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-image-Introducing Weight Loss Alarm Clock app for iTunes and Android

in the wee hours
Stuerenburg today is proud to announce the Weight Loss Alarm Clock is a new & the first sensor-free sleep cycle alarm clock that will gently wake us during the light sleep phase. The patented method does not require any sensors and easy to use. The app re-adjusts to the user's personal wake-up needs. The system keeps learning more about the user with every use, in order to lead a person smoothly and stress-free from the deep sleep phase or dream phase, into the light sleep phase without notice. Read more [...]

-image-Get Right to the Point With PhotoPresenter 2 for iOS

in the wee hours
Boinx Software today is proud to announce PhotoPresenter for iOS has been making its way into the App Store Top 10 in a number of countries since it launched just a week ago - and now, Boinx is adding even more awesome features to the simple yet powerful photo presenting app. PhotoPresenter 2 for iOS now includes two ways to direct audience attention to a specific point in your media: the Laser Pointer tool and a Mousepose mode. Read more [...]

-image-Favd: An Innovative Photo Sharing App for iOS

in the wee hours
YourHead Software today announced the release of Favd 1.0, an innovative photo sharing app for iPhone. Favd utilizes's ad-free social network to ensure that users always own their content. Favd has a built in camera with live filters that lets users take pictures, add filters, and share with friends. Users can easily share pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Users can follow friends, favorite their photos, and see who has the most popular pics. Read more [...]

-image-AroundMe Users Find What They Look For in the Latest Update For iOS 7

in the wee hours
The developers of AroundMe, the most widely used location app of its kind, recently released the latest update to its namesake app, making AroundMe a true iOS 7 app. Amongst many other major changes, iOS 7 sports a brand new, sleek look, which AroundMe has implemented in this new release. AroundMe developers also took full advantage of a new underlying engine, which enabled them to add further enhancements and capabilities. Read more [...]

-image-Call of Culture release interactive digital magazine for iOS and Android

in the wee hours
Call of Culture is proud to announce their updated app CallofCulture 3.0 for iOS. Call of Culture magazine is created through a collaborative model. The aim of Call of Culture is to enhance cultural dialogue and understanding, building trust and promoting our similarities. Call of Culture is a modern cultural dialogue global social enterprise that expose diverse cultures and engages individuals around the globe to take more active role reflecting their culture. Read more [...]

-image-Free event – Mungcle launched a new casual game – PiratePearl

in the wee hours
Mungcle is proud to introduce PiratePearl 1.0 for iOS, a new casual game in a puzzle form. Scores are given by how fast pearls are touched in order. The cute pirate Annie comes to the beach full of pearl oysters. You are a pirate king. Show off how fast your touch is. Collect as many pearls as possible in 60 seconds. There are three kinds of pearl oysters - red, blue and yellow. Check the touching order in the stage first. Touch the oysters in order. In every stage, the order will be changed. Read more [...]

-image-Math Mathews : Mental Math – Innovative Serious Game

in the wee hours
Kiupe today introduces Math Mathews : Mental Math 1.0 for iPad, iPhone and Android. This game prompts players to find the missing numbers in addition and subtraction problems in 8 different levels and alternates with fun gameplay (collecting coins). With game mechanics, such as collecting coins and rewards, the app provides a learning perspective that improves user engagement as well as monitoring tools for parents to track progress. Read more [...]

-image-Ambitious Mobile Photo Editing App Launches: PicsPlayPro

in the wee hours
PicsPlayPro from JellyBus, Inc. is an ambitious, powerful photo editing app for iOS devices. Within an elegant and intuitive interface, amateur photographers, digital photo enthusiasts, and more serious photographers alike will find an incredible array of editing and enhancement tools. Hundreds of filters can be used in infinite combinations to create exactly the effect desired by the user. This app also makes extensive use of smartphone capabilities with its saving and sharing functionalities. Read more [...]

-image-Robot Philosopher Delivers Garbled Wisdom For iOS

in the wee hours
Purple Falcon today announces Robo-Philosopher 1.3, its new entertainment app for iOS. Robo-Philosopher randomizes and matches endless phrases to hilarious effect. He's been programmed to be a philosopher. But due to bugs in his software, he mixes everything up and outputs nonsense. The resulting nuggets of wisdom recall the inspired nonsense of Monty Python and writings of Woody Allen. His terrible proverbs are sure to entertain, annoy and irritate even the most serious-minded individuals. Read more [...]

-image-Feed Me Mom Announces the Launch of a New Breastfeeding Timer App

in the wee hours
Czech based independent developer, Pavel Vasek today introduces Feed Me Mom 1.0.1, his new new breastfeeding timer app for iOS. Feed Me Mom is an essential tool to help new mothers keep track of their baby's nursing schedule and remember all their feedings. Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do to give your baby a healthy start, but round-the-clock feedings can be overwhelming. By tracking feedings with Feed Me Mom, new mothers can have one less thing to worry about. Read more [...]

-image-neatCalc 5.1 released for iOS – The Ultimate Math Suite

in the wee hours
Independent developer, Zois Avgerinos today announces neatCalc 5.1, an update to his powerful calculator suite developed for iOS devices. Featuring 6 different modes of operation, neatCalc is a powerful calculator suite using a math parser for home, school and office use. neatCalc offers more than 30 trigonometric functions appearing in a popover view for easy choice. Easy, self explanatory views allow you to perform various calculations from simple algebra to function plotting. Read more [...]

-image-LinkOptimizer for InDesign Improves ICC Color Profile Handling

in the wee hours
Toronto based Zevrix Solutions today announces LinkOptimizer 4.8.4, a maintenance update to its popular workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer allows to reduce the size of InDesign links and speed up processing by eliminating excess image data, performing essential image adjustments, converting image formats and more. The new version ensures that all installed ICC profiles are available to the users for automatic color conversion of InDesign image links. Read more [...]

-image-Head Back to School with the Latest gWhiz Educational Mobile Apps

in the wee hours
It's back to school time. And for many students, that means new teachers, new subjects, and a jam-packed schedule. Finding the time to study is not always easy but with the latest educational mobile apps from gWhiz in their learning tool kit, students will hit the ground running. Whether it's prepping for an Advanced Placement exam, the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, or CPA exam, among many others, users are sure to find a gWhiz app that fits the bill. Read more [...]

-image-Get Inspired By Mahatma Gandhi’s Life Story with new iPad App

in the wee hours
Touchzing Media today introduces Mahatma Gandhi Interactive Biography 1.0, its latest book title developed exclusively for Apple's revolutionary iPad device. Designed specifically for the iPad screen, this app features a complete interactive biography of Gandhi with rare photographs, videos and articles covering all the major events and people of his life. With Gandhi's birth anniversary coming on October 2, this app presents the life story of one of the most inspiring men who lived. Read more [...]

-image-Teachers With Apps CERTIFIES 25 More Apps

in the wee hours
Teachers With Apps honors 25 more apps with the TWA CERTIFIED badge of approval. The Teachers With Apps Certification Program was designed to recognize apps that go above and beyond excellent. This distinction is awarded to education apps that prove exemplary in the areas of content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience. Teachers With Apps offers a treasure trove of education app recommendations, as well as the latest trends and insights on education and technology. Read more [...]