw crashes Safari, Finder: “A blogger has identified an apparent flaw in the Apple’s Mac OS X graphics display engine, ImageIO, …”

(Via MacNN.)

-image-Firefoxy – Firefox fancy widget applicator

in the wee hours

Firefoxy: “Firefoxy is an app that applies Philippe Wittenberg’s fancy Firefox widgets via drag-and-drop. Just drag Firefox onto Firefoxy, and it will do its thing”

(Via amake.)

-image-Taco HTML Editor – Freeware for Mac OS X

in the wee hours

Taco Software – Freeware for Mac OS X: “Taco HTML Edit is a full-featured HTML editor and PHP editor distributed as freeware”

(Via tacosw.)

-image-Apple GUI Gallery

in the wee hours
Wired News: Apple GUI Gallery On April 1, Apple celebrates its 30th birthday. Having created one of the first personal computers and the graphical mouse-and-menu interface most PCs now use, it is now reshaping the music industry with the iPod and iTunes. To celebrate the company's birthday, Wired News has a series of special features this week that can be viewed (Via Read more [...]

-image-News: The Missing Sync goes Universal

in the wee hours

News: The Missing Sync goes Universal: “The Missing Sync is now a Universal Binary, and touts additional features.”

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-Macworld UK – Vista problems may be bigger than Microsoft admits

in the wee hours
Macworld UK - Vista problems may be bigger than Microsoft admits More delays to the release schedule for Windows Vista revealed Friday suggest that problems with shipping the OS may be broader than Microsoft has admitted. Beta testers familiar with Microsoft's plans to release test versions of the OS said that although Microsoft has said Vista development has been delayed a few weeks, the date the OS will be released to manufacturers has been pushed back two months." (Via macworld.) Read more [...]

-image-Gmail Notifier (Universal)

in the wee hours
Gmail Notifier: "The Gmail Notifier is an application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know if you have unread Gmail messages, and shows you their subjects, senders and snippets, all without your having to open a web browser." (Via Gmail.) Read more [...]

-image-Latest Firefox (Universal)

in the wee hours

Get it Here,

then browse this directory for updates.

-image-KidsBrowser 3.5 (Universal) review

in the wee hours

If you have young children, then you must have a look at a safe browsing environment created with a children’s web browser called KidsBrowser

-image-Install XP on your Intel iMac VIDEO

in the wee hours

Here you go:

Download Video

-image-Microsoft Vista Delayed until 2007

in the wee hours

Microsoft Vista Delayed until 2007: “ reports that due to ongoing delays, Microsoft will be delaying the broad launch of Windows Vista until January 2007.

We needed just a few more weeks, and that put us in a bubble…where some partners would be impacted more t…”

(Via MacRumors.)