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-image-10.6: Install Canon printer drivers in Snow Leopard

in the wee hours
10.6: Install Canon printer drivers in Snow Leopard: "Because the Canon printer driver installation program will not recognize Mac OS X 10.6, you can't install your printer drivers even though Snow Leopard is a minor update.To install your Canon printer drivers...Download the driver disk image.Mount the disk image and copy the installer package to your desktop.Control-click on the package and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu.Navigate to Contents » Resources and delete the file Read more [...]

-image-Wake on Demand lets Snow Leopard sleep with one eye open

in the wee hours

Wake on Demand lets Snow Leopard sleep with one eye open: “A new networking feature in OS X 10.6 lets you remotely wake up a slumbering Mac over Wi-Fi or Ethernet so you can access files and media stored there. But the feature won’t work with every setup. Here’s what you need to know.>

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-A look at Snow Leopard’s tricks

in the wee hours

A look at Snow Leopard’s tricks: “In this week’s video, Dan Frakes takes a look at a number of notable features new to Snow Leopard.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-Nightly Build of Webkit

in the wee hours


-image-Turn Google Voice into a Growl-Friendly Mac App [Mac OS X]

in the wee hours
Turn Google Voice into a Growl-Friendly Mac App [Mac OS X]: "Google Voice's web site is handy, but keeping it open in a browser tab is a pain. Mac users, however, can get Growl notifications, complete with transcript previews, and app badge updates with the handy Fluid app. For those not familiar with Fluid, it's a tool for creating 'Site Specific Browsers' (SSBs), similar to the Mozilla-powered Prism app we've featured. Fluid is a Mac-only tool, but its support of user scripts makes it a lot more Read more [...]

-image-Keep Chrome for Mac OS X Updated with Chromium Updater

in the wee hours
Fans of Google’s new web browser can now check for the newest version available much easier by using an updater tool, which tells them whether a new version is available. The software is not entirely reliable (it may or may not work), but it does the job of fetching new Chrome for Mac releases, with multiple snapshots being available each day. Download Tool Read more [...]

-image-Outlook for Mac replaces Entourage

in the wee hours

Microsoft will replace Entourage with Outlook for Mac in its next version of Microsoft Office for Mac, reports eWeek.

As an intermediate step, Microsoft has released Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac, Web Services Edition, which provides new syncing capabilities while setting the stage for porting users to Outlook.

The new Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Business Edition will supplement the Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student Editions.

-image-A simple fix for a noisy headphone jack on a MacBook

in the wee hours
A simple fix for a noisy headphone jack on a MacBook: "I was quite annoyed with the sound quality of my Santa Rosa MacBook, i.e. a MacBook3,1. I had upgraded to this machine via a hard drive swap from the first generation Macbook, and now there was much noise on the headphones.Today I found out that I can get perfectly fine audio by starting Audio MIDI Setup (in Applications » Utilities) and selecting 2Ch-20bit (or 24bit) for the headphones, instead of the previous 16bit setting. (Via Read more [...]

-image-Rogers site shows 8GB iPhone 3GS

in the wee hours

Rogers may have inadvertently revealed its plans this morning with a splash page supporting recent leaks of an 8GB iPhone 3GS.


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-image-Next-Generation iMac to Offer Two ‘Compelling’ New Features?

in the wee hours
Next-Generation iMac to Offer Two 'Compelling' New Features?: "AppleInsider reports that the next-generation iMac will see the inclusion of two 'compelling' new features, although sources refuse to provide anything more than suggestions as to what those features might be.One of those features is..." (Via MacRumors.) Read more [...]

-image-One Laptop Per Child Partners With PocketMac

in the wee hours
San Diego, CA--August 4, 2009--One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a non- profit organization focused on providing educational tools to help children in developing countries "learn learning," today announced it will partner with PocketMac software in a unique fundraising promotion. This is the first time Macintosh software has been used as the lynchpin of a fundraising campaign. All fundraising efforts will be related to PocketMac's RingtoneStudio 2 for iPhone, their flagship software Read more [...]

-image-Apple accused of attempting to ‘hush-up’ exploding iPod Touch

in the wee hours
With Apple recently hit with accusations that its new iPhone 3GS smartphone is susceptible to serious overheating, the Cupertino-based gadget giant is again in the spotlight of negativity after claims it tried to ‘hush-up’ a story surrounding an exploding iPod Touch. According to a report in The Times, 47-year-old Ken Stanborough contacted Apple with a view to securing a monetary refund after his daughter’s iPod Touch allegedly overheated and exploded. Read More Read more [...]

-image-Vela Design Group releases VelaClock Deluxe 2.1.14 and VelaClock 2.1.14

in the wee hours
Vela Design Group releases VelaClock Deluxe 2.1.14 and VelaClock 2.1.14: " Berkeley, California - Vela Design Group announces VelaClock Deluxe 2.1.14 and VelaClock 2.1.14, Dashboard widgets. VelaClock Deluxe 2.1.14 is currently ranked 18 in Apple’s Top 50 Dashboard Widgets list, out of 4107 widgets! For current customers, both versions are a free update. Users of the standard version of VelaClock may upgrade to the Deluxe version for $6.00. VelaClock is a world clock widget with a highly configurable Read more [...]