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-image-NewMacgadgets Acrylic Displays Recreate The Apple Store Experience

in the wee hours
newMacgadgets has re-created the Apple Store experience with their new line of Apple accessories designed to replicate the look of the world's most popular retail outlet. New products include, the iPad Security Base designed for the New iPad & iPad 2. The iPad Wall Mount Display; also designed for the New iPad & iPad 2. The iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base, which holds all iPads; including the new iPad Mini. The Apple Store Headphone Stand with acrylic base and stainless steel arm. Read more [...]

-image-Join iPad Photography Contest and Night Photography Contest

in the wee hours
Cocologics is hosting two contests for ProCamera and ProCamera HD, their enhanced photography apps developed for iPhone and iPad. The "iPad Photography Contest" will end on next Monday. You still get a whole weekend to shoot photos with your iPad and win an iPad mini from the award. The "Night Photography Contest" will be until November 4. ProCamera is a full-featured 5-in-1 app that has still camera and video, photo editing tools, social networking support, and camera related utilities. Read more [...]

-image-Test Your Logo IQ With Free Logos Test Game

in the wee hours
So you think you know your logos? Then put your brain to the test with Logos Test, new entertainment app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Logos Test lets users test their knowledge of brands by guessing the names of hundreds of logos in four sections, including Cars, Fashion, Apps and Companies. Beware you are timed against the clock. The game also includes global leaderboards with Apple Game Center that adds a competitive edge. Read more [...]

-image-Diethard Seiferth announces Servicebook 1.0 for iPad and iPhone

in the wee hours
Independent iPhone and iPad apps developer, Diethard Seiferth today announced the upcoming release of Servicebook, his new productivity app developed for iOS devices. Servicebook uniquely combines address book and appointment management. Dates to the doctor, in the garage or in the fitness center, with the Servicebook app you can create a card for each of your service providers with any information like office hours at the doctor, insurance policy number, motor vehicle records, and more. Read more [...]

-image-EZWriter releases ClassiCard 1.0 for iOS – Classic Postcard Effects

in the wee hours
California based EZWriter today introduces ClassiCard 1.0, its latest photo application developed for iOS devices. ClassiCard allows you to take a picture either from your camera or an existing photo in your library and add a classic postcard effect to it as well as the location that you took it. You can then simply, seamlessly, and quickly send the photo along with a personalized message to Twitter and/or Facebook. You can also send it as an attachment along with an email to anyone you choose. Read more [...]