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The Snugg iPad 2 Black Leather case and keyboard review

A debate can be had on whether or not you need a keyboard as an accessory with an iPad. recently I’ve had the luxury of testing a bluetooth keyboard/iPad case from Snugg. On first impressions the quality and stiching of the case is very good. Seems are well aligned and the method in which the iPad is secured is top notch. The keys on the keyboard provide enough tactile feel to prevent error when typing and the pairing of the Bluetooth 3.0 is accomplished with the push of a button. Charging Read more [...]

Spring BundleHunt offering!!

in the early afternoon
This is the Seventh bundle we are offering, the Spring Bundle includes the latest releases of 7 Mac apps, which have a total retail value of over $370 – but are available from March 5 to March 23 on for the insanely low price of $49.99USD. That's a discount of 87 percent. Apps included: RapidWeaver 5, MotionComposer, FX Photo Studio Pro, Fantastical, ExpanDrive, KeyCue, IconBox 2 If you are interested i can send you a bundle for your review. The bundle Read more [...]

19 & 20 Year Olds Launch a Photo Messaging App to Complete Your Moments

around lunchtime
California based Mento, Inc. today introduces Mento 1.0 for iOS, its new mobile application built to take advantage of the hardware shift occurring in smartphones. Mento combines this with a popular and contemporary method of sharing. Users take a photo with the back camera of their surroundings and what they see and another with the front camera, a selfie. Both images are seamlessly stitched together, the user then sets a timer, adds an optional caption and sends the Mento to a friend or a few. Read more [...]

Cut Me Out pro – Chop Photos or superimpose Backgrounds

around lunchtime
mTouchLabs today announces Cut Me Out Pro 1.6, their photography app exclusively for iOS users. Have you wondered how your friends swap their faces or attached animal face? Cut out sections of an image in any shape and paste it to selected background photo with Cut Me Out Pro. You can create, save, and share impressive images with only a few swipes across your screen. Import your own background pics from Camera Roll, Photo library, Facebook and more. Read more [...]

Age of Discovery in Adelantado Trilogy. Book One on Mac OS

in the early morning
Realore today introduces the first chapter in the game trilogy about brave Spanish officer and explorer. Adelantado Trilogy. Book One is now available for download for Mac. The story of the game begins in the 16th century during the Age of Discovery. The players mission is to advance through colorful jungles. As they explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, players can achieve main goals such as discovering new territory, saving survivors, sending gold to the Queen and finding secrets. Read more [...]

Mobile game Auction Wars goes Free with sponsorship from Storage King

terribly early in the morning
The No.1 hit mobile game Auction Wars: Storage King is now free to download. The makers of the app, GameDigits Ltd., are pleased to announce that it is their partnership with the company Storage King that has made this possible. Inspired by the popular reality TV shows, the game puts you in the shoes of a professional auction buyer. Players go head to head against realistic in-game opponents. If they can hold their nerve and make the right call, they'll walk away with the loot and a tidy profit. Read more [...]

Together for iPad and iPhone 1.0 Now Available

terribly early in the morning
UK based Reinvented Software today introduces Together for iPad and iPhone 1.0 today. Together is an app for keeping things in one place. Together for iPad and iPhone brings the features of Together for Mac to mobile devices in an app that is both welcomingly familiar and works naturally on iPhone and iPad, sharing its libraries with iCloud to make them available everywhere. Also, to celebrate this, Together 3 will be half-price on the Mac App Store for the next month. Read more [...]

Introducing Wink: A New Social Messaging Platform

terribly early in the morning
Atlanta based BrickStreet Labs, LLC is poised to change the way people communicate with the release of Wink, a free social messaging app for iOS. Designed to give the user more control and help give messages a little more personality, Wink introduces a new way to share messages with friends, family, and social media followers. Not only are users in control of who gets their messages, but when they get them. Send messages today, then sit back and let the anticipation and excitement build. Read more [...]

LinkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign Now Supports Automatic Image Resampling

terribly early in the morning
Zevrix Solutions announces LinkOptimizer 4.9.19, a feature update to its popular workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer allows to reduce InDesign link size, speed up processing and reduce packaged files sent to printer by eliminating excess image data. The software also performs image adjustments, converts file formats and helps repurpose InDesign files for web and mobile devices. The new version supports the Automatic image resampling method in Photoshop CC and later. Read more [...]

TunesKit Newly Launched iTunes DRM Media Converter Tool for Mac OS X

terribly early in the morning
TunesKit Studio has released its TunesKit for Mac, the No.1 iTunes DRM Removal software over the world. It can crack Apple's Fairplay DRM protection easily from iTunes purchased and rented movies/TV shows with the fastest speed and 100% preserved quality. The app adopts a unique DRM decryption technique which makes it one of the smartest and fastest iTunes Video Converters. Using the TunesKit for Mac, movie fans can enjoy any iTunes movie rentals & purchases on popular mobile devices. Read more [...]

MEKS launches new interactive social media app

terribly early in the morning
Calgary based MEKS Tech Inc. today introduces MEKS 1.0, its new social networking app developed for iOS devices. Designed specifically to give users more authority over their interactions than ever before, MEKS has taken a new approach to socializing which allows the user to customize the platform. MEKS offers a complete array of networking features including: messaging, posts, photo and video sharing, likes and comments, friends and followers, photo albums, event planning and much more. Read more [...]

Socialist is the iOS World’s Smartest List Platform

terribly early in the morning
The BKRY's Socialist is the iOS world's smartest list platform that integrates with multiple 3rd party APIs to automatically create rich, interesting, interactive and actionable lists, and help users organize the things they love. Easily keep track of items via the app's simple gesture-based design. Users can perform various actions associated with their list, such as purchase movie tickets, download apps, listen to music and much more, all without having to exit the app. Read more [...]

Freya – The New Efficient App For Women Is On Kickstarter

terribly early in the morning
The HedgeHog team today announces their new Kickstarter Project for Freya, their upcoming iOS app. Freya is a circular ovulation calendar that is both simple, efficient and aesthetic. It allows women to monitor and receive notifications about their menstrual cycle. It can also be used during pregnancy for counting the remaining time before the estimated due date. The fundraising campaign will last for 30 days and the app will initially be developed for Apple iOS devices. Read more [...]

Promishare app based on best seller book Weapons of Influence

terribly early in the morning
LemonyApps announces the release of Promishare, a motivational mobile app exclusive for iPhone. The main goal of Promishare is helping people fulfill their promises through public commitments. Promishare stems from the idea of public commitment. This conception was first used in the bestselling book Weapons of Influence by one of the most quoted social psychologist Robert B. Cialdini. In particular, it is the second principle of influence, which he calls Commitment and Consistency. Read more [...]

MonApps introduces Mouse Hunter 1.0 for iOS – Hunt Down Mice

terribly early in the morning
Dubai based startup company, MonApps today is proud to announce the release of Mouse Hunter 1.0, its first game title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Featuring endless levels, Mouse Hunter is all about hunting down fast running mice before they reach the cheese by just tapping them. The more you hunt, the farther you will go. Mouse Hunter is suitable for all ages, and contains no In-App purchases. Read more [...]

Elite Keylogger Mac 1.3.036 Improves Emailed Logs and Adds AutoUpdates

in the early morning
Plano based security software firm, WideStep Security Software today announces Elite Keylogger for Mac 1.3.036, an update to the leading Mac keystroke recorder software. Elite Keylogger for Mac allows invisible recording of most keystrokes, email, chats and websites visited, along with screen captures. Version 1.3.036 brings automatic update notification and enhanced logs sent via email. users will be automatically notified when the program is unhidden. Read more [...]

Hit the Spot! is Simple, Fun Way to Train Visual Reflexes & Coordination

in the early morning
Hit the Spot! from Sebastian Huehn is a cool, retro-inspired game that uses classic elements like Whac-a-Moke and arcade shooter to help users train their visual reflexes, aiming skills and hand/eye coordination. Users must hit a green dot on their screen before it disappears but avoid hitting other objects such as stars, squares and triangles - that randomly appear and disappear. Hit the Spot! features Game Center integration, and is available at no-cost in the App Store. Read more [...]