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-image-JGo Labs Launches Improved and Enhanced SEAL Fitness Challenge V2.0

in the wee hours
California based JGo Labs today announces SEAL Fitness Challenge 2.0, an update to their engaging, dynamic and unique physical fitness training app developed for iOS devices. SEAL Fitness Challenge empowers fitness enthusiasts at all levels - from beginners to elite athletes - to follow the same rigorous training challenges employed by US Navy SEALs. Version 2.0 offers a number of big and small improvements to both interface and functionality. Read more [...]

-image-conTREEbute Launched To Calculate Carbon Footprint And Plant Real Trees

in the wee hours
conTREEbute has developed an iPhone application where people can calculate their carbon footprint for free and know the unintended impact to the environment. conTREEbute, the interactive and social application that allows users to offset their carbon footprint, plant real-life trees and take action against global warming. With this new app people can interact with others within conTREEbute community, give away trees and multiply the message. Read more [...]

-image-Sweepstakes Free – The Free iOS App Giving Away Real Cash Prizes Daily

in the wee hours
NINEPOINTEIGHT LLP releases Sweepstakes Free 1.0, the free iOS app giving away real cash prizes everyday. All sweepstakes are completely free to download and enter. As a special launch promotion, prizes have been set at a guaranteed of minimum of $20.00 USD daily and $100.00 weekly for the app launch through to at least December 1. Prize values will increase in value as the number of users increases. Read more [...]

-image-Econ Technologies Releases ChronoMonitor for iPhone

in the wee hours
Econ Technologies releases ChronoMonitor 1.0 for iPhone. ChronoMonitor is an iPhone app that monitors the availability and condition of any ChronoAgents installed on a network to ensure that they are ready for synchronization or backup. ChronoMonitor requires that ChronoSync and ChronoAgent be installed on your Macs. ChronoMonitor is available at the App Store for $2.99. Read more [...]

-image-MailShot Pro 2.1 Adds The Group Email Features That Apple Forgot

in the wee hours
UK based Soluble Applications announces MailShot Pro 2.1, the latest update to its popular group email application for iOS devices with the unique ability to build-in group emailing into tens of thousands of regular apps on the App Store, including Mail. The newest update to version 2.1 brings support for iOS6 and the larger screen on iPhone 5, improves handling of linked contact cards, and increases the range of in-app support options. Read more [...]

-image-Fight Data Leakage with Latest Enhancements to Enterprise File Sharing

in the wee hours
GroupLogic today announces the newest version of its secure enterprise file sharing software: activEcho 2.6. activEcho provides IT managers and administrators with more options for improved control in areas such as management, process visibility, security, and deployment flexibility. activEcho furthers the mobile workforce's ability to easily access critical files on the platform of their own choosing - all under secure IT management. Read more [...]

-image-Jumsoft Expands Its Image Range with Upgraded Elements for iWork

in the wee hours
Jumsoft, a developer of high-quality applications and designs for Mac OS X, augmented its collection of illustrations and cliparts with a number of new images for iWork. The Elements for iWork 1.1 set was enhanced with 385 new pieces, which can be used to illustrate slideshows, invitations, posters, newsletters, e-books, or just about any kind of content that lacks a creative touch. The set was designed for Apple's Pages and Keynote, but the images can also be used in Numbers or iBooks Author. Read more [...]

-image-Maintain releases Cocktail 6.2 (Mountain Lion Edition)

in the wee hours
Maintain has released Cocktail 6.2 (Mountain Lion Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Mac. This version adds ability to disable Notification Center, ability to set the default file save location in iCloud supported applications and ability to set the Software Update frequency. The update also contains other improvements and bug fixes. Read more [...]

-image-CineFlare Nostalgia Released for Final Cut Pro X

in the wee hours
Boston based Noise Industries introduces CineFlare Nostalgia to FxFactory. Nostalgia offers Final Cut Pro X editors a package of effects and generators that add an authentic vintage look to any project. Three different customizable elements include retro color effects, lens flares and vintage slide vignettes. With a multitude of parameters to fine-tune effects, adjustments are simple to make while still offering a comprehensive set of controls. Read more [...]

-image-iSpotPro – Train your Visual Memory and Pattern Recognition skills

in the wee hours
Modern meets traditional in a new 'spot the difference' app aimed at young and old alike. Leicester web designer, Mayuir Sidhpara is proud to introduce iSpotPro Themed Edition 1.1 for iOS. As well as being fun for parents and children to play together, it is also highly beneficial and engaging for special needs individuals. The first few games are easy, but you soon realise that finding the differences become a lot harder! Read more [...]

-image-Essay Writing Apps Increase Students’ College and Job Prospects

in the wee hours
Colleges and employers are increasing their testing of students' writing skills, and Niles Technology apps prepare students in high school and college to excel in writing. Whether asked to write a long paper, a short essay, or to explain a complex passage, Essay Workstation 2.1 provides the thinking and writing skills required to handle any writing task in high school, college and on the job. The apps work with any writing curriculum and are perfect for iPad and iPhone mobile learning programs. Read more [...]

-image-Magnet Boy is set to attract mobile game lovers from every genre on iOS

in the wee hours
Mongolian based Mongol Content is excited to announce the upcoming release of Magnet Boy for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Magnet Boy challenges gamers to collect various robot parts as they fly from level to level by using momentum & the laws of magnetics in order to successfully maneuver around obstacles and get to where they're going! Featuring authentic platforming fun, puzzle inspired gaming, and arcade action Magnet Boy bursts onto iOS later this week. Read more [...]

-image-Stellar makes it Easy to repair Apple Quick Time Player .MOV File

in the wee hours
Stellar Data Recovery today announces Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair for Macintosh. Some QuickTime MOV files can be corrupted due to virus infections, software malfunction etc. With flawless results, Phoenix MOV Repair is a handy tool that repairs corrupt and/or damaged .mov files, while keeping the multimedia content intact. Easily repair corrupted MOV files in 3 steps: Select, Scan and Repair. After repairing the corrupt file, the application clearly displays the reason of corruption in the file. Read more [...]

-image-DietPoint – Weight loss meal planner in all-new design

in the wee hours
DietPoint Ltd today announces Diet Point - Weight loss meal planner 2.1.1, one of the most popular weight loss applications on App Store. DietPoint remains the largest mobile collection of complete diet plans by offering more than 150 diet plans in different categories. It's a tool that guides an individual through weight loss literally meal by meal. Version 2.1.1 introduces a complete makeover of the app, and featuring a more intelligent, easy-to-use interface and more. Read more [...]

-image-LostStar Tactics Is Free For A Limited Time

in the wee hours
In a special promotion with games-portal, Daily App Dream, independent developers James Pawliuk and Brandon Alter are offering everyone the opportunity to download their tactical RPG, LostStar Tactics, for free. In LostStar Tactics, players control a band of warriors who have crashed on an unknown planet and must fight to survive as they explore the new world. The gameplay features strategy-centered, turn-based combat. This offer is available only for a few days. Read more [...]