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-image-Enjoy Halloween with these Scary iPhone Apps

in the wee hours
iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users can get the wits scared out of them this Halloween with a great selection of top selling apps that are perfect to for this spooky holiday. Find the best apps for ghost, horror, science fiction stories, spooky sound effects, pranks, and real stories by users themselves. Plus, users can check out The Map App Game - Scary Places Edition that will take them to some of the scariest real places around the world. Check a great selection of apps, including free ones. Read more [...]

-image-Anna Returns to Haunt the Mac Platform this November

in the wee hours
Anna, a new horror-adventure game has been announced for the Mac. Anna takes players on a puzzle-based hunt through an abandoned and seemingly haunted sawmill in the Italian countryside. With three possible endings, Anna will keep horror fans on the edges of their seats, challenging them with unique physics based puzzles and mysteries, when it releases on Steam and the Mac App Store on Nov 9. Read more [...]

-image-Smart Image Converter on App Store Gets Smarter with Photos and Pictures

in the wee hours
Appsoft Studio released an updated Smart Image Converter, the most powerful and efficient batch image converter on the Mac App Store. The application resizes, renames and changes formats of numerous images at blazing-fast speed and maintains high quality of all the pictures at the same time. Updated Smart Image Converter 2.0 now supports additional image import formats and has a completely new user interface and converts hundreds of images just by one click. Read more [...]

-image-The Owl And The Pussycat App Brings Classic Poetry To Children

in the wee hours
Kids' app development company Corky Portwine is pleased to announce the release of The Owl And The Pussycat 1.0, an interactive storybook app for young children. The app is a new illustrated version of Edward Lear's beloved Victorian-era poem. Featuring animated drawings, original music and full voice-over narration, The Owl And The Pussycat is a wonderful way to teach children the joys of poetry. It is available now for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK. Read more [...]

-image-ShotList App For Film And Video Makers Gets A Big Boost

in the wee hours
Soluble Apps announces ShotList 4.0, a major update to their professional-quality filmmaking scheduling tool for iOS devices. ShotList brings a Production Stripboard system to mobile devices for the first time, allowing the planning and tracking of every scene of a shoot as it happens. The app can be used as a daily To Do list on larger productions. This new version adds printing, full colour schedule updates, xls export, and enhanced detail per shot. Read more [...]

-image-Save Your Money for Taming the Monsters: Exclusive Halloween Bundle

in the wee hours
DEVONtechnologies LLC celebrates Halloween with a scarily good bundle of DEVONagent Express and DEVONsphere Express for US $4.95 USD instead of $14.90. DEVONagent Express and DEVONsphere Express are available as exclusive Halloween Bundle until Sunday, November 4, 2012, directly from the DEVONtechnologies homepage. They can be downloaded as free trials from DEVONtechnologies online and can be test-driven for free for 150 hours of non-continuous runtime until they need to be properly licensed. Read more [...]

-image-Looney Tunes Phonics Updated With New Literacy Features

in the wee hours
The Looney Tunes Phonics mobile application for iOS now has even more features to help children everywhere improve their reading abilities. Version 1.2.0 is free to download and offers free sample lessons that turn an iPad, iPhone, or iPod into a powerful learning tool. The app leverages the popularity and familiarity of Looney Tunes characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Tweety, and many more, to help children boost their reading proficiency levels and phonic skills. Read more [...]

-image-Special Picture Archiving Applications Released for the iPad

in the wee hours
Newpaper announces Illust album 1.0.1 for iOS. This Photo book application can put pictures and music on every page and then keep them on a bookshelf. Unlike other apps that just arrange photos by type, this app can make pictures look more attractive and beautiful. Users can put 5 photos per frame and 50 to 60 pictures into an album. They can also set the mood with music. The app can be used in various ways and is perfect for creating photo albums of family travels, sweet lovers or cute babies. Read more [...]

-image-Spookick 2012 Haunting Macs Everywhere this Halloween

in the wee hours
Application Systems Group announces Spookick 1.2.3 for Mac and PC. In the small, dark and eerie town of Spookville, the people are being terrorized by the dead residents of 17 Chester Street. Players must save them from the hell of haunting this Halloween by keeping the ghosts amused with the one thing they love the most - a good game of pumpkin passing. Players use a bat to flip pumpkins to the ghostly gang and click on the letter-stealing spirits that help spell out a spooky theme. Read more [...]

-image-American Presidential Election 2012: cast your vote and have fun

in the wee hours
High Ranking Apps announces the release and availability of the entertaining app Obama vs. Romney: American Presidential Election 2012 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The application is a new way to practice democracy worldwide and participate in the American Presidential Election 2012. Users can follow latest news, hold their own mock elections and put their skills to the test by casting votes for candidates or swinging the votes in case they've changed their mind. Read more [...]

-image-Sugar Coded Apps Announces Halloween Special

in the wee hours
For one day only, Sugar Coded Apps is offering their complete catalog of apps for Free. Sugar Coded Apps kicks off the 2012 holiday season with a Halloween Special that lets everyone get a little taste of what our company has to offer. Makers of over 30 popular apps on the iTunes App Store, the sale includes Military Time Converter, Quick Discreet Text, Crochet Decoder, The Newbery App, and more. The sale is for one day only: October 31, 2012. Read more [...]

-image-MacOptimizer Keeps Your Mac Running Like New

in the wee hours
California based MacAppware today introduces MacOptimizer, its new disk utility application for Mac OS X. It's better to regularly take care of your Mac rather than wait until something bad happens. Incredibly fast and efficient, MacOptimizer can quickly help you clean, repair and organize your Mac. Even if you have a brand new Mac, you can still find MacOptimizer helpful in cleaning up unnecessary language files, keeping your Desktop organized, & keeping your Mac running like new at all times. Read more [...]

-image-ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine – iPad mini ready and optimized

in the wee hours
ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine is one of the most popular magazines in the Apple Newsstand, and is already iPad mini ready! With up to 4 hours of streaming HD video in each issue, it's ideal for both new and existing iPad owners. ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine brings you a selection of some of the top video tutorials from ScreenCastsOnline, as well as articles, hints, tips and how-tos from some of the top Mac and iOS experts. Read more [...]

-image-Coladia announces Halloween Sale on Mac Games

in the wee hours
Coladia today announces Halloween Sale on their Mac Games. Until 1st november 2012, games will be sold half price. The deal applies to all games sold on the Coladia's webstore and the Mac App Store. The game titles include Dracula 3, Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy, The Secrets of Da Vinci, Return to Mysterious Island 1 & 2, Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny, Destination: Treasure Island, Secret of the Lost Cavern and The Fall Trilogy Chapter 1. Read more [...]

-image-Bless you! Sneezeman crashes his way onto the App Store

in the wee hours
UK based Sensei Games today announced that the game Sneezeman: Escape from Planet Sneeze, based upon the cult TV cartoon character Sneezeman has finally come to iOS devices. Set in the Sneezeman universe, and with exclusive artwork from the character's creators Modern Toss, Sneezeman: Escape from Planet Sneeze is an arcade style platform game in which the hapless hero is chased across levels by a relentless sneeze cloud that's intent upon setting off a chain of catastrophic sneezing. Read more [...]