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-image-10.5: Get a free upgrade to 802.11n in 10.5

in the wee hours
10.5: Get a free upgrade to 802.11n in 10.5: "This is not quite a hint, hack, or anything, but it's still of interest for those who like me were interested in upgrading their 802.11n-capable iMacs to the rank of 802.11n-enabled iMacs. Well, I happened to decide only now that I would do that update after many months of resistence. (I didn't have the need for it as my router doesn't support 802.11n, but I am actually thinking of changing my router to a better one, so why not get an 'n' one?). To my Read more [...]

-image-Macfun releases new games, free “Reaction” game

in the wee hours

Macfun releases new games, free “Reaction” game: “Freeverse today announced two new games on their game portal: Wedding Dash and Tiki Magic Mini Golf…”

(Via MacMinute.)

-image-Panic – CandyBar 3 – Change and Organize Your Mac OS X Icons and Dock

in the wee hours
Panic - CandyBar 3 - Change and Organize Your Mac OS X Icons and Dock: Introducing CandyBar 3, only for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Brought to you by Panic and the Iconfactory, CandyBar 3 brings the best of CandyBar 2 and Pixadex 2 together into one powerful, new application. CandyBar, as always, lets you easily and safely customize your Leopard system icons like the trash can, volumes, and even the infamous Leopard default folders, so your desktop will be uniquely yours. And now, with Pixadex's feature Read more [...]

-image-Quick Look plugin that will display the contents of a zip file

in the wee hours
slimeslurp › ZipQuickLook: "ZipQuickLook I got sick of having to unzip zip files to see what’s in them. I’ve written a Quick Look plugin that will display the contents of a zip file. I hope to generalize it to support more archive formats in the future (tar,rar,etc). Try it out: ZipQuickLook 0.2 To install copy the file in the DMG into ~/Library/QuickLook (You may need to create the QuickLook directory). To try it out, browse to a folder in the Finder that has a zip file. Select Read more [...]

-image-Silly animator, Flip Boom’s for kids!!

in the wee hours

Silly animator, Flip Boom’s for kids!!: “Toon Boom Animation Inc. today announced the release of Flip Boom, a fun and creative free-form animation tool. Easy to use, Flip Boom is intuitive and provides a playful experience. Flip Boom is…

-image-Typinator 2.1 Gets Mac OS X 10.5 Support

in the wee hours
Typinator 2.1 Gets Mac OS X 10.5 : " Ergonis Software announced the immediate availability of Typinator 2.1 on Tuesday. The updated version of the auto-typing and typo correction application added support for Apple's new Leopard operating system. The new version also improved compatibility with Flash, Numbers, Microsoft Office, You Control, and Apple's Terminal application. Typinator 2.1 is priced at €19.99 (about US$29.68) and is available for download at the Ergonis Software Web site. The Read more [...]

-image-Macworld Video: 10 tips in Leopard Video

in the wee hours

Macworld Video: 10 tips to be thankful for: “Rob Griffiths presents 10 tiny but cool features in Leopard that he’s thankful for.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-10.5: Create a Time Machine size limit for networked disks

in the wee hours
10.5: Create a Time Machine size limit for networked disks: "I am using Time Machine to back up my MacBook Pro on a Samba drive connected to a Linux machine, per this hint. The thing is that when you use Time Machine, it will fill up your disk with backups. However, since I am using a shared networked drive, I wanted to leave free disk space for other users and keep my sysadmin happy. So, here is how you can prevent Time Machine from filling up your networked disk. First, when you use Time Machine Read more [...]

-image-Free Hugs Campaign

in the wee hours

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Free Hugs

-image-FTP Software: Which one is the most OSXcentric?

in the wee hours
FTP Showdown: Most bang for the buck! CaptainFTP YummyFTP TransmitFTP Which one can best manage your site? Find out HERE Read more [...]

-image-‘Don’t Give Up on Vista’ Web Ad

in the wee hours
'Don't Give Up on Vista' Web Ad: "Several readers have noted a new web-only advertisement from Apple that has appeared on a number of sites, including,, and The Apple advertisement features 'Mac' and 'PC' as played by Justin Long and Jo..." [youtube:] Don_t Give Up on Vista Ad.mp4 Read more [...]

-image-The Missing Sync for BlackBerry gets Leopard support

in the wee hours
The Missing Sync for BlackBerry gets Leopard support: "Mark/Space has announced the release of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 1.0.3, the latest version of the company’s synchronization software for BlackBerry..." BlackBerry Requirements: The following devices running version 4.0 and later of the BlackBerry operating system have been tested: 7100 series 7290 (Cingular/T-Mobile) 7250 (Verizon) 7520 (Nextel) 7130 series 8100 series (Pearl) 8300 (Curve) 8700 series 8703 series (Sprint) 8705 8707 Read more [...]

-image-ASCIIsee: More Interesting graphics software for OSX

in the wee hours
ASCIIsee: "ASCIIsee v1.0.1" Description The concept of ASCII art is not a new one, but ASCIIsee provides something new. Like many other ASCII art applications, ASCIIsee can load an image of your choice and then convert it into an ASCII art image. However, unlike many other ASCII art applications, ASCIIsee has some distinct differences. Firstly, its output is in colour. Secondly, by utilizing the varying styles and weights of the fonts installed on your computer, you can use ASCIIsee to build your Read more [...]

-image-iPhone ‘phones home’ to Apple

in the wee hours

iPhone ‘phones home’ to Apple: “Rumoured spy-phone allegations refuted by experts

Speculation that Apple’s iPhone is ‘phoning home’ to the company with personal information, including which stocks users are tracking, is probably wide of the mark, a German security website has said.

(Via Macworld UK.)

-image-Yummy FTP 1.7 Leopard upgrade sports Quick Look integration

in the wee hours
Yummy FTP version 1.7 gains full Leopard compatibility, sporting many updated user interface elements, as well as being the first FTP client to provide Quick Look technology for instant previewing of local and remote files v1.7 Highlights: * Mac OS X 10.5 ready! * Leopard inspired UI update * New app icons including Leopard 512x512 versions * Quick Look integration v1.7 Feature Highlights: 1. Mac OS X 10.5 ready Full compatibility with Apple's latest operating system 2. Leopard Read more [...]