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-image-Australian Native Plant Guide app for iPad

in the wee hours
Melbourne based Native Growth introduces Native Plant Guide HD 1.0, a special version just for iPad devices. The Native Plant Guide is an invaluable resource and companion for the nature lover, farmer, nursery worker and gardener. It is designed to give the user a deep appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of native Australian flora, and a clear understanding of how to go about selecting, preparing, caring for, and maintaining these plants to ensure maximum survival. Read more [...]

-image-New Alphabetizing app by Mobile Montessori for the Apple iPad

in the wee hours
Michigan based Mobile Montessori announces Alphabetizing - A Montessori Approach to Language 1.2, its new addition to their Montessori series of apps for iPad. Help children to learn the order of the alphabet with three unique activities. This app offers a fun and educational activity for children to gain practice identifying the letters of the alphabet and placing them in alphabetical order. Both, uppercase and lowercase activities are included. Read more [...]

-image-Melesta Games launches puzzle game Freeze U for iOS

in the wee hours
Melesta Games has launched Freeze U, a new matching puzzle game for iOS devices. This colorful, dynamic game is set deep in the Earth, where cute elemental creatures are in danger of freezing unless players can line them up in rows to provide life-saving warmth! The game supports a duel mode, which allows iOS gamers to compete with other people who are playing the same game. Freeze U is available for download now from the Apple App Store. Read more [...] Announces Indie Mac Bundle

in the wee hours is pleased to announce the Indie Mac Bundle, a one-of-a-kind compilation of 10 amazing Indie Mac games (developed by independant game developers) for just $19.95. The bundle, available exclusively at, is available now, Friday, December 27th and ends January 5th, 2014. Bought seperately, the 10 games would cost over $100 but through the bundle, users can save over 80 percent off the regular price. Read more [...]

-image-Enjoy creating mind maps of any size with Dream X

in the wee hours
Do you need 5 ideas or 500 ideas in your perfect mind map? Synaptic Wave today is proud to introduce Dream-X 1.0 for iPad. If you've got Dream X, you are able to create an effective mind map no matter what its size is. Note a few quick and simple ideas to keep track of a daily briefing. Make a more complex map with color-coded branches and various illustrations for a more challenging task, such as designing an app. With Dream X any mind map will look fabulous and help you be productive. Read more [...]

-image-New Walt Disney World iPhone App Guides Park Guests Into the New Year

in the wee hours
The powerful new Walt Disney World Guide 5.0 app for the iPad and iPhone gives guests all the trip-planning and in-park tools they need for one of the highest visitation periods of the year, the weeks spanning Christmas and New Years. Widely recognized as one of the most complete apps available for Walt Disney World Resort, the Walt Disney World Guide 5.0 features over 300 pages of up-to-date information in over 30 different categories, all with more than 750 original high-quality photos. Read more [...]

-image-A huge Christmas sale from Realore on the App Store

in the wee hours
This winter holiday season, Realore announces a huge sale on all its latest time-management titles for all iOS devices. When in Rome, a freshly released title that tells a story of a former Roman soldier Flavius. Northern Tale is a title that follows a story of the viking king Ragnar traveling across his kingdom. Island Tribe 4 is the latest installment of a fan-favorite series available on the iOS. Every casual strategy game released in 2013 is on sale from December 21st till December 29th. Read more [...]

-image-Christmas update for Farm Up showers players with presents

in the wee hours
With Christmas at the door everything gets a little bit better. So does Farm UP - a casual agricultural simulation game from Realore studios. With the latest update players will be able to adorn buildings with holiday-themed decorations. But Christmas would not be Christmas if there were no presents. That is why Realore added a Christmas tree that gives the players in-game gifts every day during the holidays. The feature will be available for the players of all levels for a limited time only. Read more [...]

-image-UppyPix … Share Life As It Happens

in the wee hours
Dash Technologies, LLC today announces UppyPix 1.9, their popular social networking app for iOS and Android. Easily publish and share photos during any live event or experience and stream your images in real time to an online gallery. With the UppyPix app, you can snap and view photos of sporting events, parties, hangouts, Craigslist, Ebay, feeding your cat, or just about anything you can imagine; as it's happening. Pictures are automatically published to your photo feed and available instantly. Read more [...]

-image-Get Beauty Pop and Name Hundreds of Beautiful Women

in the wee hours
Virginia based ICON, LLC today introduces Beauty Pop Pro 1.0, its new game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Images of beautiful women surround us in our society, in movies, on TV, and in magazines. How many can you recognize? Get Beauty Pop now and start naming your way through hundreds of the most beautiful women in the world in four packs: Actress, Singer, Supermodel and Timeless. Climb yourself up the global leaderboard of Beauty Pop Pro on Game Center. Read more [...]

-image-Think you could save the world using a Museums app for iPhone and iPad?

in the wee hours
5000 years of human history will soon be extinct. That is, if we don't learn about it now. iPhoneGameZone announces World Museums 3.0 for iOS, an app that brings the most exciting set of Museums from across the world at your fingertips. The source of this data is Wikipedia, but the presentation is quite like a Museum. Leisurely read about them, browse their websites, browse their flickr collections, share them with your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter, all on your iPhone and iPad. Read more [...]

-image-Alternative iOS music player receives major usability update

in the wee hours
Musio 2.0, an iOS music player, receives its first major update focused on design and usability. Musio is a new take on the iOS music player. Not only in terms of design and gesture-based interaction, but also functionality-wise. Musio leverages the iTunes music library that's already on your phone. The most important feature is the ability to manage a Queue, a highly demanded feature since iTunes received 'Up Next' on desktop years ago. Queue up or easily organize your music with Playlists. Read more [...]

-image-The Pyramid Puzzle 1.1 for iOS – Innovative 3D Triangular Pyramid Puzzle

in the wee hours
Unicorn Promotions Limited announces The Pyramid Puzzle 1.1, an update to their fun-to-play game title for iOS devices. A young Pharaoh has created an innovative 3D Triangular pyramid with nine uniquely patterned tiles on each face. The objective of the game is to place the tiles on the board so that the pattern on each of its sides matches the pattern of the surrounding tiles. Colorful graphics make the puzzle fun and easy to play but require skill to progress through the levels. Read more [...]

-image-4 New Rhymes Added in Nursery Rhymes App for Kids for iPad, iPhone

in the wee hours
Internet Design Zone today announces Nursery Rhymes For Kids 3.0, an update to their popular and entertaining educational app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Nursery Rhymes For Kids has been a favorite with kids ages 0-4 years around the world, receiving 66 four star and 115 five star ratings since it has been published. Now featuring 10 nursery rhymes in all, version 3.0 adds four new nursery rhymes, including Humpty Dumpty, Wheels on the Bus, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Little Miss Muffet. Read more [...]

-image-My iStory mobile app debuts significant iOS update

in the wee hours
Mobile apps developer, Apps Made Easy today announces My iStory 2.0, a significant update to their popular lifestyle app developed for iOS devices. My iStory is a mobile time capsule which allows users to record the happenings of their daily life via journal entries, photos, videos and music. Users can also share their memories with friends and family privately, create eBooks and slideshows using own music. Redesigned from the ground-up for iOS 7, version 2.0 features significant improvements. Read more [...]