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-image-Storm Distance Calculator App Set To Free Just In Time For Frankenstorm

in the wee hours
Switchback Media LLC announced Sunday morning that Storm Distance Calculator is now free. All you have to do is tap the lightning button when you hear lightning, tap the thunder when you hear thunder, and then Storm Distance Calculator does the rest. Within seconds you will know the distance any storm is from you. With the growing anticipation of this year's most destructive storm, Switchback wanted to give people the opportunity to download their storm tracking app for free. Read more [...]

-image-Kukarika releases Memory Seasons: Halloween Edition 1.0 for iOS

in the wee hours
Kukarika today introduces Memory Seasons: Halloween Edition 1.0, a new iOS app, ideal for training your memory and have fun. Infernal pumpkins, dark witches, little red devils, crazy ghosts and much more challenges await you! A combination of concentration and speed is what will help you win against all evil! Do your tricks quick, serve your treats in the correct order so you can complete Halloween themed, unique bonus games. Read more [...]