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-image-Auto-Update for Nightly-Builds of Browsers on Mac OS X (WebKit, Chromium, Firefox, Opera)

in the wee hours It’s quite a hassle having to download and install a new version of three or four browsers every day, so I made a Mac OS X app for each browser (Apple Safari aka WebKit, Google Chrome aka Chromium, Mozilla Firefox aka Minefield, and Opera) that checks if a new version is available, automatically downloads and installs it, and then launches it. If you already have the latest version, it will launch or focus it directly, allowing you to have only those 4 icons in the dock, and Read more [...]

-image-25 Safari Extensions You Can Install Now

in the wee hours
Apple’s new Safari 5 brings support for browser extensions, which the company plans to showcase on its own gallery in a few months. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. From "TheAppleBlog"...Read More Read more [...]

-image-Try iOS 4 for the iPhone Right Now….Even Jailbreak it….

in the wee hours
Several blogs are claiming you can try it out now. Apple recently released the near final version of iOS 4 to developers known as the gold master build. After Apple's release it didn't take long before iOS 4 was leaked online and available for anyone to download. Jailbroken iOS 4 A hacker known as msft.guy has released a PwnageTool bundle that works with iOS 4, according to Redmond Pie . Check out the info Read more [...]

-image-PocketMac PlayNice for Mac & Windows

in the wee hours
More About PocketMac PlayNice for Mac & Windows If you're like most Mac users, there are certain things you still need in a PC or in Windows. Perhaps you have Parallels installed or you have a separate PC entirely. The problem with having different machines is that your data is current only on one machine but not on the other one. That all changes with PlayNice for Mac & Windows... This revolutionary new software gives you the power to keep up to 3 computers on the same network in sync Read more [...]