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-image-Teacher Creates Educational Storybook App with Curriculum

in the wee hours
A retired National Board Certified English teacher develops an educational storybook app - "Smarty Britches: Nouns" - that teaches nouns to elementary students. Curriculum for educators, homeschoolers, and parents is free and expands on not only nouns but is also cross-curricular with the subjects of art, music, geography, and science; these lessons align with Common Core Standards. Cyndie Sebourn is the owner of Sascyn Publishing, Inc. and the author of "Smarty Britches: Nouns." Read more [...]

-image-Enterprise Device Alliance Members Deliver Mac Mountain Lion Support

in the wee hours
The Enterprise Device Alliance today announced support for Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion operating system software in enterprise environments by the EDA member companies. Each member of the Enterprise Device Alliance provides products that allow organizations to leverage their existing investment in Windows management and administration infrastructure to manage both Mac and iOS systems as well as help organizations transition from current and previous versions of Mac OS X to Mountain Lion. Read more [...]

-image-My Singing Monsters – Coming Soon to Your Phone

in the wee hours
Big Blue Bubble Inc announces the upcoming release of their new mobile app, My Singing Monsters. My Singing Monsters is a world-building game where the player collects and breeds cute monsters. These monsters sing, play and dance. Each island is its own song and they are packed full of incredibly cute monsters. Each species has its own voice/instrument and personality. Monsters groove along with the beat until it's their turn to perform. Read more [...]

-image-ConceptDraw PRO Poised to Dominate Network Diagramming Software Arena

in the wee hours
CS Odessa announces an expansion for their popular diagramming application, ConceptDraw PRO. The Wireless Networks Solution, now available in ConceptDraw Solution Park, offers a new palette of objects and templates for modeling wireless networks. As wireless technology continues to saturate IT installations the world over, this new solution will be a tremendous boon to network engineers in their daily work of documenting, implementing, and maintaining such systems. Read more [...]

-image-Full Fat Goes Fat Free

in the wee hours
Full Fat Games announces its move to freemium with the upcoming release of Agent Dash on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, on August 2nd. Players must don the tuxedo and run as fast as they can, destroying the bases of countless evil villains, all for Queen and Country. With casual and challenging gameplay, stunning graphics and hilarious animations, Agent Dash will allow Facebook users to compete and compare scores, aiming to become the #1 Secret Agent. Read more [...]

-image-The Power of Poo with GreenHound 1.0 for iOS

in the wee hours
The GreenHound App is about Poo Power. It is a game with a dog track on which players race the dog of their choice. But before players can race they have to collect enough poo from the trackside the power the stadium. If they don't, the lights go out before they reach the finish line. If a dog wins its race, players get points that they can use to unlock questions (and answers) that will show just how unusual, and effective, poo can be as a source of renewable fuel. Read more [...]

-image-GroupLogic Introduces mobilEcho 4.0, Giving Access to SharePoint Servers

in the wee hours
GroupLogic, announces the latest version of its Mobile File Management solution, mobilEcho. mobilEcho client management improvements offer users more flexibility to edit and access files from the device of their choice. With mobilEcho 4.0, users now have access to corporate content via enterprise file servers, Network Attached Storage, and SharePoint. In addition to SharePoint integration, mobilEcho 4.0 also contains updates to client management and an administration console enhancement. Read more [...]

-image-Keeping Track of the Use of Mobile Data with 4Glob

in the wee hours
Nektony introduces 4Glob 1.0, a tool designed to track mobile data usage on iPad and iPhone. 4Glob can monitor 3G/4G mobile communication networks. 4Glob provides the real-time control on data usage and helps users make decisions on how to use their Data Plan effectively. The app displays statistics regarding mobile data usage including: monthly data plan, current data traffic, the amount of data still available under the plan. It also provides the graphical tracking of data usage. Read more [...]

-image-Tiny Chocolate Games Releases Space Girl iPhone Game

in the wee hours
Tiny Chocolate Games recently released their iOS game, Space Girl. In Space Girl, the player flies a spaceship through outer space and underwater worlds, avoiding a variety of dangerous objects such as fire, shattering bottles, multiplying bacteria, and giant planets. Unique features include beautifully hand drawn art, an outstanding soundtrack with whimsical sound and voice effects, intuitive controls, and charming and replayable gameplay. Read more [...]

-image-Drum Beats+ 1.4 for iOS Adds AudioCopy Feature and More Free Beats

in the wee hours
Ninebuzz Software, creator of popular iOS music apps Guitar Jam Tracks and Drum Beats+, today is pleased to announce Drum Beats+ 1.4, an update which adds 20 new free beats and support for AudioCopy, a functionality that allows beats to be copied into other compatible music apps that feature AudioPaste or Apple's General Pasteboard functionality. Drum Beats+ for iOS is a simple and fun collection of drum loops for stress-free jamming, songwriting accompaniment and now, music creation. Read more [...]

-image-LinkOptimizer for InDesign Is Now Available on the New Adobe Exchange

in the wee hours
Zevrix Solutions announces that LinkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign CS6 is now available on Adobe Exchange, a new Creative Suite extension marketplace. It's available as a panel within a variety of CS6 applications. The Adobe Exchange panel provides a new way to search, discover, and install plug-ins, extensions, and other content for Creative Suite products. LinkOptimizer allows users to automatically reduce InDesign link size, perform essential image adjustments, convert image formats and more. Read more [...]

-image-Agent Express Lets Users Manage Detailed Sales Data On The Go

in the wee hours
Lippolis Domenico has announced the release of Agent Express 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is the first and only app of its kind in the App Store, giving users the ability to manage sales orders, clients' personal data and more from their device. Busy sales people can now record new orders, review old or repeating orders, and generate detailed sales reports from anywhere in the world without an internet connection. Read more [...]

-image-Drum Loops HD Lets iOS Users Add a Live Drummer To GarageBand

in the wee hours
Go Independent Records recently released Drum Loops HD 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This app adds a new layer of excitement to GarageBand and other popular digital audio workstations by allowing users to add a real drummer to the mix with a simple copy/paste operation. Where most other apps offer only programmed drum sounds, Drum Loops HD gives users more than 700 drum loops, recorded by Hans Eijkenaar, Holland's first call session drummer, at Sound Vision Studios in Arnhem. Read more [...]

-image-Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat – Interactive Kids Book

in the wee hours
Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat is the follow on book from Mr Frog the Neighbours Dog as featured on Best Apps For Kids. Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat is a brilliantly entertaining children's interactive story and activity book. Featuring a funny rhyming story with lots of games and tasks which will keep your kids entertained time and time again. This App provides a great way to promote reading in young children and keep them engaged with the variety of touch screen tasks as you progress through the story. Read more [...]

-image-Nuvem RapidWeaver Theme Unveiled by seydesign

in the wee hours
Veteran RapidWeaver theme and stack development house, seydesign, have unleashed their latest creation, Nuvem, a beautiful theme that leverages the finest design details with infinite control and their signature technologies. Nuvem makes incredible use of whitespace and color to perfectly define and contrast the elements of your page layout with exquisite detail. This one-of-a-kind RapidWeaver theme has great features like beautiful background tiles on the body and on all 5 ExtraContent areas. Read more [...]