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-image-Laughingbird Software updates

in the wee hours

Some important updates for a few Laughingbird Software products!

All three of these updates are free to all users who currently have the following software installed on their machines:

The Logo Creator version 5.0
(free update to v5.1)

The Flash Ad Creator version 1.x
(free update to v2.0)

The Corporate Identity Creator v 1.0
(Free update to v1.5!
Mac version is now available too!)

Laughingbird Software

-image-Google Notifier’s hidden secret – Mac software – Macworld UK

in the wee hours
Google Notifier's hidden secreA Google developer has revealed a hidden Easter egg in the software. David Oster, a Mac software engineer who works at Google, has published details of a cool hidden feature in Google Notifier. In a note on the official Google Mac blog, Oster informs us of a hidden command that will list all your mails and calendar events in single menus, without any 'View More' sub-menus. 'Pull down the Notifier menu (either Calendar or Gmail), hold down Command and Option, and click Read more [...]

-image-Where are they now? Interview with “Switcher Girl” Ellen Feiss

in the wee hours
Interview with “Switcher Girl” Ellen Feiss ‘I’m Ellen Feiss and I’m a student’. Back in the Spring of 2002, those words launched one of Apple’s more memorable, if not effective, ad campaigns. Known as the ‘Switcher’ ads, the spots featured real people telling real stories of being fed up with the hassles of PC ownership, and their subsequent relief upon switching to the Mac. By far the most popular of the ads from this series starred Ellen Feiss, Read more [...]

-image-iPhone razr skin

in the wee hours
Just got my Razr V3T from Rogers. The DAP plays AAC files so I can play all my iTunes music. Here is a skin from Motox to make it more iPhone like: Images are copyright 2007 Read more [...]

-image-Mac Crack Attack!

in the wee hours
Mac Crack Attack!: "Mac Crack Attack is a port of Crack Attack to the Mac OS X platform. Crack Attack is based on the Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack. New in the mac version is sound, full-screen mode and some native Cocoa interfaces. Mac Crack Attack is a fast paced 'Tetris-like' game for one or two players (networked). See Game Play and Screen Shots for further details. Mac Crack Attack is open-source software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The sources are available Read more [...]

-image-US investigators condemn Apple’s options inquiry

in the wee hours
Apple's options inquiry : "US investigators condemn Apple's options inquiry"Government investigators in the United States have privately condemned Apple’s internal inquiry into backdating stock options and have asked the computer company to hand over more documents detailing how executives were awarded the controversial bonuses, The Times has learnt. The inquiry report, which Apple published last month, was deemed inadequate by investigators from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Read more [...]

-image-Jedit X Rev.1.38 has been released

in the wee hours

Now Jedit X Rev.1.38 has been released.
2 improvements, including Traditional Chinese(Big 5 HKSCS)
encoding sniffer, have been conducted and 4 bugs were fixed.


-image-MAMP : Your webserver

in the wee hours
MAMP: "One of the most popular development platforms for running web applications is LAMP — Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (or Python or Perl.) MAMP plays on this acronym to bring Apache, MySQL, and PHP to your Mac. It couldn’t be any easier than with this app. We’ve posted screencasts previously about running Apache and PHP/MySQL on your Mac. With MAMP it’s even easier. Just drag MAMP to your Applications folder and double click it. One great reason to install MySQL and Read more [...]

-image-Handy iSight drivers for XP

in the wee hours
To those who find it a pain to extract the iSight drivers from BootCamp, here they are: Primary iSight Drivers Secondary Link These will allow you to get your iSight working in Virtual mode in VMWare's Fusion. Parallels still does not support the iSight camera. Cheers. Read more [...]

-image-Xeric Design releases EarthDesk 4.0

in the wee hours

Xeric Design releases EarthDesk 4.0: “Xeric Design today announced the release of EarthDesk 4.0, its award-winning, real-time dynamic desktop map, for Mac OS X…”

(Via xericdesign.)

-image-Top 5 Most Creative Uses for the Mac Mini

in the wee hours

MacMini creativity

Our editors have compiled a list of the five most creative uses for the Mac Mini. Highlights include the Mobile Mac Mini and DeLorean setup. Which ones are your favorites? Continue reading for the list.

(Via techeblog.)

-image-One possible fix for iPods with hard drive issues

in the wee hours
One possible fix for iPods with hard drive issues: "My iPod suddenly began hanging when playing a song, and would then freeze. After resetting it, the Apple logo came up, and there was a distinct clicking sound as the hard drive spun up, died, spun up, clicked, and died again. This repeated several times while the Apple logo was showing, and then progressed to a sad iPod picture (and at other times, a folder question mark picture). Plugging it into the computer didn't do much -- it usually did the Read more [...]

-image-News: Parallels acknowledges parent company

in the wee hours
News: Parallels acknowledges parent company:Friday, January 22nd, 2007 To our employees: Parallels and SWsoft have continued to grow and succeed independently in the marketplaces in which they participate. Because of the growing synergies between the two companies, we have decided to publicly acknowledge that Parallels is controlled by SWsoft as a means of further advancing our business goals. While each company will remain a separate entity and maintain its own brand identity and website, we Read more [...]

-image-Apple plans Boot Camp for Tiger fee

in the wee hours

Apple plans Boot Camp for Tiger fee: “Apple won’t force users to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 to enjoy virtual Windows on their Mac, but will levy fee for final supported software.

(Via Macworld UK.)

-image-Bleeding Edge 083: CES 2007 Video: Parallels Desktop for Mac, Interview with Ben Rudolph | The Bleeding Edge

in the wee hours
Interview with Ben Rudolph | The Bleeding Edge: "Bleeding Edge 083: CES 2007 Video: Parallels Desktop for Mac, Interview with Ben Rudolph" Download Video (Via bleedingedgetv.) Read more [...]