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-image-SCO0117 – Pixelmator – Image editing for the rest of us! | Graphics | ScreenCastsOnline

in the wee hours
Pixelmator ScreenCastsOnline: " A special free show this week all about Pixelmator, the beautiful new image editing application. Pixelmator is a low cost, yet extremely powerful, image editor built especially for Mac OS X. It utilises many of its core technologies including Core Image, Open GL, Automator, ColorSync, Spotlight and many more! As well as being a fully featured, layer based image editor in its own right, it also fully supports the editing and saving of PhotoShop files, removing the Read more [...]

-image-Notify yourself periodically using Growl

in the wee hours
Notify yourself periodically using Growl: "You can use Growl to create your own notifications, assuming you've installed the included growlnotify extra (installation instructions). Here is an example of how to notify yourself every 10 minutes about something useful like 'dont forget to drink something.' Open Terminal and if your shell is the bash shell, then run the following command at the prompt: for ((i=0; i<1000; i++)); do sleep 600s && growlnotify \ -s -m 'dont forget to drink'; done This Read more [...]

-image-Use AmazonMP3 to find iTunes album art

in the wee hours
Use AmazonMP3 to find iTunes album art: "I just checked out the new AmazonMP3 site to see what all the hype is about. Since I already have an existing Amazon account, it started to recommend music to me. Turns out that most of the recommendations were albums that I already have, ripped long before the days of including album art.Since iTunes' 'Download album art' feature is terribly hit or miss, I've tried to complete my library manually. I was delighted to discover that AmazonMP3 is easier to search Read more [...]

-image-Rumour: Apple preps ‘multi-touch MacBook’

in the wee hours

Rumour: Apple preps ‘multi-touch MacBook’: “Is Apple planning a giant iPhone/MacBook hybrid?

Apple may plan to introduce a multi-touch enabled sub-notebook – a kind of modern day Newton, a report claims.

(Via Macworld UK.) moves to encourage new musicians

in the wee hours moves to encourage new musicians: “ plans to show new musicians how to make a living without a label

Popular social music network has launched a new campaign to encourage new and unsigned acts.

(Via LastFM.)

-image-Web designing on older macs

in the wee hours
Living the Low End: Web DesignWeb designing on older macs. Many web designers feel that they need the latest machines to run web design and image manipulation applications. I debunked the later last week by showing you seashore which is a more than capable web image solution. I personally know a bit of HTML and XHTML code but it's really not practical to design websites by hand (please spare me the hate mail). If you really want to hand code I think you can find your way to the text editor or Textwrangler. Read more [...]

-image-Sandlot Games’ Cake Mania(R) Comes To The Mac

in the wee hours
Popular Mac-only game publisher, Red Marble Games, in conjunction with Sandlot Games(R), a leading developer and publisher of casual and family-friendly games, have announced the release of Sandlot Games' Cake Mania(R) for the Macintosh. A wildly popular game on the PC and other gaming platforms, and winner of the prestigious iParenting Media Award, Cake Mania serves up countless delights that will have the whole family begging for more. Read more [...]

-image-MildMannered Industries Ships Iris 1.0

in the wee hours
MildMannered Industries has announced that Iris 1.0 is now shipping. Iris is a Mac OS X application that allows users with an iSight to take snapshots, make movies, record timelapse movies, detect motion (with email alerts), and to use the iSight as a webcam. From Iris's built-in gallery, users can email their snapshots or movies, upload their photos to Flickr, or export their movies to view on their Video iPod, Apple TV or iPhone. Read more [...]

-image-MacGeneration awards 2007 at Apple Expo Results

in the wee hours
During the Apple Expo in Paris each year, MacGeneration gives awards to the best products available on our platform, and delighted to present the results of the Troph�es MacGeneration 2007. The readers of MacGeneration have elected nine products, with results and all photos related to the event online. A special award has been granted to Skitch by a jury composed of MacGeneration, MacBidouille, and MacsimumNews. Read more [...]

-image-Yazsoft announces iPod Touch Promo.

in the wee hours
Yazsoft is proud to announce a big iPod Touch giveaway. From Sept 26 thru Oct 31, 2007, they will be giving away a 8GB and a 16GB iPod Touch. For the 8GB iPod Touch, no purchase required to enter. Simply click the link to enter. 16GB iPod Touch, every new Speed Download 4 license automatically gives the user 2 draw entries. Winners will be selected by random draw the first week of Nov. 2007. Read more [...]

-image-Intego Announces The Mac Security Blog

in the wee hours
Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, today announced the publication of a new blog focusing on Macintosh and Internet security. The Mac Security Blog, accessible at, will feature timely information about Mac security issues, such as viruses, Internet protection, data protection and privacy. Covering all aspects of Macintosh security, the blog will provide timely Mac security info. Read more [...]

-image-A Better Finder Rename 7.9.3 offers iTunes-like preview window

in the wee hours is pleased to announce the immediate availability of A Better Finder Rename 7.9.3. The new version improves the readability of the instant preview window by adopting an iTunes-like layout. The new version also refines the multi-step user interface along with other minor improvements. Read more [...]

-image-Anawiki Games releases Runes of Avalon sequel: Path of Magic

in the wee hours
Anawiki Games is proud to announce the immediate availability of Path of Magic, their sequel to their bestseller Runes of Avalon game. Path of Magic is puzzle-driven game with addictive game play, with over 51 challenging levels, 6 image puzzles, and 2 bonus games. Evelyne continues her quest through Avalon. She has to find her way home ... to find a way on the Path of Magic. Match magical runes to strengthen your abilities to clear Avalon of evil and find your way home before its too late! Read more [...]

-image-Bruji releases version 4.0 of Pedia Programs

in the wee hours
Today Bruji released version 4 of their media inventory programs DVDpedia, Bookpedia, CDpedia and Gamepedia. The Pedia programs feature internet search via keywords, USB scanner or iSight on all the Amazon sites as well as numerous international media sites. Features include lender tracking, database statistics and customizable HTML export. Read more [...]

-image-Freeridecoding updates BurnAgain DVD, adds Leopard compatibility

in the wee hours
Freeridecoding today updated the CD and DVD multisession burning tool BurnAgain DVD to v1.2.1, adding Leopard compatibility, several bugfixes, overall improvements and chinese localisation. BurnAgain DVD is an easy to use multisession burning tool for Mac OSX. BurnAgain DVD simply adds files to a disk several times without creating an individual volume for each session. If items are burned again BurnAgain DVD automatically only adds new or changed files. Read more [...]