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-image-Improving your Mac’s Colour

in the wee hours
Managing Colour Have you ever printed a colour image and wondered why it didn't look quite right? That deep blue sky with distant hills and forests looked so good on the monitor... is what you see never what you get? Full article Improving your Apple Mac's colour PDF Link Read more [...] : Fools at work in the Canadian Govt.

in the wee hours During a late 2005 NHL Hockey game, it was alleged that Phoenix Coyotes forward Shane Doan directed an anti-French remark at the referee of that particular game. After an investigation by the NHL, Doan's name was cleared. Nearly a year and a half later, Doan is the captain of Team Canada at the World Hockey Championships. Amazingly on May 1 all four of Canada's political parties supported a motion in a session of the Canadian House of Commons requiring Hockey Canada to appear before Read more [...]

-image-Optimizing AirPort Connectivity

in the wee hours
Interference. It’s the biggest problem these days with wireless ethernet and it will kill the speed of your connection. A 54Mb connection is capable of 6.9MB/s at 100% performance. You won’t see 100% performance. You’ll be lucky to see 90% (6.2MB/s). But after cleaning up much of the interference with my base stations, I did see 56% of maximum two rooms over...... Read more from Mac Geekery Read more [...]

-image-Making An XP Full Install Disc From An XP Upgrade Disc

in the wee hours

If you only have an “Upgrade CD” of Windows XP Home, you can try and make a custom install cd with the required Win98 verification files.

Then use it to install XP with the Boot Camp software.

Note, XP Home may not be fully compliant with the dual core processor.

Get the link HERE

-image-Install XP on your Intel iMac VIDEO

in the wee hours

Here you go:

Download Video

-image-Avoid a kernel panic with the D-Link DWL122 adapter

in the wee hours

Avoid a kernel panic with the D-Link DWL122 adapter: “The D-link DWL 122 seems to very buggy drivers on OS X: when you unplug it while your Mac is on, it often crashes with a kernel panic. How can you avoid that?

Go to your System Preferences, then Network, then click Show and …”

(Via Mac OS X Hints.)

-image-Disable the iWeb ‘Buy .Mac’ splash screen

in the wee hours

Disable the iWeb ‘Buy .Mac’ splash screen: “Last night a Macworld reader emailed me, asking how he could get rid of the ‘Buy .Mac’ splash screen that shows every time he launches iWeb. I hadn’t ever seen this screen, as I do have a .Mac account. So I blanked my account…”

(Via Mac OS X Hints.)

-image-macosxhints – A simple fix for sound output issues

in the wee hours
macosxhints - A simple fix for sound output issues: "My 2GHz iMac G5 (now pretty worthtless, compared to the new Intel iMacs) has been giving me some problems with sound playback. This has been occuring only with certain applications, such as Quick Time Player, Windows Media Player, and even iChat would stop playing sounds every now and then. I got irked the other morning when I wanted to watch his Steveness from San Francisco via the QuickTime stream. So I looked around, and, lo and behold, there Read more [...]

-image-10.4: How to boot an Intel Mac from an external drive

in the wee hours

10.4: How to boot an Intel Mac from an external drive: “If you’ve got an Intel Mac, the process for getting it to boot from an external FireWire drive is different than it is for a PowerPC Mac — an Intel boot drive requires a different partition scheme than does a PowerPC boot dr…”

(Via Mac OS X Hints.)

-image-Nakfull Propaganda

in the wee hours
Nakfull Propaganda: Entering the EFI menu on Intel based iMacs I figured out a way to get in to the EFI menu on the new Intel iMac. I was attempting to install Vista, which did not work. As I discovered from poking around in the EFI there is no support for UDF or El Torito volumes. It seems only GPT and APM is supported. Writing a driver for EFI to support UDF should be easy enough for someone who knows how, one might even exist already. I'm going to give step-by-step instructions for getting in Read more [...]

-image-Trouble Shooting Sites

in the wee hours
Macintosh Information Troubleshooting ACS Data Recovery - hard drive crash? "no data, no charge" promise, if we are unable to recover at least some of the data you are looking for, then you pay nothing AllExperts MacOS - free Macintosh experts answer your questions via email! DataLeach Hard Drive Recovery - offers drive repair services and solutions for data recovery from hard drive crashes DTIdata - hard drive and data recovery services Focus on Mac Support @ Read more [...]