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-image-Lithuanians launch iPhone unlocking service

in the wee hours
Lithuanians launch iPhone unlocking service: "A group of Lithuanian hackers is already promising to unlock iPhones for a fee, says Agence France-Presse. For the price of 990 litas (approx. $390), the group's website -- located in India -- offers multiple methods for making iPhones usable with carriers other than AT&T. The first is cloning the SIM card, which is said to be illegal; a hardware... Read more [...]

-image-Midori releases Beauty Salon freeware for kids

in the wee hours
Midori releases Beauty Salon freeware for kids: "Independent game and software developer, Midori, has announced the release of a new application entitled 'Beauty Salon,' made with the game engine, PTK -- for Mac OS X and Windows..." (Via MacMinute.) Read more [...]

-image-PulpMotion 1.3

in the wee hours
From Aquafads: Today we're happy to announce the immediate availability of version 1.3 which opens up a brand new dimension to PulpMotion, namely compatibility with MemoryMiner. MemoryMiner is the extraordinary photo annotation tool which lets you uncover and trace the stories hidden away in your photos. MemoryMiner not only lets you organize by place and time, it lets you identify "regions of interest" in your photos linking them to the people in your life. The result is a rich digital catalog Read more [...]

-image-News: Apple plans special event on Sept. 5th

in the wee hours

News: Apple plans special event on Sept. 5th: “Apple is planning a special event to take place September 5, 2007.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-Iomega debuts 500GB home network drive

in the wee hours
Iomega debuts 500GB home network drive: "Iomega has introduced a new line of home network hard drives that use 10/100 Ethernet do deliver media and other files to desktops, portables and other drive-accessing systems throughout a home or small business. The new drives are available in 320GB, 360GB and 500GB capacities, featuring 7200 RPM SATA-II hard drives with 8MB cache. The drives aren... (Via MacNN.) Read more [...]

-image-BeLight ships Leopard compatible Swift Publisher

in the wee hours

BeLight ships Leopard compatible Swift Publisher: “BeLight Software today released Swift Publisher 2.2, a new version to its page layout application for designing and printing flyers, newsletters, brochures, letterheads, booklets, etc….”

(Via MacMinute.)

-image-A Longtime Mac User Reviews Vista

in the wee hours
A Longtime Mac User Reviews Vista: "Vista, while still Windows through and through, improves on XP and makes PCs more fun and productive, according to Andrew Fishkin at Low End Mac on Friday. Mr. Fishkin is a longtime Mac user who's been using Vista for eight months. " (Via The Mac Observer.) Read more [...]

-image-Hackers unlock iPhone via software

in the wee hours
Hackers unlock iPhone via software: "Hackers claim to have successfully unlocked Apple's iPhone without modifying any hardware. The team say they have cracked Apple's iPhone SIM lock system, according to Engadget, and have proven their claim with a working unlocked handset. The unlocked phone used a T-Mobile SIM card in place of AT&T's default card, allowing the user... (Via MacNN.) Read more [...]

-image-Briefly: New iPods due soon, Leopard 9A527 goes to developers

in the wee hours

Briefly: New iPods due soon, Leopard 9A527 goes to developers: “Think Secret sources expect new iPods to be delivered in the first week of September, echoing recent published reports. Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi speaker system could also see the axe in the near future. Meanwhile, Apple drops Mac OS X 10.5 9A527 on developers.”

(Via Think Secret.)

-image-app4Mac’s freeware stars

in the wee hours

Editors’ Notes: app4Mac’s freeware stars: “James Dempsey takes a look at three of the applications in app4Mac’s freeware collection, and likes what he sees.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-Attack of the Firefox Clones

in the wee hours
Attack of the Firefox Clones: "For many Mac users, Firefox is the browser of choice. Extensions make it one of the most flexible applications on the Mac. The only thing better that Firefox is more than one Firefox. Thanks to the 'Fox's Open Source, clones of Firefox abound. With support for the same extensions, these applications make great dedicated or specialized browsers. Join me for this week's Freeloader Friday to meet the clones. (Via MacMerc.) Read more [...]

-image-iPhone unlocked: AT&T loses iPhone exclusivity

in the wee hours
From iphonesimfree: " - iPhone Software Unlock Solution It gives us great pleasure to announce the worlds first (and only) software driven sim unlocking service for the iPhone(tm). No need to open your phone. No need to solder. Major benefits include: * Chose the provider you want, use any SIM card from any network provider in any country * No more outrageous roaming charges. When traveling simply pick the local provider of your choice and change your sim Read more [...]

-image-Camino Browser: The Fifty Day Test

in the wee hours
Camino Browser: The Fifty Day Test: "After I used Camino 1.5 for my June review, I realized that it was finally worth replacing Firefox as my primary browser. From that day I have used it as my main browser and the results are mixed. Fifty days later, let us look back at the reasons… (Via AppleMatters.) Read more [...]

-image-iPod Touch Details?

in the wee hours

iPod Touch Details?: “9to5mac claims to have knowledge of the upcoming full-size iPod which they are refering to as the ‘iPod Touch’.

According to the site, the OS X based iPod will share a similar look to the current iPod, complete with ‘home’ button and a…”

(Via MacRumors.)


in the wee hours
Nexuiz: "Nexuiz is easily the most advanced - and arguably the coolest game we’ve had this week. It is a 3d deathmatch style game that looks and plays really smoothly — for free!. Nexuiz was originally released back in 2005 and is still being updated and developed. You’ll be glad I saved this one for the weekend. It’s pretty competitive and addictive. (Via Read more [...]