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-image-Report: Palm Pre syncs media with iTunes

in the wee hours
Report: Palm Pre syncs media with iTunes: "Not only does the Palm Pre ape the iPhone’s Multi-touch features, word is it may also sync with iTunes just as if it were an iPhone or iPod. (Via MacCentral.) Read more [...]

-image-Review: iCab Mobile for iPhone

in the wee hours

Review: iCab Mobile for iPhone: “Rob Griffiths takes a look at iCab Mobile, a feature-rich third-party browser for the iPhone.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-Boinx Software announces FotoMagico Remote for iPhone/iPod touch

in the wee hours
Boinx Software announces FotoMagico Remote for iPhone/iPod touch: Munich, Germany - Boinx Software today announces the availability of FotoMagico Remote to control a live FotoMagico 3 slideshow with iPhone or iPod touch. To help presenters with their live narration, FotoMagico Remote also includes a teleprompter that displays a thumbnail and the speaker notes for the currently displayed slide. FotoMagico Remote can be puchased exclusively at the iTunes App Store for $19.95. ‘Using the FotoMagico Read more [...]

-image-1Password 2.9.16 adds new WiFi Sync – Paves way for 1Password touch 2.0

in the wee hours
1Password 2.9.16 adds new WiFi Sync - Paves way for 1Password touch 2.0:Toronto (Ontario, Canada) - Agile Web Solutions on Friday released 1Password 2.9.16 with a redesigned WiFi syncing feature for iPhone and iPod touch owners. In addition to database security and performance improvements, this update brings faster, more robust, and automatic syncing to 1Password. What is 1Password? * The most popular password manager for Mac OS X and iPhone (according to MacUpdate, VersionTracker and iUseThis ratings) * Read more [...]

-image-70 Beautiful Dual-Screen Desktop Wallpapers

in the wee hours
70 Beautiful Dual-Screen Desktop Wallpapers | Graphics | Smashing Magazine: "Dual displays come in handy when you are working on several projects at the same time. They allow you to separate everything, organize and work efficiently. Dual displays are highly suitable for Web designers, Web developers and graphic designers and they are rapidly gaining on popularity in last years." (Via smashingmagazine..) Read more [...]

-image-Put Safari 4 Beta tabs back on the bottom

in the wee hours

“defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool FALSE” in terminal and restart safari.

With an updated version of Safari 4 Public Beta, you may reset the tabs to the default interface by switching FALSE to TRUE in the terminal.

-image-Confirmed: Apple Tablet In 2010 – BusinessWeek

in the wee hours
Confirmed: Apple Tablet In 2010 - BusinessWeek: "A source familiar with Apple’s product plans says that the company plans to introduce a tablet-based device in early 2010. This is consistent with the report from Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster this morning suggesting precisely the same thing. Here’s the body of Munster’s note:" (Via businessweek.) Read more [...]

-image-32GB 600Mhz Video-Capable Next Gen iPhone? MacBook Pro Rebranding?

in the wee hours
32GB 600Mhz Video-Capable Next Gen iPhone? MacBook Pro Rebranding?: "John Gruber of Daring Fireball weighs in with his sources about what the upcoming iPhone revision will entail. His list of details corresponds closely with many of the circulating rumors. Gruber believes the next iPhone processor wil..." (Via MacRumors.) Read more [...]

-image-Aquafadas releases version 1.5 of BannerZest and BannerZest Pro with new TextBook theme

in the wee hours
Aquafadas is happy to announce the immediate availability of BannerZest 1.5. BannerZest is an innovative software to spice up your website in few clicks. BannerZest 1.5 adds many improvements in almost every area of the application as a response to user feedback. Transition from .Mac to MobileMe is simplified and lots of changes have been made in a number of themes, to either give more options or fix some issues that were reported. We also improved the behavior of media titles and subtitles to Read more [...]

-image-Objective Development Software releases Little Snitch 2.1.3

in the wee hours
Objective Development Software releases 'Little Snitch 2.1.3' Little Snitch 2.1 adds support for guest accounts, introduces global, computer-wide rules that are valid for all users, provides improved 'Fast User Switching' support and improved support for network user accounts. What's new in Little Snitch 2.1.3 - Improved support for network user accounts. - Improved 'Back up Rules' functionality. - Fixed an issue causing system freezes at login to network user accounts. - Fixed a bug causing lots Read more [...]

-image-Loginox Changes the OS X Login Background Image

in the wee hours
Loginox Changes the OS X Login Background Image: "Mac OS X only: System utility Loginox makes short work of changing your Mac's login wallpaper to anything you want. We've written previously about a manual hack using some terminal commands to change your login wallpaper, but Loginox takes all the guesswork out of the process—just drag the image you want to use into the window, click the Set new login image button, enter your password, and you are done. The application requires a 2560x1600 resolution Read more [...]

-image-Latest Chromium Builds for OSX

in the wee hours

Go to Latest for Build Number


-image-See only free apps on MacUpdate and VersionTracker

in the wee hours
See only free apps on MacUpdate and VersionTracker: "Here's an easy way, using Safari, to see only the free apps at MacUpdate and VersionTracker. What follows is a summary of the process; you can read a detailed walkthrough (with screenshots) on my blog. Write a simple CSS file for Safari to use. Open TextEdit, and paste in the following line -- make sure TextEdit is in plain text mode. .eliminateMe { visibility: hidden ! important; display: none !important; } This CSS rule overrides all other Read more [...]

-image-Geek Tool Scripts

in the wee hours
I have spent far too much time on GeekTool. Very adictive I must say. Here are my scripts and a screenshopt. There are 3 web cams running of the Vacnouver area. Below is a link to hopefully the proper format. geektool Read more [...]

-image-(ClearDock replacement)

in the wee hours
MacThemes Forum / [10.5 Dock] Mirage (ClearDock replacement): "Mirage is a replacement for ClearDock by Unsanity (which isn't Leopard compatible), and it makes the Dock clear." (Via Download.) Read more [...]