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-image-JetPhoto – digital photo organizing, creating, sharing and publishing software

in the wee hours
JetPhoto - digital photo organizing, creating, sharing and publishing software: "What's JetPhoto ? JetPhoto Studio is a feature-rich and easy-to-use digital photo software. Take a tour Flash Maker and Creation Tools With only several clicks, JetPhoto Studio can turn your digital photos into a beautiful Flash gallery with a professional look. Also makes a fantastic collage wallpaper or the pocket-size photos for your cell phone screen quickly and easily. Web Album To share your photo albums on Read more [...]

-image-Apple TV USB hard drive patch has arrived!

in the wee hours

Apple TV USB hard drive patch has arrived! – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW): “Apple TV USB hard drive patch has arrived!”

(Via appletvhacks.)

-image-Apple – Downloads – Dashboard Widgets – Moon Exploration Widget

in the wee hours
Apple - Downloads - Dashboard Widgets - Moon Exploration Widget: "Moon Exploration Widget" About Moon Exploration Widget View the sky from anywhere on the Moon, for any date, including presets for 11 Apollo mission sites. Each mission site shows a real photographic panorama, and the sky as it would have appeared on that date. Hover above and explore craters and other features. (Via apple.) Read more [...]

-image-Think Secret – Apple delivers new Leopard seed (images)

in the wee hours

Think Secret – Apple delivers new Leopard seed (images): “Apple delivers new Leopard seed (images)”

(Via thinksecret.)

-image-Maconlysource Domain name will be for sale

in the wee hours

A silent auction will be held in the near future as Maconlysource may be closing its doors.

Interested individuals can email to :

admin (at)

-image-Imagewell 3.2.2

in the wee hours
Imagewell 3.2.2: "If you work with photos often, this application has the potential to save you some time. It allows you to quickly manipulate pictures and then upload them to a .mac account, ftp server, or other types of servers. Added upgrades include: - Batch Image Processing (and batch upload) - Multiple images on the Canvas - More Draw Objects, Shapes, and Line Styles - Gradient Patterns for Draw Objects and Backgrounds - Templates for Saving Edit Attributes - Custom Canvas Sizing (Via Read more [...]

-image-New Parallels 3.0 build: smoother fullscreen

in the wee hours
New Parallels 3.0 build: smoother fullscreen: "Parallels has released Desktop 3.0 build 4560 for Mac OS X, a free minor update to build 4128 (ithe first release of Desktop 3.0). The new release includes better customizability of SmartSelect for easier app/file integration, faster and smoother Boot Camp partition use, smoother fullscreen transitions (no more flickering or lagging redraws), the r...p> (Via MacNN.) Read more [...]

-image-Hack the iPhone.

in the wee hours

Hack the iPhone.
: ”


My other modding sites: Hack the L7, Hack the V3, Hack the V3i.

‘iPhone’ is a trademark of Apple, Inc. and Cisco Systems.

(Via hacktheiphone.)

-image-News: TuneRanger syncs iTunes files across computers

in the wee hours

News: TuneRanger syncs iTunes files across computers: “TuneRanger is a new utility that synchronizes the contents of iTunes libraries across multiple PCs or Macs.

(Via acertant.)

-image-Some Funky wallpaper

in the wee hours

mascot.png -Widget – iPhone

in the wee hours - Download Center Section - iPhone: "• Hourly weather details • Radar or satellite maps • Available for every ZIP code and three million international locations • Severe weather alerts for all U.S. locations" (Via accuweather.) Read more [...]

-image-British Heart Foundation – Doubt Kills Heart PodCast

in the wee hours

British Heart Foundation – Doubt Kills: “This site helps you identify heart attack symptoms and explains why calling 911 is the right thing to do”

(Via bhf.)

-image-Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in OS X

in the wee hours
Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in OS X: "One of the biggest differences between PC & Mac is how the user interacts with the operating system. Where Windows is geared heavily towards a mouse driven OS, Mac is really built around the keyboard. Most Mac software has just about every menu function mapped to some sort of keyboard combination. Here at, I will post some of the more popular keyboard shortcut maps that I can find or take the time to compose. Hopefully you will find these helpful Read more [...]

-image-iMac Revision, iLife, iPods on August 7th? [Update]

in the wee hours

iMac Revision, iLife, iPods on August 7th? [Update]: “ThinkSecret pinpoints Tuesday, August 7th as the likely date for the long awaited iMac revision.

The revamped iMac will represent the first substantial upgrade to the system since it initially adopted Intel processors in January 2006,…”

(Via MacRumors.)

-image-‘My First Mac’ Web site launched

in the wee hours

‘My First Mac’ Web site launched: “A new Web site has launched focused on new Mac users…”

(Via myfirstmac.)