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-image-Search Google OSX Style

in the wee hours



-image-CTM Development – PowerMail

in the wee hours
CTM Development - PowerMail: "PowerMail™ version 5.5.2 for Intel™ and PowerPC™-based Macs Now in its 11th year of continuous evolution, PowerMail delivers a unique blend of search features and e-mail management in a robust POP3 and lightweight IMAP4 mail client." Overview With 63% of all messaging traffic now identified as spam (source: BrightMail 3/2004), how can dealing with e-mail become pleasurable again ? Since the announcement of PowerMail 1.0 in August 1995, bringing Read more [...]

-image-Parallels Desktop Update Beta3 Improves Coherence, USB 2.0 Support

in the wee hours
I wanted to give you the heads up that Beta3 of the Update for Parallels Desktop for Mac is now ready for download. Nothing really “new” in this update, rather, this one polishes up several of the features that we released in Beta1 and Beta2. In this update, you’ll find that Coherence is much smoother, and that all windows, even ones with rounded corners or those with unusual shapes (like Windows Media Player) display correctly. USB also gets better with support for a broader range Read more [...]

-image-TMO Quick Tip – A Better Display Brightness Control

in the wee hours

TMO Quick Tip – A Better Display Brightness Control: “Changing the brightness of your Mac’s display is a pretty easy thing to do, but what if you want more control – or you don’t want to jack up your ColorSync profile? You use Shades, that’s what”

(Via The Mac Observer.)


in the wee hours
iPhotoToGallery: "Gallery is a popular open source package for hosting photos. If you have your own website, you can install Gallery and put all your photons online. Your web hosting company may, in fact, have Gallery pre-installed or easily installable. iPhotoToGallery is an iPhoto plugin that makes it easy to put your photos on a Gallery site. Simply choose ‘Export’ and then choose the ‘Gallery’ tab (see screenshot below.) Easy as .Mac! Screenshot (Via Read more [...]

-image-GlowWorm FW Lite

in the wee hours
GlowWorm FW Lite: "GlowWorm FW Lite will allow your to set up which programs can connect to the internet and which programs can not. This program is free, though it does require registration with the site. Once installed, it will let you know each time that a program tries to connect and you can choose whether to let it. (Via Read more [...]

-image-VMWARE on an Intel iMac

in the wee hours
VMWare released "Fusion" which is a competitor to Parallels Desktop. Currently it is in Beat but here at we gave it a whirl with XP. The cool feature of this app is the support for the built in iSight. Installation was straight forward by inserting my booststrap SP2 XP CD (Note: Bootstrap is not rquired). The screenshots take you through the install process which was uneventful. Once installed, XP requested to change the display settings for improvements. The resolution was not Read more [...]

-image-Parallels USB 2 support and more…

in the wee hours
USB 2.0 support. Work with critical USB 2.0 devices like external hard drive, printers, and scanners at full native speeds. Just plug and play! A heads up; "isynchronous" devices like Bluetooth devices, webcams, etc. do not work with USB 2.0 yet, but we're working hard to get them up and running. When we have new devices support, I'll let you know immediately. Full-feature virtual CD/DVD drive. Burn CDs and DVDs directly in virtual machines, and play any copy-protected CD or DVD just like you would Read more [...]

-image-Menu Utilities Collection

in the wee hours

FLYING YOGI: Fun Stuff – Menu Utilities Collection: “The Menu Utilities Collection is a free compilation of various small utilities that run within your Mac’s menu bar. Included in this compilation are:”

(Via flyingyogi.)

-image-Snowfall – A Screen Saver for Mac OS X

in the wee hours

Snowfall – A Screen Saver for Mac OS X: “”

(Via alittlebitofnothingleft.)


-image-Aquafadas launches PulpMotion 1.0

in the wee hours


Ease of use, originality and low price make PulpMotion a newcomer to watch.


-image-Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 9A321 Screenshots

in the wee hours

Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 9A321 Screenshots: “AeroXP and ThinkSecret have posted galleries with screenshots from the latest seed of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Features depicted include:

– New installer screens (screenshot)
– ZFS Formatting (screenshot, screensh…”

(Via MacRumors.)

-image-Who Says Macs Aren’t Used In Businesses?

in the wee hours
Who Says Macs Aren't Used In Businesses? Arik Hesseldahl I was at the Hewlett-Packard analyst's meeting today and a funny Mac-related thing happened. I happened to sit right behind a four people folks from Soleil-Cross Research, three of whom were typing notes on MacBook Pros." (Via businessweek.) Read more [...]

-image-Take iSight snapshots during invalid login attempts

in the wee hours
Take iSight snapshots during invalid login attempts: "With the new MacBook Pro's including built-in iSight cameras, I thought it would be useful to take an iSight snapshot of anyone trying to break into my laptop. This is done by tailing /var/log/asl.log for invalid login attempts (both at the login screen and screen saver). I have created an authsight program (1.5KB download) that provides a monitoring daemon which calls the camera after an invalid login attempt, and also includes a launchd manifest. Read more [...]

-image-Convert WMA files to other formats with a free app

in the wee hours
Convert WMA files to other formats with a free app: "I found a very easy and free application to change WMA files into other formats, such as MP3, etc. It's called Switch (the current version is 1.0.5). It's got an easy-to-use interface, and the free version worked fine for my conversion needs. (Via Mac OS X Hints.) Read more [...]