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-image-iTunes FairPlay DRM is cracked

in the wee hours

iTunes FairPlay DRM is cracked: “Apple moves to limit damage after anti-copy protection activists release FairPlay-stripping code.

(Via Macworld UK.)

-image-Apple Google alliance threatens Microsoft

in the wee hours

Apple Google alliance threatens Microsoft: “Wall Street is beginning to ponder the significance of Apple appointing Google’s CEO to its board, as strong alliances leave Microsoft increasingly exposed.

(Via Macworld UK.)

-image-NeoOffice 2.0 “Aqua” Free For Download

in the wee hours
NeoOffice 2.0 "Aqua" Free For Download: "VValdo writes 'For those of you not acquainted with NeoOffice, it's a Mac OS X port of 2.0.3, a complete office suite that can load and save most MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files as well as other file types such as the OpenDocument format. It even loads Wordperfect files. Now that the Early Access program (discussed previously ) has ended, anyone can download beta 3 for free. (Also get the latest patch.) Improvements from the public alpha Read more [...]

-image-Apple Debuts New Get a Mac Ads

in the wee hours
Apple Debuts New Get a Mac Ads: "You'll get your Mac news here from now on. Apple introduced three new Get a Mac commercials on Sunday. Accident highlights the MagSafe power connector on the MacBook and MacBook Pro, Angel/Devil shows off how easy it is to be creative with a Mac, and Trust Mac points out that Mac OS X is not susceptible to Windows spyware applications. The commercials feature the now familiar Mac played by Justin Long, and PC played by John Hodgman. PC is torn by his inner angel Read more [...]

-image-THE EASY WAY: ChangeShortName

in the wee hours
Mac OS X Power ToolsTHE EASY WAY: ChangeShortName One look at the procedures described in Mac OS X Power Tools, or the instructions listed below [NOTE: removed] or on Apple's Web site, and you'll (rightly) have second thoughts about changing your short username. However, James Bucanek and I have made it a whole lot easier with the release of ChangeShortName. ChangeShortName is a Unix shell script and helper application that make changing the short username in OS X extremely easy -- you simply provide Read more [...]

-image-DoubleTake: The panorama creation software for the rest of us….

in the wee hours

Check out DoubleTake

The affordable and yet very professional panorama creation software for 99% of Mac users.

Check out the details of this Must Have App HERE

-image-Quinn – Download

in the wee hours
Quinn: "Quinn is an implementation of the popular arcade game Tetris, written specifically for Mac OS X. It features a neat user interface, perfectly integrated with Aqua, and a smooth look and feel for best user enjoyment. The goal was not to reinvent Tetris with yet another modification of the rules, but to stick close to the original implementation. Still there%u2019s everything you might expect%u2014including a two-player mode, network play with Bonjour support, an onine server list and highscore, Read more [...]

-image-Wired News: IWoz Logs Leap From Geek to Icon

in the wee hours
Good Interview read: "By Rachel Metz| Also by this reporter 02:00 AM Aug, 24, 2006 Steve Wozniak has been teasing his fans with the promise of an autobiography for nearly two decades. Finally, he's releasing one in September: IWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It, which he co-wrote with author and journalist Gina Smith. What does a computer geek cult icon do now that he's written his life story? During a respite from Read more [...]

-image-TNEF’s Enough (extract “winmail.dat”)

in the wee hours :: Mac Development :: TNEF's Enough: TNEF's Enough allows Macs to read and extract files from Microsoft TNEF stream files. The files are usually received by SMTP based e-mail programs from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook users. The SMTP based e-mail program will usually receive either a MIME attachment named "winmail.dat" or a MIME attachment with the type "application/ms-tnef." (Via joshjacob.) Read more [...]

-image-Coming up reviews: iBank, Panorama Tools

in the wee hours

Coming up are reviews of 2 financial software available for OSX. Quicken 2007 and iBank. We will focus on how they work in a family environment.

Also, some Panorama creation tools such as DoubleTake and how they can handle some British Columbia scenery.

Stay tuned……

-image-Run System 7 On A Thumbdrive

in the wee hours
minivmac []:Running Linux, Windows or applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and AbiWord from a USB flash memory device is old hat. How about a Mac 128K or Plus on a USB key? Using a ‘portable’ Mac system you can: play with old system software and applications without dusting off your old Mac, impress your friends, or show others what the older Mac system looked like, use Mac on Windows and Linux. (Via nothickmanuals.) Read more [...]

-image-My Dream App

in the wee hours
My Dream App » News: Welcome to My Dream App. You're about to be involved in a revolution in the software industry: a no holds barred, totally transparent and ridiculously low barrier version of Macintosh shareware development. Ever wished you had the programming chops to create a killer app? For the first time, you're going to have a chance to make those dream apps come true. (Via mydreamapp.) Read more [...]

-image-UNEASYsilence » Run MacOS 9 on an Intel Mac

in the wee hours
How-To: Who said you can’t use MacOS9 because you have an Intel Mac? It is completely possible with a little bit of tinkering, and a really cool universal application called Sheep Shaver, which came to us via tip from Kazaki. Sheep Shaver is a full speed ‘Classic’ emulator for Windows, Linux, and Intel based Macs, that runs older MacOS’s at shockingly full speed! (Via uneasysilence.) Read more [...]

-image-Google Notifier Available For Mac (Update)

in the wee hours
MacSlash | Google Notifier Available For Mac: "Google has released an upgrade of its Gmail Notifier that also includes notifications of upcoming Google Calendar events, prompting the new Google Notifier name. 'When a Gmail message arrives, or an event's time is near, you'll see a nifty translucent box on the screen that tells you about the message or the event... Click the Gmail icon to see the subjects of your recently received emails, or click the Calendar icon to see your upcoming appointments.'" (Via Read more [...]

-image-Leopard Wallpaper

in the wee hours

Leopard 10.5