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The Snugg iPad 2 Black Leather case and keyboard review

A debate can be had on whether or not you need a keyboard as an accessory with an iPad. recently I’ve had the luxury of testing a bluetooth keyboard/iPad case from Snugg. On first impressions the quality and stiching of the case is very good. Seems are well aligned and the method in which the iPad is secured is top notch. The keys on the keyboard provide enough tactile feel to prevent error when typing and the pairing of the Bluetooth 3.0 is accomplished with the push of a button. Charging Read more [...]

Spring BundleHunt offering!!

in the early afternoon
This is the Seventh bundle we are offering, the Spring Bundle includes the latest releases of 7 Mac apps, which have a total retail value of over $370 – but are available from March 5 to March 23 on for the insanely low price of $49.99USD. That's a discount of 87 percent. Apps included: RapidWeaver 5, MotionComposer, FX Photo Studio Pro, Fantastical, ExpanDrive, KeyCue, IconBox 2 If you are interested i can send you a bundle for your review. The bundle Read more [...]

DSS 1.0 Released on the iBookstore

in the wee hours
Independent developer, Philip Page announces the Drum Syllabus Series. The app takes aspiring drummers right from the very beginning, through every aspect of learning the drums. DSS 1.0 includes many great features: interactive widgets containing full audios at two tempos, detailed descriptions of every exercise and more. The updated version fixed DSS 2.0 upload issue and widget updates and improvements. DSS 1.0 is a must for anybody looking to learn the drums. Read more [...]

Doctor Spin Reinvents Apps with Hilarious Content and Device-Spinning

in the wee hours
Doctor Spin 1.0 from Code Delivery Boy, LLC challenges gamers to spin their device in order to collect "Zetas," which are used to fuel the sinister creation process of the mad scientist. The brilliantly unique game features stunning artwork, rapid gameplay and unforgettable characters. Offering fast-paced gameplay and a variety of maddening challenges to keep gamers engaged, the game features a cast of horrifying, yet hilarious creatures and more. Read more [...]

PhatWare Releases WritePad Handwriting Recognition SDK for iOS 8

in the wee hours
Spokane based PhatWare Corporation today announces its WritePad Software Development Kit (SDK), a new version of the multiplatform, multilingual handwriting recognition for iOS 8. WritePad SDK enables app developers and OEMs to leverage state-of-the-art handwriting recognition software updated for iOS 8. The new version of the SDK features improved handwriting recognition engine, updated dictionaries and new sample code that leverages new features found in iOS 8. Read more [...]

XChange US announces free seminar in New York for 2imagine

in the early morning
XChange US is excited to announce a free seminar in New York City for 2imagine's browser-based, WYSIWYG editor for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator documents which gives users total control over every page element, typeface, style and color. With 2imagine, users don't need to know anything about Adobe's complex user interface and functions. Users can add or replace content with their own content, but the template and its design and styles stay protected. Read more [...]

Elixir releases Tesla Pro theme for Realmac Software’s New RapidWeaver 6

in the early morning
Elixir Graphics announces Tesla Pro, an elegant, responsive theme for RapidWeaver 6. When Realmac Software set out to include beautifully crafted new themes in RapidWeaver v6, they approached Elixir to be one of the few who would have the honor of having their work included. While the Tesla theme that ships with RapidWeaver 6 comes with a lot of bells and whistles, the Pro version takes things to the next level. It includes a lot of exclusive features that don't come in the standard version. Read more [...]

Pip – The Australian Permaculture magazine is now available on Magzter

in the early morning
Pip, the magazine for the Australian permaculture community now comes aboard the World's largest and fastest growing global digital multi-platform newsstand and magazine store, Magzter. As all things natural and organic are gaining popularity across the globe, it becomes clear that people are constantly looking for new ways to help sustain ideal living. The aim of Pip magazine is to share stories, ideas and inspiration about how to create a world that can survive into the future. Read more [...]

Get ready to spook with Scary Story Kit this Halloween

in the early morning
Striding Bird Productions announces Scary Story Kit 1.81, an update to their popular oral storytelling app for iOS devices. Perfect for Halloween, slumber-parties, camps, and any scary situation, Scary Story Kit endows iPhone and iPad users with unique tools to tell their very own horror stories. Create extraordinary scary storytelling experiences and scare your friends, family and everyone else that dares cross your path! Version 1.81 is now a Universal app as well as supports iOS8. Read more [...]

Say it Mail it Lite 5.2 – Price reduced to Free

in the early morning
Carnation Software has released version 5.2 of its popular recorder app Say it & Mail it Lite, the quickest & easiest way to email a voice memo from your iPhone or iPod touch. No typing required. This new version adds the option to upgrade to the full version. If you are using an iPhone, your message is sent off immediately, thanks to cell towers. iPod touch stores the email or memo and sends as soon as it is able to make a Wi-Fi connection. Read more [...]

Apps Gone Mad offers today’s deal on Mac apps

terribly early in the morning
Apps Gone Mad offers weekly deals for apps available on the Mac App Store. Today's Deal includes: SnapRuler goes Free (originally $9.99), Templates for Pages - is available for $11.99 (50% off), Amberlight - only $9.99 (65% off). SnapRuler for Mac measures the size of anything with just one click. Templates for Pages gives a large selection of templates from books, invitations, and more. Amberlight creates beautiful computer generated images. Read more [...]

New Acrylic Wall Mounts for the iPhone 4, 5 & 6

terribly early in the morning
California based newMacgadgets today introduces the new iPhone 4, 5 and 6 Wall Mount Frames, the latest addition to their family of iPad and iPhone acrylic accessories. The new Wall Mount Frame secures the iPhone within a 1 inch, all acrylic base with a locking outer-frame. Sleek and streamlined, the base allows for the mounting screws to be concealed behind the iPhone allowing the installer the option to hang it in either the portrait or landscape positions. Read more [...]

iOS Navigation Application My Way Back Updated

terribly early in the morning
Cool Sun Software today announces My Way Back 2.1, an update to their popular navigation app for iOS devices. My Way Back is designed to get you back to your starting location as quickly and easily as possible using an innovative augmented reality view or traditional map view. This update adds support for iOS8, the iPhone 6 and 6+, and most exciting of all support is added for iBeacons. Put an iBeacon in your car, and the application will store its location even when it is not running. Read more [...]

Gormaya Announces Version 5.0 of Cooking Times for iOS 7 and iOS 8

terribly early in the morning
Gormaya has announced that Cooking Times for iOS 7 & iOS 8 has been updated to version 5.0. Cooking Times (formerly Recipe Timer) features simple time and temperature recipes by category or searching all recipes. Users can also modify or add to their own recipes. Cooking Times includes over 1000 recipes for cooking food or steeping tea. Version 5 has been enhanced with a new user interface for iOS 7 and iOS 8 in addition to new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus optimization. Read more [...] introduces Peppermint – Advanced Code Editor for OS X

terribly early in the morning today introduces Peppermint 1.0, its new code editor developed exclusively for Mac OS X. With more than 50 syntaxes supported, Peppermint offers advanced editing features with dozens of extensions, giving developers the ability to create amazing new apps and enjoy a different coding experience like never before. Offering a unique one-window no-distractions experience, Peppermint allows developers to make full use of their coding time, with major extensibility features. Read more [...]

Nektony Offers Tools to Prepare a Mac for OS X Yosemite

in the wee hours
Nektony today announces the launch of Getting Ready for Yosemite, a step-by-step guide that helps users migrate to Apple's new operation system. In addition, the company highlights Boost & Memory, Disk Expert & ClearDisk, three of its best selling disk utilities that serve to aid Mac users prior to installing Yosemite for OS X. It is recommended to perform basic cleanup operations prior to upgrading. Anyone upgrading to the latest OS X 10.10 will find Nektony's set of disk utilities very useful. Read more [...]

Noteboom Productions Introduces Tutor for OS X Yosemite

in the wee hours
Noteboom Productions, Ltd. today introduces Tutor for OS X Yosemite, their latest video tutorial for the Mac. Tutor for OS X Yosemite consists of 49 easy-to-follow video lessons designed to give users a better understanding of how to effectively use Apple's latest operating system for the Mac. It also includes lessons on setting up OS X default behaviors through System Preferences, installing and uninstalling Apps, working with documents, backing up, and troubleshooting tips. Read more [...]