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-image-Apple Starts Field Testing Next Generation iPhone (3,1)

in the wee hours

Apple Starts Field Testing Next Generation iPhone (3,1): “iPhone developer Pandav has informed MacRumors that they have spotted usage records for an unreleased iPhone in their app’s analytics. The app used was iBART [Free / Paid], a public transportation guide for the San Francisco train system.

(Via MacRumors.)

-image-Agile Web Solutions releases 1Password 3

in the wee hours
1 Password is the one app that I will always have. It is well designed and extremely useful. From its inception the support that it has garnered is top notch and replies from the developers have always been prompt. Good old Canadian kindness! The desktop app in version 3 and the iphone app work seamlessly together and I have had no crashes or freezing to date. A must have app! Agile Web Solutions releases 1Password 3: "Agile Web Solutions releases 1Password 3" Password 3 Read more [...]

-image-Using iCal to syn Google Calendar

in the wee hours
Enable Google Calendar in Apple's iCal Only Apple iCal 3.x (on Mac OS X v10.5+) supports CalDAV sync. To set up CalDAV support for Google Calendar in Apple's iCal, follow these steps: Open Apple iCal, go to Preferences and then the Accounts tab. Click on the + button to add an account. Under Account Information, enter your Google Account username and password. Under Server Options, add the following URL: Replace '' Read more [...]

-image-Download all Apple open source OS X files at once

in the wee hours
Download all Apple open source OS X files at once: "While it is well known that Mac OS X contains open source code, how to access and download that source code is perhaps less well known. Apple publishes all its open source code on their Apple Open Source site. However, this site makes you download each program individually, without an obvious option to download an entire OS X release at once (i.e., all public sources for 10.6.1). So I wrote the following bash script to automate the download procedure. Read more [...]

-image-Unlocked iPhone Contest Video (PocketMac)

in the wee hours
PocketMac: How to WIN a legally unlocked iPhone... You're on your way to being the lucky winner of a brand new, legally unlocked iPhone 3G. Winners will get either an unlocked iPhone, a $50 iTunes gift card or a $15 iTunes gift card. This iPhone is completely unlocked and can be used with any carrier that uses SIM cards -- not just AT&T. Here's how it works... We need your help in promoting RingtoneStudio for iPhone. It's our new, powerful, hassle-free Mac software that enables you Read more [...]