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-image-AOL to End Support for Netscape Browser

in the wee hours
PC World - AOL to End Support for Netscape Browser: "Once the dominant Web browser, AOL has discontinued development and active support for the Netscape browser." (Via pcworld.) All versions of Netscape available HERE Read more [...]

-image-10.5: Re-enable Bluetooth file transfers

in the wee hours
10.5: Re-enable Bluetooth file transfers: "In Tiger, if Bluetooth was switched on and your devices were properly paired, you could send files in both directions quickly and easily unless you had disabled it.In Leopard, this is not the case. File transfers are disabled by default, despite a successful pairing of devices. Worse still, the preference that controls this isn't even in the Bluetooth pane. To re-enable Bluetooth file transfers, visit the Sharing pane in System Preferences, and enable Bluetooth Read more [...]

-image-Merry Christmas

in the wee hours

We are taking our Hoiday Break and will return in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!


Poinsettia Ornament.png

-image-Boot Camp vs Parallels vs VMware Fusion Benchmarks

in the wee hours

Boot Camp vs Parallels vs VMware Fusion Benchmarks: “MacTech performed an exhaustive set of benchmarks comparing Parallels, VMWare Fusion and Boot Camp to run Windows on a Mac.

To tackle this problem, MacTech undertook a huge benchmarking project starting in September. The goal was to …”

(Via MacRumors.)

-image-Apple the Loser in ThinkSecret Settlement?

in the wee hours

Apple the Loser in ThinkSecret Settlement?: “A Computerworld article provides reaction from ThinkSecret’s lawyer on today’s announcement that ThinkSecret had settled with Apple and would no longer be published.

Terry Gross of Gross & Belsky LLP told Computerworld, ‘The First Amen…”

(Via MacRumors.)

-image-Think Secret shuts down in settlement with Apple

in the wee hours

Think Secret shuts down in settlement with Apple: “According to several sources, Apple and Think Secret have reached a settlement, resulting in the site’s closure. Apple sued ThinkSecret in January of 2005 for ‘posting Apple trade secrets and…

(Via MacMegasite.)

-image-Leopard gains EasyEnvelopes

in the wee hours

Leopard gains EasyEnvelopes: “Ambrosia Software’s EasyEnvelopes 1.0.6 offers Leopard support to the free application.

Ambrosia Software has introduced EasyEnvelopes 1.0.6, an update which offers Leopard support to the free application.

(Via Macworld UK.)

-image-A first look at the OLPC XO Laptop

in the wee hours
A first look at the OLPC XO Laptop: "One Laptop Per Child's XO Laptop is an extremely rugged, energy efficient, low cost laptop designed to be used by children in developing countries. The only way most people in the US or Canada can... (Via MacMegasite.) Read more [...]

-image-10.5: How to delete objects from Time Machine backups

in the wee hours

delete objects from Time Machine backups: “This is a something that Apple has hidden away, leaving some Mac users out there to go through all sorts of lengths to remove items from their Time Machine backups.

The solution is really easy, though. “

(Via macosxhints.)

-image-Flash-based MacBook – Wall Street

in the wee hours

Flash-based MacBook – Wall Street: “Apple set to introduce a flash-based Mac, according to industry-watchers

Business analysts are joining the chorus of industry speculators claiming Apple will introduce a new small form-factor Mac at Macworld Expo in the New Year.

(Via Macworld UK.)

-image-Fluid – Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard

in the wee hours

Fluid – Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard: “Give your favorite webapps a home on your Mac OS X Leopard Desktop”


(Via fluidapp.)

-image-10.5: Install OS X to a different volume without rebooting

in the wee hours
10.5: Install OS X to a different volume without rebooting: "The file OSInstall.mpkg is the key to Leopard installs from a disk image. There is no need either to use the DVD again, or to reboot, to install Leopard to a different volume. After installing any Mac OS once from DVD, I always use Disk Utility to save the installer DVD as a disk image. Any further installs are from copies of this disk image; I put the original DVD away never to touch it again. I keep many external bootable drives, so the Read more [...]

-image-Add more power to 10.5’s screen sharing

in the wee hours

Add more power to 10.5’s screen sharing: “Learn how to add some new features to 10.5’s built-in screen sharing feature.”

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-10.5: Run Time Machine on a single drive

in the wee hours
10.5: Run Time Machine on a single drive: "Contrary to popular belief, Time Machine does not require a second physical drive (or network drive) to store its backup files. It seems to be quite happy backing up to a secondary partition on the primary hard drive. Use Disk Utility to create a dedicated HFS+ partition for Time Machine that is as large or larger than the partition(s) you want to back up (Disk Utility in 10.5 allows live resizing of the active system partition - yay!). After the partition Read more [...]

-image-SWsoft to Change its Name to Parallels

in the wee hours
SWsoft to Change its Name to Parallels: "SWsoft to Change its Name to Parallels"SEATTLE and HERNDON, Va. - December 12, 2007 - SWsoft, a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software, announced today that early in 2008 it will adopt "Parallels" as its new corporate name. The company also unveiled its "Optimized Computing" vision, which focuses on providing consumers, business and service providers with the industry's broadest portfolio of multi-platform virtualization and automation Read more [...]