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-image-Bruce Springsteen Games Gives Bruce Fans Something to Think About

in the wee hours
Bruce Springsteen Games designed by-fans for fans, is hands-down the largest collection of Bruce trivia and information on the App Store. This interactive quiz offers Boss Buffs a treasure trove of questions about Bruce, the E-Street Band, their music, the members and their lives both on and off the stage. Start with 250 questions included and then upgrade to double the size of the question-bank if you like. Read more [...]

-image-Ringtones Uncensored, AutoRingtone named 2 of Top 3 Best Ringtone Apps

in the wee hours
No Tie's Ringtones Uncensored and AutoRingtone apps were named two of the Top Three Best Ringtone Apps by 148apps' contest. Users voted for their favorite apps, and when the results were in, No Tie's apps were an unprecedented five of the ten finalists. Notably, Ringtones Uncensored was the #2 vote getter and AutoRingtone was #3. Additional apps from No Tie that made the Top Ten in that category included Ringtone Director and RINGTON.ES. Read more [...]

-image-MetalCompass will reveal smartphone guns at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

in the wee hours
MetalCompass will reveal for the first time two models of gaming accessories for smartphones - The Xappr and the Micro-Xappr guns. The guns will be revealed in the international toy fair that will take place in Nuremberg, Germany between February 1st and February 6st. Both the Xappr and the Micro-Xappr allows players to play a variety of augmented reality and shooting games. MetalCompass will release this spring with pre-orders already available in US, Canada or EU. Read more [...]

-image-Addictive Casual Games: New Brazilian Game Is An Example

in the wee hours
Mobile games players' preferences are the casual games, since they can be played at the train, at the bus or in the quick lunch at the work. Blast Reaction is an example of an addictive casual game. Very easy to learn to play, it can be addictive for players who are trying to complete the goal of each level of the game while they watch beautiful chain graphical explosions. Recently updated by its developer company K-Apps, the game's performance has increased and graphical effects have been added Read more [...]

-image-First Self-Adapting Keyboard – TypeWay For iPad

in the wee hours
Typing with 10 fingers is faster and more comfortable by a self adapting key configuration: TypeWay continuously adapts the virtual keyboard to individual hands, hand sizes, hand positions, and typing habits. That supports fast touch-typing for note taking and the flow of thinking and writing, as in education, business, or journalism. The innovative App makes use of iPad's multi-touch capabilities. For typing with all ten fingers this utility app is an innovation. Read more [...]

-image-Maintain releases Cocktail 5.1.2 (Lion Edition)

in the wee hours
Maintain has released Cocktail 5.1.2 (Lion Edition), the latest maintenance update of Cocktail for users running OS X Lion. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. Cocktail's features are arranged into five categories that helps you manage various aspects of your computer. Cocktail 5.1.2 adds OS X 10.7.3 compatibility and addresses several issues identified in the previous version. The update is highly recommended for all users. Read more [...]

-image-App Review Site AlphaDigits Top Rated Apps for January 2012

in the wee hours
Popular app review website AlphaDigits has revealed the top rated apps for the month of January. AlphaDigits has been publishing reviews for iOS and Android apps for the past three months. Now it has released the names of the top rated apps based on the reviews published in the site during the month of January 2012. Developers can approach AlphaDigits to get their app reviewed and they can expect response within 48 hours after submitting their app. Read more [...]

-image-Family Finger Race iPhone/iPad Game on Sale Tomorrow

in the wee hours
Software Adventures tomorrow will expand its lineup of iPhone/iPad apps with a new interactive family game. Created for users of all ages, "Family Finger Race" features the fantastic artwork of the international Italian designer Danilo Sanino. By exploring the multi-touch capabilities of iOS, this game creates the perfect finger race experience for either 1 or 2 players. The goal of the game is to win a finger race by rubbing your finger on a small area and causing your animal to move forward. Read more [...]

-image-TikTak Games announces New Monster Game: Terapets

in the wee hours
Tiktak Games today is pleased to announce Terapets, the new game of monster that are raising in the App Store. Teraland is a fantastic world where humans live together with some creatures called Terapets. In Terapets you can play with a lot of players about the world with your creatures in the multiplayer mode. A Thousands of players are downloading this game in this moment. In Terapets you need to train you team of Terapets for save the world of Sollow the Goddness of sillence. Read more [...]

-image-RealSimpleEDU’s Accounting App Set to Take #1 Spot on iPad and iPhone

in the wee hours
With hundreds of accounting apps in the Apple app store it would be quite a feat for an app to move through the rankings up to number 1 on both iPad and iPhone. Interestingly, that is just what the app Accounting by RealSimpleEDU is doing. With a strong commitment to continually improving the accounting app based on user feedback it's no wonder why soon RealSimpleEDU will be the top accounting app for both iPad and iPhone. Read more [...]

-image-MailShot Pro Makes Group Email Bigger And Better

in the wee hours
UK based Soluble Apps has announced an update to its popular group emailing solution for iOS devices. MailShot Pro 1.60 now allows iPhone and iPad users to email groups of up to 100 or more contacts easily from within their favorite apps, by selecting a single contact from their address book. MailShot Pro takes a unique approach to sending email. Instead of forcing users to use its own email program to send to a group, it creates special group contacts that send email to an entire group. Read more [...]

-image-Championship Squares for iPad released by Badger Studios

in the wee hours
Who needs paper? Just in time for the Superbowl, use Championship Squares 1.0 for iPad to add more enjoyment to the Big Game. Don't spend time running around your party trying to find out who paid or how many squares are left - Championship Squares will take care of this for you. Sit back and relax and let technology make your life easier. Football squares on paper is old school. You want new school. If you are a football fan, degenerate gambler or know someone that is then this app is for you. Read more [...]

-image-MegaReader 2.5 for iOS – Ebook Reader Offers Replacement for Stanza App

in the wee hours
Inkstone Software today announces MegaReader 2.5 for iOS, an update to their best-selling, universal, ebook reader, optimized for display of text and graphics on all iDevices. The recipient of glowing reviews, the app provides easy access to more than two million free, online books. The app allows customization of nearly every display and operational parameter, and this update supports iTunes File Sharing for storage of large libraries and accommodates 2,500+ books in its built-in Library. Read more [...]

-image-Create awesome, interactive apps for iOS and Android

in the wee hours
PixelMat helps create awesome apps, for both iOS and Android. We create "wow" apps based on your ideas or existing paper books, we take care of the technology and production details, and freeing up time for your core business. We have the experience of creating critically well-acclaimed, best-selling story apps. At such low prices, recovering your app costs would be as simple as asking your friends in your social network to try your app. Read more [...]

-image-SweetP Productions Releases Cookie 2.2.1 for Mac OS X

in the wee hours
SweetP Productions today announces Cookie 2.2.1, an update to their popular cookie and internet privacy management utility for Mac OS X. Cookie helps you manage exactly who can access information about your online activities. It scans your computer for all types of Cookies, from all the top browsers, and is easily configured to remove all history and unwanted/tracking-advertising cookies. Cookie is super easy to use, just configure it once, to take control of your sensitive personal information. Read more [...]