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-image-New model iPod touch, iPod nano loom

in the wee hours

New model iPod touch, iPod nano loom: “Rumours claim many advances for future generations of the iPod touch and nano

Apple plans a major upgrade to its iPod touch range, with its in-development iPhone Software 2.1 software containing a reference to a new model of the device, a report claims.

(Via Macworld UK.)

-image-Mac Notebook and iPod Updates in September?

in the wee hours

Mac Notebook and iPod Updates in September?: “AppleInsider claims that Apple resellers have received notice that MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPod supplies will become constrained in the coming weeks. Apple expects to decrease production of these models and, as a result, Apple is recommending that …”

(Via MacRumors.)

-image-Fluid is fantastic

in the wee hours
Fluid: "Fluid is a fantastic free app that turns any web site into a self-contained application on your Mac. If you want to keep your webmail outside your normal web browser, Fluid is what you need. " (Via fluidapp .) Read more [...]

-image-Apple blogs to disaffected users

in the wee hours
BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple blogs to disaffected users: "Apple has set up an apologetic blog devoted to solving the problems of its recently launched MobileMe service." (Via BBC NEWS | Technology |.) Read more [...]

-image-Next MacBook to Include Glass Trackpad, Due in September?

in the wee hours

Next MacBook to Include Glass Trackpad, Due in September?: “Seth Weintraub, the author of 9to5Mac, publishes more information at ComputerWorld about what he has heard about the upcoming MacBook updates.

According to Weintraub’s sources, the new MacBooks will be thinner than the current MacBoo…”

(Via MacRumors.)

-image-The Lifehacker Editors’ Favorite Software and Hardware [What We Use]

in the wee hours
The Lifehacker Editors' Favorite Software and Hardware [What We Use]: " Lifehacker readers range from the complete newbie to the most seasoned techie, but where do the Lifehacker editors stand? We polled our own editors for the computer hardware and applications they swear by and we're breaking it down for you here. This post is categorized into the software each editor uses on a daily basis, the operating systems we live in, the hardware we rely on, the peripherals we utilize on a regular basis, Read more [...]

-image-10.5: A number of ways to access Screen Sharing

in the wee hours - 10.5: A number of ways to access Screen Sharing: "OS X 10.5 includes a very handy Screen Sharing application for controlling remote Macs. It is invoked via iChat's Share Screen feature, as well as a Share Screen' button on locally-discovered Macs in the Finder. But, if you're like me, 90% of the time I just want to enter the IP address of the machine to control and be on my way. Luckily, the Screen Sharing program is able to run independently, and will ask for the IP to control Read more [...]

-image-Second Mac clone maker set to sell systems

in the wee hours

Second Mac clone maker set to sell systems: “Another company is preparing to sell Intel-based computers that can run Apple Inc.’s Mac OS X. But this one won’t pre-install OS X.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-Speculation About a ‘MacBook Touch’ Builds

in the wee hours

Speculation About a ‘MacBook Touch’ Builds: “Speculation about a possible Apple tablet has started infiltrating the mainstream media with an article on ABCNews summarizing public reaction to this possibility. The buzz about Apple’s next product kicked into high gear after Apple’s Peter Oppenhe…”

(Via MacRumors.)

-image-Layered Desktop Wallpaper Organizes Your Icons [Wallpaper]

in the wee hours
Layered Desktop Wallpaper Organizes Your Icons [Wallpaper]: "Flickr user Gabriel Radic has an elegantly simple solution for organizing icon clutter. His 'Layered Desktop' background, free to download in high resolutions, divides your computer space into four areas—an aluminum board, a ruled sheet of paper, a sticky note, and wooden background. The idea is to treat the elements like you would a real desktop, putting temporary or urgent matters on the note, things you haven't yet organized into the Read more [...]

-image-Pwnage jailbreak tool for iPhone OS 2.0 released

in the wee hours
Pwnage jailbreak tool for iPhone OS 2.0 released: "Apple's new iPhone OS and App Store have certainly opened some new doors for iPhones old and new. But has Apple's shiny walled garden not felt quite jailbreaky enough to inspire you to upgrade? Now you can safely make the leap and free your inner iPhone with the much-anticipated release of a jailbreak tool for iPhone OS 2.0." (Via Read more [...]

-image-10.5: More control of fan speeds on iMacs and laptops

in the wee hours
10.5: More control of fan speeds on iMacs and laptops: "We take great care to ensure that our systems run with reasonable temperatures as that helps extend their lifetimes. We've used various applications to control the fan speeds on different systems but, with the upgrade to 10.5, our Intel-based iMac was left without a fan-control solution that worked adequately. To that end, I decided to modify the open source (GPL) FanControl to work with our iMac. The result is that I've generated two new versions Read more [...]

-image-Rogers iPhone fans: sheep to the slaughter

in the wee hours
p2pnet news Blog Archive » p2pnet news view | Mobiles:- Rogers was hung, drawn and quartered by online Canadians when, as p2pnet wrote recently, “it was revealed Apple was displeased with Rogers and its attempt to use the second coming of the iPhone, now popularly known online as the Jesus phone, to scam customers into three year contracts with pitiful resources.” Rogers spokesman John Boynton resorted to... (Via p2pnet.) Read more [...]

-image-MacBook Pro and the bad battery

in the wee hours
MacBook Pro and the bad battery: "How can you tell if your MacBook's battery is on the fritz? " (Via Apple.) Read more [...]

-image-AirRadar Offers Better Wi-Fi Network Management [Featured Mac Download]

in the wee hours
AirRadar Offers Better Wi-Fi Network Management [Featured Mac Download]: " Mac only: Leopard's built-in Airport utility doesn't do much except show you what Wi-Fi networks are nearby, and which require a password—but free utility AirRadar does much more. AirRadar detects available Wi-Fi networks (in my case, more networks showed up in AirRadar's list than in Leopard's default menubar drop-down), and displays more information like signal strength, last seen timestamp, channel, signal average, Read more [...]