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-image-Philly Game Studio FishPotato Games Reveals Disco Dogs: Coming in August

in the wee hours
FishPotato Games is excited to reveal "Disco Dogs," a brand new puzzle game launching this August on the App Store. Four heroes will try to light up the dance floor and become ultimate champions. Along the way, fun puzzles, challenges, blocked tiles and more will get in their way & will light up the night in attempts to thwart the plans of an unknown enemy. Disco Dogs has numerous levels with stars that count towards achievements and the global leaderboard. Read more [...]

-image-Jet Privilege and Magzter award flyers with 2000* JetPrivilege Miles

in the wee hours
The world's largest and fastest growing global digital newsstand and book store, Magzter extends its reading experience further with more benefits to Jet's Privilege members. The successful JetPrivilege and Magzter partnership continues to grow stronger with its newest initiative. Subscribing to or purchasing your favorite digital magazines on Magzter for INR 2500 will fetch you a whopping 2000 JetPrivilege Miles. To sweeten the deal, 20 lucky winners chosen will win 1500 Bonus JPMiles each. Read more [...]

-image-Readdle celebrates its 7th Birthday with up to 70% Sale

in the wee hours
Today Readdle celebrates 7 years of providing great productivity apps for iPad and iPhone. This year was very productive for the team of over 50, who worked day and night and crossed another milestones in Readdle's history: 240% annual growth of downloads and 33 million installs during the whole 7 year period. In celebration, all Readdle apps will be available with up to 70% sale price and this offer is valid 48 hours only. Read more [...]

-image-Weight Lifting Videos iPhone App Organizes Top YouTube Workout Tutorials

in the wee hours
Dekiru Studios, LLC announces Weight Lifting Videos, their new app for working out. The goal of Weight Lifting Videos is to provide users with the very best workout tutorials for each and every muscle group. Weight Lifting Videos seeks to do this by sifting through the many workout tutorials on YouTube and only picking out the best of the best. Those videos are then sorted by muscle group and ranked by quality. Features include a 'Trending' tab and a 'Favorites' tab. Read more [...]

-image-TechCamera Creates Tags For Quick Sharing and Enhances Photo Memories

in the wee hours
SpicyKey announces TechCamera for iOS. Taking pictures with the app is simple, and the photos can be saved either without or without tags as the user pleases. TechCamera will not only tag the photo with text, it will additionally store the tags in the conventional photo metadata. Featuring many styles, fonts, positioning options, and sizes, tags are not only effective but attractive, making the photos fun to share. Read more [...]

-image-Battle Pet Galaxy – Save the world with your pet as the main character

in the wee hours
Have you ever thought your pets could save the world? Now they can get in the game. Independent developer, Kevin Kazmierczak, announces Battle Pet Galaxy, an iOS game where you create the main character with your own photos. Choose a helmet and fly through space avoiding the many types of obstacles and enemies that the evil Space Bunny throws at you. It could be asteroids, cats in spaceships, or even dogs with rocket packs! Read more [...]

-image-Letter Storm Hits the Apple Store Like a Hurricane

in the wee hours
Mobile app developer and publisher, Mega-Prompt introduces Letter Storm 1.0, their new game title for iOS devices. This game is a true test of how quickly your mind functions under pressure. Race against the clock to assemble words as letter tiles rain down onto the screen. Featuring 48 levels of pure enjoyment, Letter Storm challenges you to complete a new objective before you can move to the next one. Play through new obstacles as you encounter tiles that freeze time or explode. Read more [...]

-image-Driftback: View Memories in One Place with unique iOS Photo-frame App

in the wee hours
Independent developer Harry Huang today introduces Driftback, a new iPhone and iPad app that integrates and displays all of users' photos, statuses and other memories from their device and social network accounts in one simple, beautiful layout. With the rise of smartphones and social media, Driftback aims to make it extremely easy for people to relive past memories at any place, at any time. Each memory is shown with the date, and if available, location details and any headings or titles. Read more [...]

-image-iDraw 2.4.1 adds Swift language export and support for Plug-ins

in the wee hours
California based Indeeo today announces iDraw 2.4.1, adding two powerful new features to the popular Mac design and illustration application. A new Swift language export feature can be used to convert app design mockups, buttons, and icons directly into native Swift drawing code, useable in both Mac and iOS projects. Version 2.4.1 also adds the ability to create and run custom plug-in scripts; enabling users to automate previously time-consuming tasks with only a few lines of code. Read more [...]

-image-Mind Mapping app with a Unique Map Visualizer – Mind Tree for iOS

in the wee hours
i2e Consulting today announces Mind Tree 1.2 for iOS, a mind mapping app to build and visualize ideas and concepts. Starting from a central topic, quickly branch out to sub topics in a organized and structured manner. Take notes, add links and images as you evolve your concept. The complete map gives a informative overview and provides key insights into the way your central topic has evolved. The app's unique Visualizer mode is a interactive graphical representation of your entire map. Read more [...]

-image-Boj – The Collector book app now available on iPhone

in the wee hours
Box of Frogs Media today announces Boj - The Collector 1.1, part of the acclaimed Boj book app series read by Jason Donovan. Boj is a free-spirited bilby, a rare bandicoot from the Australian Outback, full of creativity and messy fun. Everyone loves his zest for life and adventurous spirit. The Boj series is a celebration of childhood. Boj shows us all how to loosen up, be free-thinking, creative, pro-active and resourceful - and ultimately how to put aside our differences and all get along. Read more [...]

-image-Super Heavy Sword by Monster Robot Studios now on iOS and Android

in the wee hours
Monster Robot Studios today introduces Super Heavy Sword 0.0.1 for iOS, the sequel to Heavy Sword which has over half a million downloads across all devices. Super Heavy Sword takes all the platforming and swordplay acton that fans loved about the first game and cranks it to eleven more levels, more bosses, more extras, and more. Explore a massive world with tons to discover. Take control of Pike or Princess Lucinda and set out to rescue the King's 5 kids from those pesky Goblins and Orcs. Read more [...]

-image-Israel-based 3D artist develops game app for kids below 7 years

in the wee hours
Israel-based 3D artist, animator and app developer, Yuval Hazan announces MonsterPet 1.1 for iOS, a game app that promotes responsibility by teaching children how to take care of a virtual pet. The app involves a monster-like pet that the user has to feed and take care of on a daily basis. This includes daily chores and entertaining the monster. Despite its name, the pet is not programmed to perform typical monster-like behavior. Instead, it acts much like a regular household pet. Read more [...]

-image-Reading Magic For iOS from Preschool University

in the wee hours
Preschool University today releases a huge update for READING MAGIC for iOS. This app provides practice in reading 3-letter words. It is designed to enhance phonological awareness through learning games using sounds, pictures, and letters. The app has three games in one app. This app provides children the opportunity to blend letter sounds they hear to make words, segment words they hear into their component sounds and to read complete words. Read more [...]

-image-New Note Taking App Features Swipe-to-Move Cursor – Letterspace 1.0.1

in the wee hours
Independent developer Sittipon Simasanti today introduces Letterspace, his exciting new text editor for iOS devices. Letterspace is a note taking app with an innovative swipe-to-move cursor bar that allows the user to easily edit text. With the ability to sync with iCloud, Letterspace automatically updates between devices. Users can organize their notes with hashtags and create to-do lists. Customizable fonts and color themes are also available for an additional in-app purchase. Read more [...]