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-image-Star Trek Vulcan Harp Beams onto iPad

in the wee hours
Shiverware today proudly introduces Star Trek Vulcan Harp 1.0, their new entertainment app developed exclusively for the iPad. Officially licensed by CBS Interactive, Inc., Star Trek Vulcan Harp is a replica of the unique musical instrument that Captain Kirk's First Officer played on the original Star Trek TV series. Featuring 5 instrument sounds, with a large 6-and-a-half octave range, the app produces a wide-range of sounds, from traditional harp tones to spacey, 23rd century music. Read more [...]

-image-Pocket Watch, LLC. Releases ActivePrint 10 for iPad and iPhone

in the wee hours
Texas based Pocket Watch, LLC. announced today the release of ActivePrint 10, their popular printing solution for the iPad and iPhone. This new version is a total redesign from the ground up that includes a number of new features for printing iPhones and iPads. Some of the new features include the ability to Print To QR to easily share files with anyone, 64 bit compatibility, and a way to control print queue within the app! Read more [...]

-image-Mech Conquest stomps its way onto the App Store and Google Play

in the wee hours
Hourblast announced today the launch of Mech Conquest 1.1.4, a unique 3D action-strategy game for iOS and Android. The aim of the game is nothing less than ruling the galaxy: players must choose a side, build up their fleet and create an army of fully customizable 3D battle Mechs. Players then recruit the hottest pilots to command their robotic warriors to fight in epic online battles against real opponents, capturing enemy planets and dominating the galaxy for their chosen Faction. Read more [...]

-image-Christmas Bible Stories (iOS app): 8-in-1 Bundle App for Christmas

in the wee hours
BCNmultimedia and Anno Domini International have just announced its new Christmas app for kids: Christmas Bible Stories: 8-in-1 Bundle App of Christian Movies, Comics & Picture Books. The app provides an easy way to explain the Nativity of Jesus to the children. Find all the best-known Christmas stories of the Bible to enjoy with kids a wonderful story-telling time. With more than 4,000,000 downloads, BCNmultimedia is the premier publisher of Christian contents for kids on the App Store. Read more [...]

-image-InstaConcert for iOS: Easy concert photo sharing for Instagram

in the wee hours
Atlantia Software today released InstaConcert for iOS, a new app that makes taking, sharing, and viewing photos while at a concert a snap. Featuring automatic location-based artist and venue discovery, 15 fun text skins for annotating shots, and effortless sharing to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it enables users to quickly capture and share their best concert moments as well as view photos that other concert-goers have taken. Read more [...]

-image-Tipitap Launches Drawing Together! for iOS – Collaborative Drawing App

in the wee hours
California based Tipitap Inc. today proudly introduces Drawing Together! 1.1, its revolutionary new app for iOS devices. Optimized for iOS 7, Drawing Together! connects kids with their parents and relatives through drawing and coloring together - in real time - even if they are miles apart. Users see everything drawn on each others' screens during a live voice call. The app takes advantage of iOS 7's powerful new features that allow connections in the same room even without Wi-Fi. Read more [...]

-image-tPacker – Online Texture Packer: Tool for iOS Developers

in the wee hours
Software development studio, Leviteo is proud to present tPacker, an online tool for mobile app developers and graphics designers. Texture Mapping has never been so easy. tPacker Online Texture Packer offers such features as creating texture maps, creating animation sprite sheets, generating app icons for iOS and Android as well as offers server space where you can keep all creative works. With tPacker you have all your files on dedicated cloud account with private media serving. Read more [...]

-image-Sector Zero – iOS Sci-Fi Game Released with 50% Discount

in the wee hours
Creashock Studios today introduces Sector Zero 1.0, its new story driven sci-fi survival game for iOS. Sector Zero contains light RPG elements in a fast paced environment that's out of this world. The game follows the adventures of software engineer, Alex, who wakes up in a hostile and unfamiliar environment with no memory of how he got there. With an engaging storyline and diversified gameplay, Sector Zero features an endless survival mode, space suit upgrades, Game Center support and more. Read more [...]

-image-DeskConnect Adds iPad and Mavericks Support

in the wee hours
DeskConnect, the missing link between your devices, now supports your workflow better than ever. Today, DeskConnect LLC is rolling out major updates to DeskConnect for Mac and DeskConnect for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. DeskConnect dissolves the barriers between devices by enabling users to instantly transfer text, images, audio, video, web pages, documents, driving directions and more. DeskConnect 1.1 for Mac and iOS offer many new feature improvements. Read more [...]

-image-Teenage Entrepreneurs Unleash Their Ultimate Weapon Against Bullying

in the wee hours
Concept Penguin today introduces DearBully 1.0, its new anti-bullying application for the iOS platform. Developed as a tool that will empower bullying victims by encouraging the community to lend its support, DearBully allows users to record & share a precise but positive 30 second video message that will be received by other users who are currently experiencing bullying. This app serves as a common platform for friends, families and supporters to unite in order to help solve this global issue. Read more [...]

-image-Groove Music App: Completely Redesigned for iOS 7

in the wee hours
Montreal based Zikera today announced that Groove for iPhone has been completely redesigned for iOS 7. Groove is a smart music player that learns from listening habits to create the perfect playlists any given time. It's the place to find inspiration to quickly listen to the right music. The more you listen, the better it gets. Users can easily listen to mixes on their Apple TV or AirPlay enabled speakers, as well as share favorite songs with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Read more [...]

-image-Chimp Studios Celebrates 100,000 Users With Mac App Giveaway

in the wee hours
Chimp Studios is thrilled to announce that its Mac and iOS apps are now in the hands of over 100,000 users around the world. Chimp Studios will be giving away copies of their three most popular Mac apps as a thank you to the community. Print Selection, Cloud Clip, and Stock + Pro will each be available as a free download for 24 hours over the next three days. Chimp Studios offers a variety of software products and services to the Mac/iOS community. Read more [...]

-image-Ashlar-Vellum Releases Graphite v9 Beta

in the wee hours
Ashlar-Vellum today announces the beta release of Graphite version 9, their 2D/3D wireframe drafting program on both Mac and Windows. Graphite offers extremely powerful, precision drafting with elegant ease-of-use. It provides an interface that lets creative people get the job done without worrying about how to run their software. Graphite v9 includes an updated user interface with optionally larger text and new, easy to read icons, tool tips with click-through hyperlinks to documentation. Read more [...]

-image-Lightomania lights up the world – Global release of fun puzzle game

in the wee hours
Nravo Inc. today announces the release of Lightomania 1.0.1 for iOS, an update to their popular puzzle game previously published only on the Australian App Store. Featuring a duo of charming fuzzy characters, Lightomania includes 54 challenging levels in 3 packs of logical skills tasks. Users must obtain 3 lightnings in a set amount of jumps to collect their wings and proceed to the next pack. The game also includes colorful animations and the ability to send and receive challenges from friends. Read more [...]

-image-Quindo – The new on-the-go community for the curious

in the wee hours
Multinational team, Quindo AB today announces Quindo 1.0.1, their new social networking app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Quindo is an on-the-go, mobile community that allows users to ask and answer questions in short form, as well as pick up limitless new knowledge on the topics that pique their interests. Users are encouraged to ask and answer questions and are rewarded accordingly for both. The process of seeking and passing on knowledge are equally incentivized. Read more [...]