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-image-Make the green button maximize the iTunes 9.0.1 window

in the wee hours
Make the green button maximize the iTunes 9.0.1 window: "Thanks to @siracusa for this one; I noticed it being retweeted this morning, and figured more than a few folks might be interested in it.If you're one of the people who preferred the 'maximize on click' behavior of the green button in iTunes 9 (which vanished in iTunes 9.0.1, as the update reverted to the pre-iTunes 9 'show mini player' behavior), quit iTunes 9, and run this command in Terminal:defaults write zoom-to-window Read more [...]

-image-NewsGator updates NetNewsWire for Mac and iPhone

in the wee hours
NewsGator updates NetNewsWire for Mac and iPhone: "NewsGator has released updates of its popular RSS reader NetNewsWire for both Mac and iPhone; both add new features such as syncing with Google Reader (Via Info.) Read more [...]

-image-10.6: Create a ‘copy as plain text’ service

in the wee hours
10.6: Create a 'copy as plain text' service: "I ran into an issue where I need to copy some items from Numbers into a table in Keynote -- but they kept copying as table cells, thus inserting new cells and messing up my existing table. At first, my only solution was to copy from Numbers, switch to TextEdit, paste-and-match-style (Shift-Command-Option-V), recopy, switch to Keynote, and paste. Not terribly efficient. With the help of this hint, I realized there was a better way, provided you have GUI Read more [...]

-image-BannerZest 2

in the wee hours
  • 10 stunning new banner themes
    The ability to add a sound file
    The ability to publish a banner in a single .swf file
    The addition of theme presets
    Publication of banners in a format that can be viewed on iPhone
  • bannerZest.jpg


    -image-Attention Trekkies: Roddenberry’s Mac on auction block

    in the wee hours
    In what may just be a perfect storm of technology geek gadget lust, an auction house in Southern California is preparing to auction off the first Apple Macintosh Plus ever made–a computer that was owned by “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry. The event promises to bring together two of the most famously devoted fan bases– Apple buyers and Trekkies. Read More Read more [...]

    -image-OCR is now available in Prizmo 1.1

    in the wee hours
    News from Creaceed S.P.R.L: (review pending) Prizmo's OCR in a nutshell: - Accurate and world famous OCR technology (ExperExchange, Inc.) - 10 languages available (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish...) - Adjustable grid for easily selecting the text to be recognized - Result preview - Several file types for saving the results... Pricing and Availability Version 1.1 is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard, and is a free update for registered users. Prizmo Read more [...]

    -image-The Slate Mac Desktop [Featured Desktop]

    in the wee hours
    The Slate Mac Desktop [Featured Desktop]: "Reader Ian Michael Smith's desktop is sleek, smooth, and seriously impressive—with custom themes and icons for Finder, the Dock, and Geektool. Who knew OS X could look this good? Custom Wallpaper Soliq Ceaser Theme (Finder) HUD Theme Soliq Black iTunes Theme Custom Finder Backgrounds PRY Finder Icons Docktabs V.2 Dock Icons Geektool clock/date Quicksilver for App Launching Great job, Ian! Want to create your own OS X desktop customization? Check out Read more [...]

    -image-Make your USB flash drive indestructible!

    in the wee hours


    Make your USB flash drive indestructible! | “Make your USB flash drive indestructible!”

    (Via |

    -image-Canon MX850 Driver for 10.6 – Released on Canon website

    in the wee hours
    Here is a thread that helps getting your Canon MX850 to work in "Network" mode. Apple Discussion Canon Website Read more [...]

    -image-Bludzee, a strip a day for a year…in your pocket!

    in the wee hours
    Bludzee is a little black cat with blue eyes, cute and totally engaging but above all, an innovative concept! Bludzee is the first comic book series designed for the mobile phone, which will last for an entire year and be distributed worldwide. A previously unpublished and innovative creation from the excellent Lewis Trondheim. Read more [...]