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-image-Hub: Home and Family Organizer Brings Shared Calendars and Lists Home

in the wee hours
Ironark today is proud to announce the updated Hub - Home & Family Organizer 1.0.33. Available for iOS and Android, Hub is the new app that keeps your home and family organized. Share calendars, lists, tasks and everything you need to stay organized. Couples, parents and entire families use Hub to manage their busy lives and keep things running smoothly. Hub syncs with your existing calendars and members of your hub can also send you important events that will get synced. Read more [...]

-image-7 PLANETS – Version 3.2 available on the Apple App Store

in the wee hours
Indie developers Mario Toma and Tomislav Puzak are proud to announce the updated 7 Planets 3.2 for iOS. The logic board game of rolling and matching wooden balls. The goal of the game is to match the colors of the balls with the colors on the board. But be aware, when one ball is moved, all the other balls in that row or column move with in until they have been stopped by a wall. A player has to restore order in as few moves and as quickly as possible to earn a high score. Read more [...]

-image-The Big Update of Dead Trigger 2 Released on App Store and Google Play

in the wee hours
Just in time for the Christmas Holidays, MADFINGER Games has released The Big Update for Dead Trigger 2 on App Store and Google Play. Two months after its initial release, the first person zombie shooter has gained more than 10M downloads. This special Christmas update brings with it many changes, new additions and anxiously awaited gadgets. MADFINGER Games has also released an update for the original Dead Trigger, the first title from its first person zombie series. Read more [...]

-image-Save the Cows Christmas Special

in the wee hours
Eco News today is proud to introduce Save The Cows Christmas Special 1.0 for iPad Save the cows, the environment, the world and Christmas all at the same time. All you have to do is burn the cow fart clouds as quick as you can. By doing so you help keep global warming and the aliens at bay. If it all sounds ridiculous your right. The game is infectious and is very funny. It is getting very good reviews in Australia from the first lucky users and people are sharing it via their social networks. Read more [...]

-image-Sound Siphon – Application audio as a microphone

in the wee hours
Static Z Software announces the release of Sound Siphon, a new way to capture application audio on your Mac. Sound Siphon is a software package that makes your Mac's audio output available as an audio input device. It enables you to send audio from one application to another where it can be processed, streamed, or recorded. It's as simple as selecting a microphone in your favorite app. Sound Siphon works with Core Audio to provide this capability to all of your audio apps. Read more [...]

-image-Year-End Sale: 25% off on all FileMaker Templates and Add-Ons

in the wee hours
SeedCode today is offering 25% off on all products through December 31 as part of their Year-End Sale. Some of SeedCode's newest products that are on sale include SeedCode Subscribe, GoZync, GoMaps and SeedCode Calendar. SeedCode's year-end sale is a chance for developers to start the new year with tools that will quickly add value and new features to their solutions. All SeedCode solutions are unlocked so users can not only link them to their own work, but can modify them as needs change. Read more [...]

-image-Xojo Announces Availability of Xojo 2013 Release 4

in the wee hours
Xojo today announced the immediate availability of Xojo 2013 Release 4, the faster development tool for web and desktop apps. Xojo is a multi-platform object-oriented application development tool that enables people to create high-quality, powerful and secure applications for the desktop, web, web-mobile, and soon, native mobile. Currently serving over 150,000 users worldwide, Xojo is the best environment for both professional developers and those who want to learn to program. Read more [...]

-image-Driving Reckless: Realistic Racing Physics Meets Endless Runner

in the wee hours
Indie game developer vidiludi is about to release its third mobile game Driving Reckless, while their first two games are about to hit the first million downloads. Available on December 25, 2013, Driving Reckless is a combination of hardcore racing physics and the well-known endless runner theme spiced with colorful cartoon graphics. Your mission is to escape from the police officer as long as possible. If you master your brake timing in tight bendings, you will be able to master this game. Read more [...]

-image-BGCJ Productions releases Will Crafter Lite 1.0 for iOS

in the wee hours
BGCJ Productions LLC introduces Will Crafter Lite 1.0 for iOS. This package incorporates all of the basic DIY components of WillCrafter for iPad. With consideration of state laws for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, WillCrafter Lite provides an easy to use format to write your own last will and testament. WillCrafter Lite is simple to use: you will enter data through a series of building blocks. WillCrafter compiles your information into your own fully editable will. Read more [...]

-image-Build Snow People With An App, Not Snow, This Winter

in the wee hours
There is no need to go outdoors this winter to build your snowman or snow-woman. Vivid Pixel Designs has released Snow Peeps 1.1, their holiday themed game for iOS devices. Snow Peeps brings the act of snow-person making indoors, and adds some friendly competition to the mix. Snow Peeps consists of up to 4 different gaming modes, including Snow Peeps, Lightning Round, Free Play and even Memory Peep. Snow Peeps is offered free of charge so you can try out the game and decide if you like it. Read more [...]

-image-Free Commander Compass App Updated for iOS 7, Adds More Maps

in the wee hours
UK based Happymagenta today announces Commander Compass 3.5, the compass app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini. Commander Compass is an essential GPS toolkit and navigation app, which free version is the most popular compass app in the iTunes Store under the Navigation category. It overlays compass bearing, coordinates, altitude, roll/pitch angles, speed, course, distance and directions to many targets at once over a live map, making the device a hi-tech military-grade gadget. Read more [...]

-image-Lemke Software Releases GraphicConverter 9 for Mac OS X

in the wee hours
Longtime Macintosh developer and publisher, Lemke Software GmbH today announces GraphicConverter 9, an important update to its popular image utility for Mac OS X. GraphicConverter is the ultimate tool for image conversion from more than 200 file formats and much more. Version 9 is fully compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks and, as well as enhancements to existing functionality, it comes with some new features like Non-destructive image editing and undo in the browser. Read more [...]

-image-ArtOptimizer for Adobe Illustrator Is Now Available on Adobe Exchange

in the wee hours
Zevrix Solutions announces that ArtOptimizer for Adobe Illustrator is now available on Adobe Exchange, a new Creative Cloud extension marketplace. It is available as a panel within a variety of CC and CS6 applications. The Adobe Exchange panel provides a new way to search, discover, and install plug-ins, extensions, and other content for Creative Suite products. ArtOptimizer is a workflow automation solution that reduces the size of Illustrator links and performs essential image adjustments. Read more [...]

-image-Billy: The Bill Samurai 1.0 – Your Samurai Friend to Splitting Your Bill

in the wee hours
Independent app developer, Mario Tan today introduces Billy: The Bill Samurai 1.0 for iOS, his new utility app that helps people split their bill. Split your bill within a minute. Designed to be simple, fast and easy-to-use, Billy: The Bill Samurai provides you with one simple screen where you can input all the necessary information required to split the bill. Users can easily generate a bill summary as well as share their bill summary through Email and SMS. Read more [...]

-image-Daily Couple Social Dating App Aims to Revolutionize Online Matchmaking

in the wee hours
Seoul based Heu World Inc. today announces Daily Couple - Mobile Dating 1.0.3, an update to its popular social networking app for iOS and Android. Daily Couple is a fun, safe and 100% free mobile dating service. Members can easily search friends by combination of location, age and interest. The Daily Best Match shows users their best match each day. Version 1.0.3 is now iOS7 compatibile, adds Japanese and Chinese languages and fixes minor bugs. Read more [...]