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-image-BlackBerry Bullet Shows Apple Who’s Boss!

in the wee hours
Viral Video Chart - BlackBerry Bullet Shows Apple Who's Boss!: "BlackBerry Bullet Shows Apple Who's Boss!" Read more [...]

-image-Technology News: Reviews: Safari 4 Is More Than a Speed-Loader

in the wee hours
Technology News: Reviews: Safari 4 Is More Than a Speed-Loader: "Sure, Safari 4 is fast, but that may not be the most striking feature for the average user. The way it displays pages in Top Sites and Cover Flow, especially for history scanning, is what reviewer Chris Maxcer found most useful. The new tab position took a little getting used to, but the added screen space was appreciated. Firefox users who love their plug-ins, though, won't find the same level of customization." (Via technewsworld.) Read more [...]

-image-Fix: Safari 4 Crash on Start Issues

in the wee hours
Fix: Safari 4 Crash on Start Issues | Blog on a Stick: "Are you uber excited for the new Safari 4 beta from Apple? However, on install all it does is bounce and crash? I’ve been having the issue under 10.5.6 and the fix is simple; remove your Safari addons! Step 1 - Uninstall Safari 4 beta and revert back to Safari 3. If you still have Safari 3, then you’re good to go. Note: You don’t have to reinstall Safari 3, it should just come back when you uninstall Safari 4 beta. Step Read more [...]

-image-Create an iPhoto-like folder view in the Finder

in the wee hours
Create an iPhoto-like folder view in the Finder: "To create an iPhoto-like size-adjustable icon view of a folder, just put '' (with nothing inside the quotes) in the search box in a Finder window. Set it to the folder of interest, and to search by name, and choose icon view. Now you can see a view with the zoom scroller on the bottom right. Very useful to see images or videos on folders. [robg adds: This is a variation on this older hint, which used a smart folder to display a narrow range of results Read more [...]

-image-Safari Beta 4 ….with cover flow…..

in the wee hours


-image-OmniWeb, three other Omni apps available as freeware

in the wee hours

OmniWeb, three other Omni apps available as freeware: “The Omni Group has made four of its applications available as freeware, including its popular Web browser, OmniWeb.

(Via Omniweb.)

-image-Let your ‘Faces’ stand out in PulpMotion

in the wee hours
Aquafadas is delighted to announce the immediate availability of PulpMotion 2.1. PulpMotion makes it easy to create slideshow animations with your own pictures and videos. The new 2.1 version of PulpMotion fully integrates with iLife'09 and takes great advantage of the new 'Faces' feature in iPhoto, both in the Standard and Advanced edition. With a simple drag and drop, use your 'Faces' and create amazing slideshow animations that really impress. PulpMotion will automatically turn the 'Faces' Read more [...]

-image-MWC: Garmin-Asus unveil their first new GPS smartphones

in the wee hours
MWC: Garmin-Asus unveil their first new GPS smartphones: "Garmin-Asus is a new tie-up between GPS (global positioning system) device maker Garmin and AsustekThe new Garmin-Asus venture announced its first two smartphone offerings at the GSM Mobile World Congress and true to earlier promises, they each use a different operating systems, one Linux and the other Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. (Via Macworld UK.) Read more [...]

-image-Steve Jobs as Eustace Tilley

in the wee hours
Earlier this year, Camilo Ramirez of Colombia, finally finished his entry—albeit too late for entry into the 2008 contest THE MANY FACES OF EUSTACE TILLEY (NewYorker): Read more [...]

-image-The Missing Sync for BlackBerry

in the wee hours
Syncing without Thinking - Now available in Version 2.0 of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry Now BlackBerry and Mac users can ditch those pesky cables and sync wirelessly via Bluetooth. Even better, Proximity Sync technology from Mark/Space uses the same Bluetooth capabilities to give users the option to automatically sync whenever the Mac and BlackBerry are near one another. For example, a photo taken on the BlackBerry will automatically sync to iPhoto on the Mac, and a new contact entered on the Read more [...]

-image-Favicon Generator Imports and Edits Icons for Your Site [Image Editing]

in the wee hours
Favicon Generator Imports and Edits Icons for Your Site [Image Editing]: "If you're looking for a quick way to create a favicon—the tiny little logo that appears in bookmarks and address bars—for your web site, Favicon Generator offers dead simple image importing, editing, and conversion. Favicon Generator is a web-based service that converts GIFs, JPEGs, and PNG files into 16x16 pixel ICO files suitable for use as web site favicons. Why the special ICO format? Although most modern web browsers Read more [...]

-image-Five follows BBC, ITV with Mac-friendly online TV service

in the wee hours

Five follows BBC, ITV with Mac-friendly online TV service: “But Channel 4’s 4oD still a non-starter for Mac users

Channel Five, home of some critically acclaimed US dramas, has made its online catch-up TV service Demand Five available to Mac and Linux users.

(Via Macworld UK.)

-image-Search Craigslist with 2 osx apps

in the wee hours
Marketplace Agent Craig Read more [...] – 10.5: Use RSS feeds in Mail to monitor craigslist sale items

in the wee hours - 10.5: Use RSS feeds in Mail to monitor craigslist sale items: "10.5: Use RSS feeds in Mail to monitor craigslist sale items " For example, I'm looking for some Olympic Weights on the cheap, so I've got this: If all of the following conditions are met: * X-Mail-Rss-Source-Homepage-Url is equal to * Message Content Contains Olympic Perform the following actions: * Mark as Flagged * Set Color of background Yellow (Via macosxhints.) Read more [...]

-image-MacHeist opens season 3 with free Mac OS X software

in the wee hours

MacHeist opens season 3 with free Mac OS X software: “So far MacHeist has sold over 75,000 software bundles, raising over $750,000 for charity

MacHeist has launched MacHeist 3, the redesigned software promotion site aimed at offering bargain Mac software bundles while raising money for charity.

(Via Macworld UK.)