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-image-Rhythm Studio 1.07 for iOS puts Recording Studio at Your Fingertips

in the wee hours
California based Pulse Code today announces Rhythm Studio 1.07, an update to their premier universal electronic music making app for iOS devices. Rhythm Studio boasts richly detailed graphics and incredible sound, with impeccable recreations of classic synths and drum machines along with other amazing studio hardware. Improvements include the addition of a new synthesizer, the FM-3 and a full set of online video tutorials. Full music production studio and more. Read more [...]

-image-Pizero Design announces Premium Widgets for iOS, Android: Coming in June

in the wee hours
Pizero Design's new Premium Widgets app for iOS and Android allows users to check time and weather quickly and effectively while featuring eye-catching, changeable skins and HD animations. Thanks to the inclusion of Pizero Design's most appreciated product, themes, users can update the app's look and feel with just a swipe to maintain a useful and easy-to-use interface that is constantly pleasing. Premium Widgets is expected to be released for both Android and iOS in approximately mid-Jun. Read more [...]

-image-Reinforcements arrive at Kwalee

in the wee hours
After the global release of Gobang Social, smartphone game developers Kwalee engaged in a complete company reorganisation, doubling their development squad size, as well as forming significant new departments within their office. Gobang Social recently went to number one in Top Grossing, Board Games and Strategy charts in the Tanzanian Apple App Store. With their latest reinforcements now in the platoon, Kwalee are now producing several top secret projects for the mobile gaming market. Read more [...]

-image-Soctics League: Turn-based soccer tournament for iPhone, iPad

in the wee hours
Bitongo today announced Soctics League, a turn-based football game for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad platforms. Players can compete against their devices, against their friends, or take part in global, periodic online tournaments. Bitongo put the emphasis on the online mode, where players can build their fanbase, gain new ranks, challenge each other for friendly matches or compete to grab the trophy of the League. Players have the chance to use their cunning tactics to outsmart their opponents. Read more [...]

-image-ThinkTime Creations releases Instant 1.1 update for Mac OS X

in the wee hours
Massachusetts based ThinkTime Creations today announces the release of Instant 1.1, the popular Polaroid making app for Mac OS X. This feature update includes a pair of new Polaroid filters, options to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Picasa Web Album, options to process multiple images at the same time, and many more new features and improvement. Instant lets user "re-shoot" their digital photo by drag-and-dropping it on to its "camera body". Read more [...]

-image-CalcTab re-imagines Calculators for the tablet-era

in the wee hours
Software designer and developer Chris Mayer today introduces CalcTab 1.0 for iPad, a unique re-imagining of the common calculator app. Combining functionality traditionally associated with spreadsheets, CalcTab makes equations editable, while maintaining the ease-of-use of a traditional calculator. Use like a regular calculator. It will automatically turn your equations into a 'tab' - a fully editable grid of the values and operators in your equation. Read more [...]

-image-Gliph Adds More Privacy Controls for Text Messages and Digital Identity

in the wee hours
Gliph, a one-of-a-kind secure mobile and web app designed to send messages and protect personal information, today announced Lockdown Privacy Protection, an innovative update that makes users' personal data technically unrecoverable by any other party. The new feature allows users to turn off Password Reset on their Gliph account, making private account data useless without the current password. Even Gliph administrators can not access users' personal information. Read more [...]

-image-SnipEdges 1.0 for Mac OS X – Drag-and-Drop Snippet Manager

in the wee hours
Houdah Software today introduces SnipEdges 1.0, its brand new drag-and-drop snippet manager for Mac OS X. SnipEdges keeps frequently used bits of text and images readily available. SnipEdges is perfect for any snippet of text, including email signature, letterhead, commonly used phrases and so much more. Snippets stick to the edges of the main screen, staying out of your way until you need it. Just drag-and-drop some text, an image or any file to the border of the main screen. Read more [...]

-image-Augmented Reality Business Card app available for download via iTunes

in the wee hours
Paris based Amudo LLC today introduces AR Business Cards 1.0, its new augmented reality app for iOS devices. The AR Business Cards application demonstrates how Augmented Reality elements can be added to any printed business card. The demo version of the app has an original UI design with three main views. Users can easily overlay any type of content, including 3D animation, videos, images, tweets etc., on top of the printed version of your business card and more. Read more [...]

-image-Cleanup Duplicate Contacts for iOS Makes Address Book Cleaner

in the wee hours
Apps For All today announces Cleanup Duplicate Contacts 2.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts cleans up the address book and merges all overlapping contacts into just one single contact. The entire indexing and merging process is instantaneous. This innovative address book cleanup App is universal, and features multiple merge-type options including "name matches", "email matches" or "phone matches" as well as detailed reports of scanned results. Read more [...]

-image-Bowling Paradise V1.3 – A Fun, Unique 3D Bowling Game

in the wee hours
Sydney based InnoLab today announces the newly updated Bowling Paradise game for iOS platform. The update makes it a great game. It features eight beautiful, unique locations. Each location has its own atmosphere and gameplay. Player can choose pin colors, ball skins as well as different control options to add spin to the moving ball. Bowling Paradise is a fun, unique and suitable for all gaming skill levels. Read more [...]

-image-Bubble Chart Pro PLUS Solves the Project Prioritization Problem

in the wee hours
Bubble Chart Pro PLUS version 3.0 solves the difficult problem business managers face when trying to prioritize their projects by simultaneously comparing competing project criteria such as rewards, costs, resource requirements, timing, and risks. Bubble Chart Pro PLUS combines a powerful prioritization system with beautiful interactive bubble and bar charts to help managers rank and choose which projects to fund. Read more [...]

-image-Warranty Consultant takes guesswork out of extended warranty purchases

in the wee hours
Make better extended warranty purchase decisions with Warranty Consultant 1.0 for iOS. Warranty Consultant is a win-win app that you won't want to be without. Developed with a Ph.D. Statistician with over two decades of experience, Warranty Consultant helps you to find out quickly and painlessly if an extended warranty is a good investment for you and your shiny new gadget. Save money buying only the warranties that are priced in your favor and passing on warranties that are not. Read more [...]

-image-Real-time Collaborative Whiteboard for iPad and Mac

in the wee hours
LightPlaces Ltd today introduces BaiBoard, its new online collaborative drawing application for both iPad and Mac. BaiBoard is an innovative application that allows users collaborate easily with Facebook friends on joint drawing and designing projects in real-time. Users can also publish finished diagrams via Twitter, Facebook or a website with customized URL. BaiBoard is specifically developed for users to host meetings and collaborate with others on both iPad and Mac. Read more [...]

-image-CalcTape Calculator for the iPad – Adding Machine with Paper Roll

in the wee hours
SFR Software announces CalcTape Smart Calculator 1.0 for iPad. CalcTape Calculator turns the iPad into a calculator with a paper roll. The iPad implementation of the popular windows and iPhone tool lets the user perform complex calculations and still maintain a structured overview. All entries will be automatically recorded and saved on a virtual paper roll. Many additional features, such as programmable keys for VAT or comments truly simplify everyday calculations. Read more [...]