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-image-Maintain Releases Cocktail 7.6.2 (Mavericks Edition)

in the wee hours
Maintain has released Cocktail 7.6.2 (Mavericks Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X Mavericks. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Macs. This version contains improvements on the 'Clear Adobe Flash Player cookies' procedure and fixes compatibility issues with EtreCheck. Cocktail also comes with an automatic Pilot mode that allows you to simply press a button, knowing that the app will take care of the rest. Read more [...]

-image-CS Odessa Updates ConceptDraw Applications to Support OS X Yosemite

in the wee hours
Following the major software update of Apple OS X Yosemite, CS Odessa has released updates for its ConceptDraw productivity programs for Mac. ConceptDraw PRO v10 includes the ability to import and export Visio 2013 native file format. ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 also has undergone changes to make it a best in class mind mapping and productivity tool. The dynamic troika of ConceptDraw products are premier software tools in use around the world. Read more [...]

-image-BatchOutput for Microsoft Word Now Supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

in the wee hours
Zevrix Solutions today announces BatchOutput DOC 2.3.2, a compatibility update to its output automation solution for Microsoft Word on Mac OS X. BatchOutput automates printing and exporting of multiple documents to PDF, and allows to carry out powerful professional PDF production directly from Word, eliminating the need for time consuming post-processing. The new version makes BatchOutput DOC compatible with the recently released Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Read more [...]

-image-Blue Whale Apps and NACD Release Cognition Coach iPad App

in the wee hours
The National Association for Child Development and Blue Whale Apps announced today the release of a new iPad app, the first in a series created to develop and build basic cognitive abilities. "Cognition Coach-NACD Simply Smarter for Toddlers to 3 Years" is designed to help establish the foundation for both typical and special needs children that develops their short term and working memories--basic keys to language development, learning, and thought. Read more [...]

-image-The First Global Referendum on Mobile

in the wee hours
Independent deveoper, Michael Galperin announces his new app, Referendum where people vote and their voices are heard. It is an interactive game where everyone can vote for specific world regions whether they should stay in their current countries or to be separated from them. Referendum for iOS is a unique opportunity to express your own opinion concerning current political problems. The new update includes improved app design and UI and voting can be added to one's Favorites. Read more [...]

-image-Canada’s ANNA Magazine expands its global digital presence with Magzter

in the wee hours
ANNA is North America's premium food & lifestyle magazine, with a homemaker's voice to food and entertaining. This elegantly presented quarterly will now delight foodies all over the world as it becomes available on Magzter, the world's largest and fastest growing global digital multi-platform newsstand and magazine store. Each issue is designed to complement the other, collectively forming a library of inspiration in the kitchen and home. Read more [...]

-image-XChange US launches new website, name and company identity

in the wee hours
ThePowerXChange is excited to announce the launch of their new website. In conjuction with the launch of the new site, ThePowerXChange has changed their company name to XChange US to align their identity and mission more closely to their affiliate company in the UK - XChange UK. Since 1992, they have offered proven products that provided users time-saving features as well as additional design options. The new site goes live today, November 1, 2014. Read more [...]

-image-Pro Altimeter – Barometric Altimeter App for iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Air 2

in the wee hours
Virginia based Hunter Research and Technology today introduces Pro Altimeter 1.0, a new barometric altimeter app for the iPhone 6/6+ and iPad Air 2. Pro Altimeter has a simple interface based on the design of pocket altimeters and wrist altimeters used by explorers and outdoor adventurers. The app offers multiple calibration modes including the import of METAR data from airports within 100 miles (160km) of the user's location anywhere in the world. Read more [...]

-image-Finger Rodeo – Free iOS Game

in the wee hours
Eerie Studios today announces the release and immediate availablity of Finger Rodeo for iOS. Finger Rodeo is free and available on all iOS devices running iOS 7 or later. The basic idea behind Finger Rodeo is to keep your finger inside a circle that constantly moves, rotates and changes size and speed. It is simple enough to attract younger players, but equally fun for older folk. Finger Rodeo is a simple game, but it has been perfected from audio and graphics to the core gameplay. Read more [...]

-image-SoundSoap 4: New Version Adds Powerful New Cleaning Capabilities

in the wee hours
Audio technology company, Soundness today announces SoundSoap 4, an update to their award-winning audio noise reduction software for Mac and Windows. SoundSoap solves audio noise problems like unwanted hiss and background noises, clicks, pops, crackles, electrical hum, rumble, clipping, and low volume. It works as a standalone app or as an audio software plug-in for use in popular applications. This new version of the venerable SoundSoap software adds several important new features. Read more [...]

-image-WHOO is a Fun New App to Send Anonymous Messages to Facebook Friends

in the wee hours
WHOO is a new messenger for iOS that let users send and receive fun and anonymous texts, photos and voices messages with their Facebook friends. Users start by shaking their phone to choose a disguise among the cute and fun animal avatars. The game is that everyone has a chance to guess the true identities of their anonymous friends. The new messenger has a variety of special features including hilarious voice changers and photo filters to keep photos mysterious and fun. Read more [...]

-image-Bloom College Teaches Floristry with Recipe Cards and Video Tutorials

in the wee hours
Ideal for both hobbyists and those who want to enter the world of professional floristry, Bloom College 1.1 is perfect for anyone who wants to take their love of working with flowers to the next level. Developed by award-winning florist Yvette Timmins, Bloom College uses step-by-step recipe cards and video tutorials to help students create fundamental arrangements, as well as learn key floristry basics. There are 10 classes in total, and students can re-take any classes as often as they wish. Read more [...]

-image-Yosemite Server – Foundation Services, Available in iBooks Store

in the wee hours
Carbon Technologies, LLC today introduces Yosemite Server - Foundation Services, written by Reid Bundonis and available exclusively in the Apple iBooks Store. The essential field guide for Mac system administrators and home enthusiasts alike, Yosemite Server - Foundation Services is a procedural deployment guide to ensure Yosemite Server is built properly from the ground up. Readers are able to follow detailed real world deployment examples that can easily be replicated on their own networks. Read more [...]