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-image-iCal Dock icon not changing

in the wee hours

Had this problem this am.


I deleted the .plists. The culprit probably was iCalExternalSync.plist. It’s OK now
For reference, navigate to:

Delete the plist file and logout/in- should do the trick.AD3308CC-9285-46FE-B345-C786D6B619ED.jpg

-image-What to Expect From Apple’s iPhone-centric WWDC 2010 What to expect at WWDC 2010

in the wee hours
From Wired: News outlets may have spoiled the big surprise for Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference by publishing early photos and details of the next-generation iPhone. Nonetheless, in a recent e-mail, Steve Jobs promised a customer that “You won’t be disappointed” by the announcements to come. Read More Read more [...]

-image-European Apple launch of the iPad and following its foot-steps we are introducing our new set of iPad and iPhone sleeves. Please visit for more information & the opportunity of wining and iPad.

in the wee hours
iSobre® presents its new line of sleeves for the iPad® and iPhone® Once again we strive to stay true to our commitment of delivering high quality sleeves carefully designed for the Mac community. As always, our sleeves are 100% leather a soft and elegant deerskin layer outside and a cushiony suede inside, thus protecting the iPad® and iPhone® inside out. Our new sleeves come in two different models iSobre Blue Baboon (sand color outside with an iceberg blue interior) and iSobre Read more [...]

-image-Android is Now Available for Installation on the iPhone 3G

in the wee hours
From iClarified: Android is now available for installation on both the iPhone 2G and the iPhone 3G thanks to the hard work of planetbeing and those assisting him. You can download the binaries here: iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G Read more [...]

-image-Has the iPhone lost its cool? –

in the wee hours
Having entered the mobile software market late with its Android offering, Google's initial efforts were a pale imitation of the iPhone OS, a clunky user experience on sub-par handsets. Fast forward to 2010. Suddenly, Google Android is winning over the hearts and minds of technologists and signing up 100,000 converts a day. That raises the question: Is the iPhone losing its sheen? via Has the iPhone lost its cool? - Read more [...]

-image-Eskapism: One of the BEST iPhone Lockscreens!

in the wee hours
You have to check out a new lockinfo screen called "Eskapism". Clean, functional and gorgeous! Simple and clean user interface Less buttons, more gestures Collapsable and easy readable Extremely customizable Notifications for new events Read more [...]

-image-Jailbreak Wizard |Select Your Device

in the wee hours

Great step by step tutorial with files on how to get the deed done from iClarified!


HOW TO Jailbreak

-image-Scosche Rotating Car Mount for iPad

in the wee hours
From iClarified Scosche is demonstrating a rotating car mount for the iPad which replaces the double din factory deck. In the YouTube video below, Doug Broadhurst and Ted Lopez show the new iKit installed in a Subaru STi. Gizmodo heard from the company who says there will be a single-DIN install option and that they do have an amplifier in the kits that replaces the car stereo. Expect the kit soon for around $200 to $250 depending on your car and options. Read more [...]