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The Snugg iPad 2 Black Leather case and keyboard review

A debate can be had on whether or not you need a keyboard as an accessory with an iPad. recently I’ve had the luxury of testing a bluetooth keyboard/iPad case from Snugg. On first impressions the quality and stiching of the case is very good. Seems are well aligned and the method in which the iPad is secured is top notch. The keys on the keyboard provide enough tactile feel to prevent error when typing and the pairing of the Bluetooth 3.0 is accomplished with the push of a button. Charging Read more [...]

Spring BundleHunt offering!!

in the early afternoon
This is the Seventh bundle we are offering, the Spring Bundle includes the latest releases of 7 Mac apps, which have a total retail value of over $370 – but are available from March 5 to March 23 on for the insanely low price of $49.99USD. That's a discount of 87 percent. Apps included: RapidWeaver 5, MotionComposer, FX Photo Studio Pro, Fantastical, ExpanDrive, KeyCue, IconBox 2 If you are interested i can send you a bundle for your review. The bundle Read more [...]

Kepler 22 – A unique and immersive Sci-fi FPS available on the App Store

in the early morning
NuOxygen Game Publishing today introduces Kepler 22, the company's unique and immersive Sci-fi FPS developed for iOS devices. Players will experience a new world on a distant solar system. On planet Kepler 22, a twin planet of the earth, players must help General Matteus P. Morrison battle Keplerian enemies who have occupied many buildings and factories. The setting of the game and game play, both night and day, makes Kepler 22 a unique FPS action game in terms of graphics and action. Read more [...]

Bandline – Find out connections between music groups and musicians

in the early morning
Independent Developer Pavel Manylov today announces Bandline 2.1.1, a new version of his popular music app for iPhone and iPad. Bandline shows connections of music groups and their members as an interactive map. Thanks to the visualization with musicians photos, wikipedia excerpts and audio previews, any music fan can find new musicians and interesting groups closely related to the band user likes. Version 2.1.1 offers a fresh new design and audio preview player. Read more [...]

TunesKit Offers 20% Discount on All DRM Removal Product for Thanksgiving

in the early morning
TunesKit Studio launches a special deal for all of their DRM media converter products, including the best-selling iTunes DRM M4V Converter, DRM Audiobook Converter, and the special iTunes DRM Media Converter bundle for Mac & Windows, with a general 20% discount to customers worldwide. This Thanksgiving promotion will end on December 5th, which allows customers to get the special discount of TunesKit DRM removal products during the whole Thanksgiving season and Black Friday. Read more [...]

Magzter launches World’s Largest Magazine Sale

in the early morning
During this Thanksgiving week, Magzter takes an opportunity to say a heartfelt "Thank you" to its 27+ million users. In what could be termed as the biggest blowout sale in the history of digital magazines, Magzter is offering whopping discounts of up to 75% on thousands of best-selling magazines to commemorate Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It's going to be a week of delightful savings for magazine readers, as the sale on individual magazines runs until 1st December, 2015. Read more [...]

Less Than 8 – Quick Thinking Number Puzzle on Apple App Store

terribly early in the morning
Tipasoft Inc. today announces Less Than 8 for iOS, a number puzzle that challenges the player's wit to quickly complete rows & columns with numbers adding to eight. A player is presented one number at a time; the numbers 1, 2 or 3 chosen at random. By placing these numbers into a 4x4 square grid, the player will try to complete the rows & columns such that the sums add up to eight. Fans of Sudoku and Kakuro will enjoy the a quickly immersive and faster-paced gameplay that comes with a 4x4 grid. Read more [...]

24U released 24U Appearance OSAX 4.0.1

terribly early in the morning
24U Software today announces 24U Appearance OSAX 4.0.1 for Mac OS X. This popular scripting addition allows AppleScript script writers to interact with users via dialogs, notifications, alerts, progress indicators, and floating messages without the need to use a complex development tool, such as Xcode. Version 4.0.1 ensures that scripts created on older OS X will still work, even on the new OS version, and brings support for OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11, improved memory management and more. Read more [...]

Orb is a slick drag and drop radial contextual menu for OS X

terribly early in the morning
ZoomingCube Interactive today introduces Orb 1.0, its new productivity app developed exclusively for Mac OS X. Orb is a drag and drop, radial contextual menu that allows you to quickly open files with various applications without having to drag them all the way to your Dock. Orb features a special Preview that displays an enlarged preview of image at the center of the menu. A Direction Sensing feature allows default application to be placed in the direction of gesture. Read more [...]

Happy Bombs transports the player to a bright and colorful puzzle world

terribly early in the morning
LITE games and Levire today introduce Happy Bombs FREE 1.0, their new social action puzzle extravaganza for iOS and Android devices. In this free-to-play action puzzle game, players will need to link the small and colorful Happy Bombs to each other within 60 seconds. Guided by Bombfuzius, the player's own personal tutor, one will quickly be introduced to the basic mechanics of the game which involve connecting the Happy Bombs of various colors to form chains that are as long as possible. Read more [...]

Remoter – Remote Access your Computer from iPhone, iPad or Mac

terribly early in the morning
North Carolina based Remoter Labs has announced that the Remoter suite of apps for iOS and OS X will be on sale for Thanksgiving and Black Friday (Remoter VNC will be free, Pro and Mac versions 75% off). Remoter allows users to remotely control Macs, Windows or Linux PCs using the open standard VNC, RDP, SSH and Telnet protocols, right from their devices. This update brings important fixes and improvements, including a better SSH Key Manager and support for El Capitan and Windows 10. Read more [...]

PDF Checkpoint 1.7.14 Improves PDF Image Preflight

terribly early in the morning
Toronto based Zevrix Solutions today announces PDF Checkpoint 1.7.14, a maintenance update to its PDF preflight and conversion solution. Remarkably fast, PDF Checkpoint automatically preflights, exports as images, splits and optimizes multiple Adobe PDF files. The software can also convert the color mode of PDF documents, assign ICC profiles, downsample resolution and compress images. The new version improves reliability of image preflighting and fixes a stability issue on Mac OS X El Capitan. Read more [...]

Test Your Reflexes in this Awesome Endless Puzzler

terribly early in the morning
UK based Go Games today introduces DropBlox 1.0, its new game title developed for iOS and Amazon devices. DropBlox is a simple game where you catch falling blox by matching the color of the blox. Focus your mind and test your reflexes as the falling blox get quicker and quicker until you find yourself reacting at amazing speeds. Average players score around 40, good players over 80 and amazing players will break 100. How many blox will you get? Read more [...]

Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation for kids: announcing Zen Studio

terribly early in the morning
Award-winning Paris based startup, Edoki Academy today introduces Zen Studio 1.0, their new educational app for iOS devices. Discover Zen studio, a unique soothing geometric finger painting app designed to help children from the age of 3 to relax and focus. It may be the simplest painting app ever published! What's more, a calm, soothing music algorithm accompanies every swipe of a finger making it a very zen experience and, it's free to download. Read more [...]

Ergonis Black Friday shopping – Save 25% on PopChar, Typinator, KeyCue

in the wee hours
Ergonis Software announces a Black Friday promotion for their award-winning productivity tools PopChar, Typinator, and KeyCue. Headquartered in Perg, Austria, Ergonis Software develops ergonomic and intuitive software that boosts the productivity of Mac and PC users. Customers visiting the company's online store before December 1st 2015, can enter the coupon code "BlackFriday15A" during checkout to get a 25% discount. Read more [...]

The new Blockbuster Kit Solves All Movie-Watching Problems

in the wee hours
For this Black Friday and for the first time ever, the developers of WALTR, Beamer 3, Boom 2 & Elmedia Player united together to bring users the best of experiences in a single Blockbuster Kit. Full of amazing software that crushes barriers between your Mac, iPhone, iPad & Apple TV, Blockbuster Kit will help change the way you watch movies. It's an all-in-one solution for a Mac user who loves watching video. The official launch day of this Blockbuster Kit is on November 27th. Read more [...]

iMobie Releases its Ace iOS Cleaner PhoneClean4 with a 3-Day Giveaway

terribly early in the morning
iMobie Inc. today announced the new update of PhoneClean 4 - the best ever iOS cleaner designed to reclaim wasted space on iPhone/iPad for use and keep device fast. Alongside, iMobie hosts a 3-day giveaway of the newly released PhoneClean 4 as the biggest offer of the year for its fans and media partners. iDevice users can free up gigabytes of precious space without having to remove valuable photos and messages. Giveaway lasts from 26 - 28 Nov 2015, available worldwide. Read more [...]