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-image-360 Web Browser: Mobile browsing to the nth

in the wee hours
With the advent of 3G and WiFi web browsing on the iPhone and iPad, users were always limited to a stripped version of a desktop web browser. Not anymore thanks to the great minds at DigitalPoke. The have taken pretty much everything including the kitchen sink and packaged it into a clean, intuitive and feature packed (I'm not kidding) app that sells for $0.99 cents U.S (or $0.961446 CDN). Safari is still a great browser for the iPhone, better still if you JailBreak your device and add some Read more [...]

-image-Spotlight Search: So Many uses….

in the wee hours
By J. Eddie Smith, IV Spotlight on steroids I have to confess that until very recently, I didn’t know you could include file attributes in Spotlight searches. When I found out, it blew my mind, and I began to scour the web for tips and tricks. This post is more or less what I found. I’m sure there’s more. Addend me in the comments. Boolean stuff and more Like a web search field, Spotlight supports boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT. You can also use a minus sign (-) to Read more [...]

-image-360 iPhone/iPad web browser (upcoming review)

in the wee hours
Digital Poke brings you 360 Web Browser with more features to offer than any other browsers out there with a refreshing, non-monotonous interface. Version 3 gets you Firefox Sync, Download Manager, ability to view Flash Videos* using CC Plugin, Media Player & Dropbox. **** Get the most awesome Browser today! Incredibly Insane Amount of Features + Download Manager + Firefox Sync + Media Player at an awesome price tag **** * - Clip Converter currently supports: Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion, Read more [...]

-image-Improving your Mac’s Colour

in the wee hours
Managing Colour Have you ever printed a colour image and wondered why it didn't look quite right? That deep blue sky with distant hills and forests looked so good on the monitor... is what you see never what you get? Full article Improving your Apple Mac's colour PDF Link Read more [...]

-image-Disk Drill is a free Mac data recovery software designed natively for Mac OS

in the wee hours
Full list of improvements (comparing to Beta version) NEW: totally new Deep Scan algorithm File support: a number of file signatures added to known ones (NEF, CR2, MOV, PAGES, PST, AI and many others among them) Scan sessions: recovery and scanning sessions management Save failing disks: any media can now be backed up into a mountable DMG image for further scanning and recovery S.M.A.R.T. disk diagnostics added for better pre-failure hard disks monitoring and reporting Portability: Read more [...]

-image-Elmedia Player for Mac… one way to easily download Youtube

in the wee hours
Elmedia Player PRO is a media player for Mac OS X, which supports playback of various video formats and can download online videos from the web. It also boasts with a list of such amazing features as: watching videos in full-screen mode; keeping player window always on top of all applications; making screenshots of your favorite movie moments. With Elmedia Player PRO you can: * Download online media files from such sites as YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc. * Watch almost any animation or movie Read more [...]

-image-Socialite: Everything at your fingertips

in the wee hours
Socialite is a great new app that allows you to keep tabs on your Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Flickr etc feeds. It has Growl support as well as an active dock icon and menubar. Full description: Socialite is a beautiful Mac OS X application that keeps all your social networks in one convenient place. • Six services for socializing. Socialite supports 6 of the most popular social services out there - Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader, Digg and RSS subscriptions - and keeps all Read more [...]

-image-iOS 4.3 Review

in the wee hours
With this update, Apple has pulled the plug on iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod Touch users – rather than giving them a version of the 4.3 release stripped of its more performance-intensive features, the company has simply declined to issue iOS 4.3 for these devices at all. Also missing from the support list is the Verizon iPhone, though I suspect that this will be rectified through either a separate iOS 4.3 build or perhaps a 4.3.x build at some point in the near future. From Anandtech Read more [...]