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-image-New Roblox Unlimited Robux 2017

in the wee hours
Liv Games today announces a massive free update to the award-winning hit Legendary Wars, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Legendary Wars 2.0 builds on the popular RTS-RPG castle defense hybrid by introducing a whole new Campaign set in the Netherworld, brand new gameplay to the series, and a whole new cast of characters. Now taking full advantage of Apple's new iPhone 5 and iOS6, the game offers hours of progression through a new challenging world. Read more [...]

-image-World Travel with DoGooder Jr – Latest iPad educational game

in the wee hours
Callystro is pleased to announce that our latest iPad educational game - World Travel with DoGooder Jr is now available in App stores across all regions. It is a quiz game interspersed with a flying game, and is designed to test your knowledge of the world. DoGooder Jr., the young hero next door, is out on a world trip. His nemesis, Evil Professor Skalivag, plans to sabotage it. DoGooder Jr. needs the players to help him in warding off Skalivag's evil plans. Read more [...]

-image-Timeline – Calendar 1.1 – Adds Improved Event Editing

in the wee hours
Felix Ungman today announces Timeline - Calendar 1.1 for iOS devices. Timeline - Calendar uses a timeline-based visualization of calendar events. The timeline-based presentation combined with high responsive swipe and pinch gestures provides an alternative to the traditional calendar approach that more accurately shows the flow of time, from the long-term overview down to the near-future details. Version 1.1 adds inline editing of event titles, improved editing of event start/end times and more. Read more [...]

-image-CJ Educations, the creator of Play 123, announced release of Zoo Buddies

in the wee hours
CJ Educations today introduces You & Me: We're Opposites 1.0, its new educational title for iPad. The new app for preschoolers has interactive reading modes, songs and activities, all focused on learning opposite words. It is a unique recreation of the original book from the bestselling You & Me: We're Opposites, illustrated by Ethan Long, award-winning children's illustrator, and written by Harriet Ziefert, acclaimed children's author of 200 books. Read more [...]

-image-QR Codes Make It Easier for Nonprofits to Capture Moments of Inspiration

in the wee hours
allAware 1.1, the free, instant social app for nonprofit organizations now supports QR Codes, making it easier for nonprofits to capture that moment of inspiration for quick mobile donations. For a small set up fee, organizations get QR code functionality for their account and their unique QR code linked directly to a donation form in the app. People will be able to select the amount they wish to donate, set it as a one-time or recurring donation, via pledge or real-time credit card payment. Read more [...]

-image-Monolith Interactive Releases Finger Wars – a Twisted Finger Ninja Game

in the wee hours
Monolith Interactive Inc. today introduces Finger Wars 1.0 for iPad. In this fun, 2-player game, the fingers of two players become twisted together in an all-out battle of determination and control. The game is narrated by Yoshikawa, the loveable, yet angry ninja. Listen to him call out a food, then quickly place your finger on it and hold it there while your opponent receives his or her instruction. Play with a friend, your mom, your kids, your professor or even a real ninja! Read more [...]

-image-Monolith Interactive Releases Ultra High Precision Test Oscillator App

in the wee hours
Monolith Interactive Inc. today introduces MONO2 Test Oscillator & Professional Audio Tool 1.0.1, their first professional audio application for iPhone and iPod touch. Setting a new standard for audio applications on the iOS platform, it features a high-precision frequency dial offering both fine-tune and coarse-tune algorithms, allowing users to dial in exact frequencies with ease. Waveforms include sine, square as well as a white noise generator, a sweep function, and so much more. Read more [...]

-image-Diamond Crusher shines with a completely revised design

in the wee hours
mobivention announces Diamond Crusher, an update to its popular puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. The game principle is simple and entertaining: at least two adjacent gems must be found and crushed. The more gems are crushed in one move the more points the player gets. Bonus and malus gems add some more excitement into the game. This new version features a new design, with new sounds, animations and game modes. Several new objectives must be fulfilled to receive badges and diamonds. Read more [...] Launches Premere iPad App

in the wee hours, renowned for offering inspired gift suggestions and expert advice, today introduces the brand's first free iPad application. The 1.1 app offers a unique combination of thousands of expertly curated gift ideas with simple to use tools that enable people to become exceptional gift givers. Special features include Gift Lists which let users create multiple, sharable Gift Lists and provide pop-up reminders for special gifting days so that no important gifts are missed. Read more [...]

-image-Compoundee iPhone and iPad apps updated with new features

in the wee hours
GoodHumans announces an update to its Compoundee family of financial apps for iOS devices. Compoundee is an easy to use financial calculator that solves compound interest, annuity, and time value of money problems. Easily calculate the future value of investments, or determine the rate, deposits, duration, or initial investment that is needed to reach a financial goal. Version 2.3 includes support for iPhone 5 and latest iPod touch, as well as adds passcode locking, graphs, & other key features. Read more [...]

-image-Turn the Messages You Write to Crushes & Friends into Puzzles w/ PuXXles

in the wee hours
Moscow based AppArt today introduces PuXXles 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. PuXXles transforms the mundane act of sending messages to friends on-the-go into a wildly engaging and addictive puzzle adventure. Users simply write whatever they want to write, encrypt it via visual riddles and/or jigsaw puzzles of their own design, and send them off to see if their recipients have what it takes to solve them. The app is 50% gaming action, 50% social connection, and 100% fun regardless! Read more [...]

-image-AppyFridays deals: Spy Cam, Focus and Soulver: 50% – 65% Off

in the wee hours
It's Friday! And as it happens every week, AppyFridays features 3 noteworthy Mac App Store apps on sale. This weekend users can save big on Spy Cam, Focus and Soulver. Plus get a bonus deal, Screen Capture by Ondesoft for free. AppyFridays is a popular web project that aims to help Mac users discover great apps at great prices and also help app developers climb the App Store charts. Spy Cam, Focus, and Soulver are available on sale, exclusively on Mac App Store till Sunday, December 2. Read more [...]

-image-Real-life Tabletop Game Simulator for iOS Adds Poker Chips and Dual Deck

in the wee hours
Olearis today announces porTable 1.1 an update to its physical simulation of tabletop games for iOS. porTable is a game that allows users play tabletop games using the iPad as a table and other iOS devices as a handheld cards or dominoes. Realistic physics, handy gestures and smooth UI make it the number one tool for having fun with friends and family. Version 1.1 introduces poker chips, dual decks of cards, and extended card deck setup as well as the ability to play with two decks of cards. Read more [...]

-image-Art App Best Of Gauguin is Released For iOS

in the wee hours
Lisbon based Nuno Palmeirim today introduces Best Of Gauguin 1.0, his new Art app for iOS. An alternative way to learn the Art of the great masters, Best Of Gauguin lets iOS users own the most famous artwork of Paul Gauguin and enjoy them anytime in their iPhone and iPad. Effortlessly view full screen images from Gauguin best paintings in a beautiful interface especially designed for iPad and for iPhone, making art book illustrations a thing of the past. Read more [...]

-image-Tesla’s Electric Mist – Classic Adventure Game released on iOS

in the wee hours
Utah based iCOOLgeeks today introduces Tesla's Electric Mist 1.0, their new point and click adventure game developed for iOS. Tesla's Electric Mist revolves around the mysterious Nikola Tesla, a time traveling device he invented, and a big experiment gone wrong for the citizens of Colorado Springs in 1899. The elegant graphics of the game really bring the creative puzzles and story to life. The game features almost 200 scenes with dozens of puzzles that build upon each other. Read more [...]