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-image-Parental Control – Make the iPhone and iPad Secure for Kids

in the wee hours
Blue Eyes Innovation LLC announces the release of Parental Control - Make web browsing easy and safe for kids 1.0, their app that makes iOS devices safe and secured for kids. Download this comprehensive content blocker before putting an iPhone, iPad or iPod into a child's hand. This blocker will activate Parental Control on Safari, blocking ads, user tracking, and a large number of adult sites. The app also reduces monthly data charges by blocking incoming media. Read more [...]

-image-myTuner Radio’s Free Universal App is Launched Today for Apple TV

in the wee hours
The myTuner Radio team announces myTuner Radio 4.2.2, an important update to their premium mobile and desktop radio streaming app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and Windows. myTuner Radio was launched today as a universal app for the new Apple TV! The myTuner Radio team is extremely proud to, once again, be among the first movers when it comes to new technology. Users can listen to 30,000 radio stations, 1 million podcasts and much more for free. Read more [...]

-image-Pangea Software Announces Game Lineup for tvOS with 3DTV Support

in the wee hours
Pangea Software announces the release of five games for the Apple TV and tvOS: Air Wings, Bugdom 2, Otto Matic, Nanosaur 2, and Nucleus. All of the games have the capability of playing in 3D on any HDTV which is 3DTV capable. Additionally, all of the games are Game Controller compatible, so they can be played with either the Siri Remote or with any tvOS compatible Gamepad. Pangea promises to bring more of their iOS game lineup to tvOS in the near future. Read more [...]

-image-App Game Kit 2 Key Release

in the wee hours
The Game Creators today released App Game Kit Version 2.0.15. This significant key release adds many new features including animated 3D features, Bullet physics support and Assimp 3D model format importing. AppGameKit is available for both Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and apps can be deployed cross platform including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mac and Linux. The pay once, royalty free price also drops down to an even more affordable $79. Read more [...]

-image-Jumpy Horse Breeding 1.0 – New Equine Game for iPad and iPhone

in the wee hours
Internet Reshenia LLC today announces Jumpy Horse Breeding 1.0, their new equine breeding game for iOS devices. This app allows users to create customized horses from 9 breeds and compete in virtual world horse show. There are several beautiful scenes in the game. The game offers vivid graphics and realistic animations, 45 unique horses, customization of horses via painting and sculpting, horse shows, shareable pictures, and more. Read more [...]

-image-newMacgadgets Introduces The iPad mini Counter And Wall Mounts

in the wee hours
newMacgadgets today introduces secure all-acrylic displays for the new iPad mini. Designed with style and function in mind, the new iPad mini Retail Counter-Top Base offers a clean, sleek design, with all the safeguards needed to display the iPad Mini in a open environment. The new iPad mini Wall Mount Frame complements newMacgadgets best selling iPad Wall Mount Display. Both are made with clear acrylic and are ideal display for retailers, kiosks, conference rooms, hotels, schools and much more. Read more [...]

-image-PlayToddlers releases My First Words for iPad and iPhone

in the wee hours
Madrid based PlayToddlers today introduces My First Words 1.0, their new children's puzzle game developed exclusively for iOS devices. Designed in collaboration with psychologists and educators, My First Words was specifically designed for toddlers +12 months old who are learning to speak. The app teaches them how to say the name of common objects that surround them. The game includes 14 boards with different themes containing more than 120 words of their environment to learn. Read more [...]

-image-Cosmos – Infinite Space coming to iOS and tvOS on October 30th, 2015

in the wee hours
Alexander Repty today announces the upcoming release of Cosmos - Infinite Space, one of the first game titles for the new Apple TV. Cosmos - Infinite Space is an arcade-style vertically scrolling space shooter, a reminder of the gameplay of the 70s and early 80s, coupled with modern technology to create an immersive gaming experience. It combines the randomness of Asteroids with the core gameplay of Galaga to entice players to reach for an always higher score. Available on October 30th. Read more [...]

-image-Horizon for iOS – Introducing filter packs

in the wee hours
Horizon Video Technologies today unveils Horizon Camera 3.5, an important update of its flagship iOS app. Horizon lets anyone record horizontal videos regardless of the device's orientation. Users can choose among more than 25 filters that apply cinematic quality color grading and enable selective color photography. The latest update enables 4K recording and 3D Touch for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices and contains numerous improvements across the board. Read more [...]

-image-Shoplog 2.5 Advanced Shopping Assistance Services

in the wee hours
Bluewave Solutions today announces Shoplog 2.5 for iOS, developed to help shoppers during shopping seasons and general shopping occasions to maximize their shopping experience. When users find something that they like, they Snap it, Log it, Compare it & Buy it. All these actions are the main ingredients to the Shoplog application. ShopLog represents a new system for comparison shopping engines, and originated from the passion of the shopping hunt for the perfect cloth, or the missing furniture. Read more [...]

-image-New iOS App Helps Doctors Apply the Concepts of Mechanical Ventilation

in the wee hours
First Draught Press today announces The Ventilator App, their new medical app for iOS devices. The Ventilator App is a clinical decision support tool designed to aid medical professionals in providing mechanical ventilation to treat patients with respiratory failure. The app was developed by William Owens, MD. Dr. Owens is a specialist in Critical Care Medicine and is an Associate Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Read more [...]

-image-Halloween iPhone Favorite, Horror Stories, Sounds And Pranks, Is Free

in the wee hours
Trick or Treat? Definitely a treat! App Store favorite, 200+ Horror Stories, Sounds And Pranks for iPhone is now free for a limited time in the spirit of Halloween! Packed with features, the app gives you more than some of the scariest stories of all time. It immerses you into a frighteningly fun experience with over 40 haunting sounds, pranks you can play on your friends and yourself, spooky animations, plus horrifyingly hilarious surprises all designed to make your hair stand on end. Read more [...]

-image-Red Giant Releases Trapcode Suite 13

in the wee hours
Portland based Red Giant announced today the release of Trapcode Suite 13, an upgrade to the industry's most essential tools for creating motion graphics and visual effects in Adobe After Effects. In addition to major updates to Trapcode Particular, Shine and Mir, the epic release introduces Trapcode Tao, a brand new plugin for generating 3D geometries along a path. The update also includes new features in Trapcode Form, Sound Keys and Starglow. Read more [...]

-image-MetalGL Now Supports OSX for Low-latency OpenGL ES Rendering Using Metal

in the wee hours
The Brenwill Workshop Ltd. announced that they have added support for OS X to their MetalGL product, which seamlessly brings the performance of Metal to OpenGL ES games and applications on iOS, and now OS X. MetalGL unleashes the power of Metal's low-latency rendering to let OpenGL ES games and applications perform up to 3x the number of draw calls, and benefit from the advanced tools available for the Metal development ecosystem, all without changing the way the game or app use OpenGL ES. Read more [...]

-image-New Spelling App TurboWords Allows Fast Recording of School Words

in the wee hours
Perdrix Apps today introduces TurboWords 1.0, their new spelling app released exclusively for iOS devices. In TurboWords, students record words given at school, and then play them back in a spelling test. All the words can be recorded in one stretch - It takes barely a minute to record 20 words. There are a variety of options, including one to have the app pronounce the sound of the word as it is typed. A progress bar and a word count show indication of how far the student is. Read more [...]