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-image-Shortcut to create New Textfile

in the wee hours
One convenient Windows feature missing in OS X is the ability to quickly create a new text file in the current folder. By simply dragging a small Applescript-turned-application to Finder's toolbar, this dream quickly becomes reality. There are any number of reasons you'd need a quick text file in the working folder—if you're working with icons, testing a new file-based tweak, or just need to make an immediate note—the context menu solution Windows implements is much faster than opening up Read more [...]

-image-Firefox 3.6 Absolute Crap and Crash

in the wee hours
When I upgraded to 3.6 on Snow Leopard, all I get is a perpetual crash. I have 2 extensions loaded and it won't even start. Copy past from another blog: Firefox 3.6 woes on OS X tammikuu 22, 2010 — huima Firefox 3.6 is here and oh great, it is great! Except that most of the extensions crash my Firefox, so I am unable to do almost anything extra I used to in the older version. I’ve tested now numerous times and for example Delicious bookmarks crashes Firefox, when I install it and Firefox Read more [...]

-image-iPad Video

in the wee hours
Check out the infomercial here: Read more [...]

-image-Streaming Full Movie John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) Online

in the wee hours
John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) HDDirector:Chad Stahelski.Producer:Basil Iwanyk.Release:February 8, 2017Country:United States of America.Production Company:Thunder Road Pictures, LionsGate, 87Eleven.Language:English, Italiano.Runtime:122 min.Genre:Thriller, Action, Crime.'John Wick: Chapter 2' is a movie genre Thriller, was released in February 8, 2017. Chad Stahelski was directed this movie and starring by Keanu Reeves. This movie tell story about John Wick is forced Read more [...]

-image-Excellent Alternative to OSX Mail : Mailplane

in the wee hours
As a Mac user we are accustomed to ease of use. Our loyalty sets us apart. If you are a Windows user, chances are you seek alternative applications to those that come with your operating system. With OSX there really is little need to do this as everything "just" works. Well, I have finally found an alternative to OSX mail in "Mailplane" Gmail is pretty much a standard in webmail. Its features sets the platform apart. But how can I bring this to the desktop. Here comes MailPlane. It is not just Read more [...]

-image-10.6: Set power saving modes on laptops via Terminal

in the wee hours
10.6: Set power saving modes on laptops via Terminal: "I recently upgraded from Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6, and noticed that the power saving profiles have disappeared from the menu bar's Battery Status menus. Luckily, this functionality is still accessible via the command line. Open Terminal and type the following command in order to set the profile to be used when using the battery: pmset -b modenum Replace modenum with one of the following values: 1 - Better Energy Savings 2 - Normal 3 - Better Read more [...]

-image-Review: Quickpedia for iPhone

in the wee hours

Review: Quickpedia for iPhone: “What makes this free mobile Wikipedia browser worth the download over simply navigating to Wikipedia from Safari is the app’s easy-to-read interface and the search history.

(Via MacCentral.)

-image-An exceptional and useful OSX music player….and some!

in the wee hours
Once in a while I get to test a truly useful app. Most of the time I will try something that might just become a fixture on my dock. I hate clutter and only utilize applications that make my life easier AND launch and run quickly. Itunes is great. No mistaking that, but to use it as a daily music player it is overkill. In the days of my misguided youth as a PC user there was Winamp. Used it all the time. Well, now there is an app for OSX that replaces a quick launching, socially integrated, Read more [...]

-image-PocketMac Announces The World?s First Digital Life Saver…

in the wee hours It's the first service to take in broken or damaged smartphones and save the data from those devices. customers can also choose to have their recovered data cloned to a new smartphone. The next step is for the customer to ship their device(s) to our San Jose service center. Once the smartphone(s) are received, our engineers will have all data recovered within 5-7 workdays. A YouTube video explaining the service can be found at: Video For Read more [...]

-image-Apple tablet event due Jan. 27, iPhone 4.0 in tow?

in the wee hours
Apple tablet event due Jan. 27, iPhone 4.0 in tow?: "Apple's late January event could have more than just the anticipated tablet itself in store, a rumor suggests. Certain developers have allegedly been seeded a beta of the iPhone OS 4.0 development kit that, among other adaptations, would include a simulator and tools to accommodate a new resolution and screen area.... (Via MacNN | Apple, Macintosh and iPod news.) Read more [...]

-image-Apple refuses to send replacement iPhone to legal owner

in the wee hours
Apple refuses to send replacement iPhone to legal owner: "Without some intervention from Apple or the police, a replacement iPhone will go to a thief and not the original owner, a robbery victim claims. Identifying herself only as Alisa, the victim notes that her iPhone was stolen over two weeks ago in a Brooklyn subway. No progress had been made until recently, when the thief asked for a replacement phone through AppleCare. A notification e-mail was sent to Alisa's address....(Via MacNN | Apple, Read more [...]

-image-Everplay, a bite-sized iTunes alternative, features, Cover Flow

in the wee hours
Everplay, a bite-sized iTunes alternative, features, Cover Flow:Browse. Search. Play. Flip through your iTunes playlists in one easy-to-navigate cover flow window. Create and manage playlists on-the-fly. Shuffle and play without launching iTunes. Play count and meta data is automatically updated by Everplay's background daemon as soon as iTunes is launched. Stream. Share. Shout. Scrobble your music to Last FM, ban or love tracks. Listen to personalized radio, share music with your friends, Read more [...]

-image-Starting February You Can Use Your iPhone And iTouch As A Universal Remote

in the wee hours
Starting February You Can Use Your iPhone And iTouch As A Universal Remote: "Starting February You Can Use Your iPhone And iTouch As A Universal RemotePost from: FSMdotCOM Month of January is hosting CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. We expect lots of goodies to come out this year, and one of them is the L5 Remote from L5 Technology. This is a $50 accessory that will be paired with a free app , and it will turn your iPhone and iTouch into a universal remote. The Read more [...]