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-image-CHDK and SD600 ixus60 ( adding RAW support)

in the wee hours
I have a great little Canon camera (SD600 ixus60) but through the CHDK project it seems that it was not included in getting Raw support. In the forums, someone dumped the firmware and finally added RAW support to the SD600. I have tested it and it works very well. You need to convert the .crw extension to DNG which will then be read by Aperture or whatever higher end editing tool you want. Very geeky and cool. Here are the links: CHDK Forum link File Link CHDK Sd600 CHDK Wiki Read more [...]

-image-Status Screen Saver 1.0 keeps you up on Mail and Twitter in screen saver mode

in the wee hours
Status Screen Saver 1.0 keeps you up on Mail and Twitter in screen saver mode: "Status Screen Saver lets you notifies you of your unread emails in Mail, new tweets in Twitterrific and new news items in NetNewsWire all while leaving your Mac's screen display any other screen saver of you choice. The developer, Logan Rockmore, has also made it easy for you to add support for other applications as long as they allow Applescript to check on their status. Status Screen... " (Via MacMerc.) Read more [...]

-image-iPhone finally coming to Canada?

in the wee hours
iPhone finally coming to Canada?: "Electronista reports that Apple Canada is preparing its staff for a major upcoming event. Key staff are being asked to travel to the company's Markham, Ontario regional headquarters for discussions that are taking place today. The discussions are considered secret, and staff contacted regarding the nature of the meetings have declined comment on any specifics. However, they allude to preparations for upcoming Apple developments rather than a regularly scheduled Read more [...]

-image-Bugs & Fixes: A new solution for permissions problems

in the wee hours

Bugs & Fixes: A new solution for permissions problems: “An Apple Knowledge Base article on fixing permissions problems alerted Ted Landau to a new feature in Leopard called Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-Mac Manuals

in the wee hours
Darryl's Mac Manuals: "Darryl's Mac Manuals & Take-apart guides" Power PC Macs eMac - 700/800MHz (NVidia graphics) (5Mb pdf file ) eMac - 800MHz/1GHz (ATI Graphics) (8.5Mb pdf file) eMac - 1.25GHz/1.42GHz (ATI Graphics) (7Mb pdf) iBook G4 (12.1 inch) (4Mb pdf file) iBook Opaque 16VRAM (4.6Mb pdf file) iMac - Slot loader (11.5Mb pdf file) iMac - Slot loader - new hard drive (.jpg's) iMac - Tray loader (9.3Mb pdf file) iMac - G4 flat panel (17") (17Mb pdf file) iMac - 500/700 motherboard (.jpg's and Read more [...]

-image-Tired of waiting on Apple, researchers disclose iCal bugs

in the wee hours

Tired of waiting on Apple, researchers disclose iCal bugs: “Core Security Technologies detailed three bugs in iCal that attackers could remotely exploit using compromised servers, malicious Web sites or e-mailed .ics file attachments.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-Outspring Inc – Outspring Mail

in the wee hours
Outspring Inc - Outspring Mail: Imagine an email program that was smart enough to observe and learn how you handle your email. Like offering to reply to certain types of email messages using a response you've previously sent. Or giving you the option to auto-file a message you've read based on how you've filed similar messages in the past. What if you could defer a message from your inbox for a few days or weeks, so that it magically reappears later when you're ready... (Via Outspring Mail.) Read more [...]

-image-Mac Desktop Music Video [Friday Fun]

in the wee hours
Mac Desktop Music Video [Friday Fun]: " We love screencasts because they can teach you how to get things done on your computer, but one creative filmmaker went beyond the howto and choreographed a full music video to Mac application actions. The result is the mesmerizing video above, which will hopefully add a little fun (if not productivity) to your Friday. To find out more about the video, hit the link below for an interview with the creator. There's also a shortened Windows XP version. Got Read more [...]

-image-PulpMotion Advanced 1.0

in the wee hours
Montpellier, France - MAY 15th 2008: Aquafadas is delighted to announce PulpMotion Advanced 1.0, the next generation slideshow and animation software for media. Create never-seen-before animations in no time and tell your stories with style.... With a focus on ease-of-use, PulpMotion Advanced will turn any collection of images or videos into professional looking presentations in just a few easy steps. PulpMotion Advanced brings the beautiful animations of PulpMotion to the next level. Fine tune Read more [...]

-image-Luxury MacBook and MacBook Air sleeves

in the wee hours
isobre is simply an ordinary idea taken to a higher level of design and quality. Alex at iSobre has melded design, craftsmanship and great Spanish leather to create a perfect companion for the Mac Book Air and MacBook. The leather (for both models) are tanned to stand the test of time and be more and more appealing with use. Check them out iSobre Read more [...]

-image-PocketMac AudioExtractor

in the wee hours

PocketMac AudioExtractor, a unique new tool
that Mac users can use to download the audio from their favorite
YouTube videos directly into iTunes. This audio then can be later
synched to their iPod, iPhone, mp3 player or any other phone that
supports music without videos.


-image-OpenOffice 3.0 Beta Now Available, Adds Native OS X Support [Beta Beat]

in the wee hours
OpenOffice 3.0 Beta Now Available, Adds Native OS X Support [Beta Beat]: "Windows/Mac/Linux (all platforms):, the free office application suite, has released a beta of its 3.0 version to the public with a few key features rolled in. The biggest update is native support for Mac OS X platforms, meaning no need to install X11 packages on older Macs or switch to NeoOffice for a smoother experience (although NeoOffice plans to release a 3.0 of its own, so stay tuned). OpenOffice also adds Read more [...]

-image-Fedora 9 Officially Released [Featured Download]

in the wee hours
Fedora 9 Officially Released [Featured Download]: " The latest version 9 of the Fedora Linux distribution is now available for your downloading and installation pleasure. The Fedora-lovers at Ars Technica report: Fedora 9 delivers a cutting edge desktop stack with the latest software and version 2.6.25 of the Linux kernel. This release includes GNOME 2.22, which has some significant improvements like the GVFS virtual filesystem abstraction layer. This is also the first version of Fedora to offer Read more [...]

-image-Picturesque get all 3-D in Leopard upgrade

in the wee hours

Picturesque get all 3-D in Leopard upgrade: “I loved Picturesque back in version 1.0. It was a very slick little application that allowed you to give your blog pics more ‘oomph!’ by adding shadows, reflections, glows, curved corners and strokes.

(Via MacMerc.)

-image-VMWare Fusion 2.0 Public Beta 1 Now Available

in the wee hours

VMWare Fusion 2.0 Public Beta 1 Now Available: “Virtualization software maker VMWare has announced a public beta of VMWare Fusion 2.0.

Topping the list of new features is multiple-display support and experimental DirectX 9 Shader Model 2 support. VMWare notes that hardware accelera…”

(Via MacRumors.)