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-image-Liquid CD

in the wee hours

Maconnect – Acceuil: “LiquidCD is a freeware for burning CDs and DVDs built for Mac OS X.
But LiquidCD is more than a burning software and has useful built-in features.”


(Via macconect.)

-image-RSS newsreading as popup windows. FeedPopper 1.8 released.

in the wee hours
RSS newsreading as popup windows. FeedPopper 1.8 released.: "FeedPopper gets the latest headlines from your favourite RSS feeds and pops them up in a small elegant popup window on your desktop. As the developer, P-Edge Media clarifies, 'FeedPopper does NOT aggregate RSS headlines. News is now, not yesterday!' FeedPopper is a Dock-iconless application that is controlled from the menu bar and is available for FREE although donations are very welcome. (Via MacMerc.) Read more [...]

-image-Yahoo! Messenger for Mac (beta)

in the wee hours

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac: “Get the all-new
Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 1”

New look and feel for OS X
New features including
Avatars, sounds, and display images
Coming soon: IM with friends that use Windows Live™ (MSN) Messenger

(Via yahoo.)

-image-Create Flash-based slideshows directly from iPhoto

in the wee hours
Create Flash-based slideshows directly from iPhoto: "Do you know the very nice slideshows that Airtight can provide for your web site? Here are two examples: SimpleViewer demo and PostcardViewer demo. Now you can create these slideshows directly from iPhoto!

Download and install the CustomHTMLExport export plugin for iPhoto:         â€¢        Be sure that iPhoto is in Applications folder.         â€¢        Uncompress Read more [...]

-image-10.4.7 OSX Update

in the wee hours
The 10.4.7 Update is recommended for all users and includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for the following applications and technologies. It includes fixes for: preventing AFP deadlocks and dropped connections - saving Adobe and Quark documents to AFP mounted volumes - Bluetooth file transfers, pairing and connecting to a Bluetooth mouse, and syncing to mobile phones - audio playback in QuickTime, iTunes, Final Cut Pro, and Soundtrack applications - ensuring Read more [...]


in the wee hours
Flock: "Flock is another web browser for Mac OS X. Built on Firefox, Flock has all the features you’d expect from a modern browser like tabbed browing and integrated Google search. But what’s more, it also has fancy features like built-in support for photos, blogging, online bookmarks, and news. This could be called the browser for Web 2.0. Safari is fast, Flock is a blast, Firefox’s options are vast, Camino is Firefox recast, and Internet Explorer’s day is past. Get Read more [...]

-image-Apple Drops Boot Camp from Mac Ad, Adds Parallels

in the wee hours

Apple Drops Boot Camp from Mac Ad, Adds Parallels: “Apple Computer has replaced the reference to <a href=’’>Boot Camp</a> in its Touché commercial with Parallels Desktop”

(Via The Mac Observer.)

-image-First feedback on Parallels Desktop Tweaker

in the wee hours
First feedback on Parallels Desktop Tweaker: "" I've been running PD tweaker all morning. I have a MacBook 2.0Ghz with 1GB ram. I definitely noticed a huge slowdown for the rest of OS X when running Parallels with anywhere between 256 and 412MB of RAM allocated. PD tweaker seems to have helped immensely. I'm sorry I don't have any quantitative numbers but system responsiveness is much improved while using OS X concurrently with Parallels. XP never seemed to slow down the way OS X did before PD tweaker. Read more [...]

-image-Google gets ready to say GBuy; PayPal on the hit list?

in the wee hours

Google gets ready to say GBuy; PayPal on the hit list?: “Google’s long-awaited online payment system now has a name, GBuy, and a release date, June 28. Read on to find out what GBuy might mean to Internet users and whether or not PayPal should be worried.

(Via Ars Technica.)

-image-New Google Earth, SketchUp Available

in the wee hours

New Google Earth, SketchUp Available: “Google announced the immediate availability of new versions of Google Earth and Google SketchUp at its Geo Developer Day on Monday”

(Via The Mac Observer.)

-image-Apple Introduces New “Get a Mac” Ads

in the wee hours

Apple Introduces New “Get a Mac” Ads: “Apple added three new "Why you’ll love a Mac" ads to its Web site on Tuesday”

(Via The Mac Observer/Apple.)

-image-Adobe offers another beta of Lightroom

in the wee hours

Adobe offers another beta of Lightroom: “Adobe has released a third public beta of Lightroom, its professional software for photographers. Mu…”

(Via MacNN.)

-image-10.4: Thin out Universal apps and non-English languages

in the wee hours
10.4: Thin out Universal apps and non-English languages: "I've written a quick Automator (I love Automator) workflow that uses an embedded bash script to clean up the crud on my hard disk, focusing on Universal applications.This Automator workflow does two things:Removes the PowerPC code from Universal binary applications.Removes all non-Enlgish language files.To remove the Universal binary, the workflow makes a duplicate of the program in question, stripping the PowerPC code and renaming the program Read more [...]

-image-Extend a Linksys WRT54G network via AirPort Express

in the wee hours
Extend a Linksys WRT54G network via AirPort Express: "This question keeps popping up from time to time, and I originally posted these instructions on the Apple Discussions in June, 2005. Hope it helps. The following instructions will help you to extend the range of a Linksys WRT54G using an AirPort Express Base Station (AX). With minor modifications, these instructions should also work for an AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS). In order to add an AX to your existing Linksys WRT54G wireless network Read more [...]

-image-Vista Beta 2 on MacBook Pro with Bootcamp? You bet!

in the wee hours
Hans VB's WebLog : Vista Beta 2 on MacBook Pro with Bootcamp? You bet!: "" Unbelievable, I got Vista running on my MacBook Pro. And it is just beautiful. I know I’m not the first, far from. I’ve seen people blog about this and more importantly, I got a lot of assistance from Jeff Dorsey, a system engineer in Redmond who had it running for a while. I started with the step by step guide provided by Jeff… (Via Hans VB's WebLog.) Read more [...]