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-image-Veggoagogo: New App Release Gives Confidence to the Vegetarian Traveller

in the wee hours
Helsinki-based 2camels Publishing today announces the launch of Veggoagogo 1.0, a travel translation app for vegetarians, available on the iOS platform. The app addresses many of the needs that the travelling vegetarian faces on a daily basis, from locating a restaurant, choosing suitable items from the menu and more. The user simply chooses a question from Veggoagogo, then selects the appropriate language and taps the translate button. Read more [...]

-image-Fortune India is Now available on Magzter

in the wee hours
The world's largest and fastest growing global digital multi-platform newsstand and magazine store, Magzter welcomes Fortune India. The mgazine is the only truly global business magazine dedicated to the global success of Indian business leaders, offering actionable insights to propel their businesses. Fortune 500 is perhaps the best-known brand in business journalism and the ultimate hallmark of corporate success. Read more [...]

-image-Let’s Fold Receives Global K-Start-Up Award for Innovative Gaming App

in the wee hours
The unique "paper folding game without the paper," Let's Fold from Five Thirty was awarded third place in the Global K-startup program. K-startup is a start-up accelerator in Korea that has partnered with Google as a non-profit organization that focuses on incubating app developers and start-ups. The game offers users the experience of the classic origami art, reimagined as colorful puzzles. New chapters with different pictures and themes are released periodically as updates. Read more [...]

-image-PDF PROvider 4.0 Brings Web Extension, Improves User Experience

in the wee hours
DAR Software today announced the release of PDF PROvider 4.0 the major upgrade of their power PDF processor for iPhones and iPads. Among others, the major upgrade adds web extension and makes the app run smoothly on iOS 8 the latest release of the Apple mobile operating system. The app offers a broad range of editing capabilities including complete annotation tools. Version 4.0 has become critical for iPhone users and marks the new milestone in the application's life cycle. Read more [...]

-image-Children with autism can use their own voices in communication aid app

in the wee hours
London based app developers Therapy Box released a major update to ChatAble allowing people to replace generic text to speech, with their own voices, or the voice of a peer. This latest release contains the innovative integration of ModelTalker. The app also includes new voices for added choice of quality voices and Skype integration to aid connectivity. ChatAble is available in a range of languages and is an essential aid for people with speech and language difficulties. Read more [...]

-image-BatchOutput for Microsoft PowerPoint Is Now Available on Mac App Store

in the wee hours
Toronto based Zevrix Solutions announces that BatchOutput PPT, its output automation solution for Microsoft PowerPoint, is now available on Mac App Store. BatchOutput automates printing of multiple documents and allows to carry out professional PDF production directly from PowerPoint, eliminating the need for time consuming post-processing. In addition to batch printing users can optimize PDF files for various target devices, apply variable file names and protect PDF against unauthorized use. Read more [...]

-image-Drawtopia – A Journey Through Colour

in the wee hours
The smash hit Windows Phone puzzle game is now available for iPhone and iPad. UK based Super Smith Bros today introduces Drawtopia 1.2.1, its new game title for iOS devices. Drawtopia is stylish physics puzzle game where you draw the solution, journey through 4 coloured rooms and the rainbow as you solve devious puzzles and challenges. Each room contains a new trap mechanic to keep things fresh whether it be portals, gravity reverse or thumping pistons. Read more [...]

-image-Cranial Ultrasound – a neonatal quiz for healthcare professionals

in the wee hours
UK based Polwarth Medical announces Cranial Ultrasound for iPhone and Android, a fun and educational quiz app that helps medical professionals brush up on their neonatal cranial ultrasound interpretation skills. With over 50 real clinical cases and over 250 high-quality images, the app tests the user's skills at identifying a huge range of cases. The app also includes a detailed tutorial to introduce the user to cranial ultrasounds before they begin tackling the cases. Read more [...]

-image-Awaken 6 for Mac updated for Yosemite and iTunes 12

in the wee hours
Embraceware Software today announces Awaken 6.0 for Mac. This major new version was visually redesigned and updated for Yosemite and iTunes 12. Awaken turns your Mac in the ultimate music alarm clock and sleep timer. The application supports multiple timers with sorting and labeling and can even launch applications or files. Users can select from over a dozen built-in sounds. Fall asleep to your music as well as gradually fade out the music volume and screen brightness. Read more [...]

-image-FishPotato Games Announces Closed Beta for New Game, Sweet Revenge

in the wee hours
Philadelphia based FishPotato Games is proud to announce the closed beta for Sweet Revenge, their next major game release for iOS. Sweet Revenge chronicles the adventure of Mack Masher, an 80's action movie star as he seeks vengeance against the candy that killed his best friend. To sign up for the beta, visit Sweet Revenge online and fill out the beta form. As another option, this beta will be running through iBetaTest, a platform that provides an informed and experienced pool of testers. Read more [...]