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The Snugg iPad 2 Black Leather case and keyboard review

A debate can be had on whether or not you need a keyboard as an accessory with an iPad. recently I’ve had the luxury of testing a bluetooth keyboard/iPad case from Snugg. On first impressions the quality and stiching of the case is very good. Seems are well aligned and the method in which the iPad is secured is top notch. The keys on the keyboard provide enough tactile feel to prevent error when typing and the pairing of the Bluetooth 3.0 is accomplished with the push of a button. Charging Read more [...]

Spring BundleHunt offering!!

in the early afternoon
This is the Seventh bundle we are offering, the Spring Bundle includes the latest releases of 7 Mac apps, which have a total retail value of over $370 – but are available from March 5 to March 23 on for the insanely low price of $49.99USD. That's a discount of 87 percent. Apps included: RapidWeaver 5, MotionComposer, FX Photo Studio Pro, Fantastical, ExpanDrive, KeyCue, IconBox 2 If you are interested i can send you a bundle for your review. The bundle Read more [...]

Quincy for Mac OS Released

New York based RoGame Software announces the release of Quincy for Mac OS, a most unique music composition tool. Quincy's modular approach to interpretation of cellular automata renders Life worlds in styles ranging from Balinese Gamelan music to that of Stockhausen. Auto-generated interactive music that sounds authentic and goes far beyond the mere triggering of note events or squeaky sine waves. Compositions in Quincy are visually and musically spellbinding and wonderfully strange. Read more [...]

Magzter’s Memorial Day Sale – Up to 75% Off on digital magazines

in the early morning
In honor of Memorial Day, the world's largest and fastest growing global digital multi-platform magazine newsstand and bookstore, Magzter is offering up to 75% off on the best-selling magazines like Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Esquire, Marie Clarie, Forbes, Maxim, Fast Company, Inc., Black Enterprise and many more. Magzter's ever-growing users in the US can take advantage of this exclusive discount to buy their favorite magazines at unbelievable prices. Read more [...]

Zig Zag Race 1.0 – A super fun car race in space

terribly early in the morning
Paralagames Studios today introduces Zig Zag Race 1.0 for iOS, a new game on the new genre "Impossible." Simple yet extremely fun to play, this is a super fun car race in space! Drive on the wild side, but don't drive your car off the floating track. This fun race game will have you zigging and zagging your race car over a treacherous course on a floating race track course high above the ground. Cool modern-retro stylized graphics and awesome racing action will have you racing to victory. Read more [...]

Construction Estimator 1.1 released for OS X – Easy-To-Use Estimating

terribly early in the morning
California based MICOM Software today introduces Construction Estimator 1.1, an easy-to-use estimating program developed exclusively for Mac OS X. Perfect for professional contractors, homeowners and students alike, Construction Estimator can help anyone estimate materials and the cost of just about any project. Just press the button next to the function that you want to estimate, answer a few questions and the quantities and cost totals are displayed. It's that easy. Read more [...]

Routes 2 – The ultimate iOS app for planning trips – Available on Jun, 3

terribly early in the morning
The Clash Soft today announces the up and coming release of Routes 2, a major update to its popular route planning app for iOS devices. Routes 2 will be completely programmed from scratch and promises many improvements that are sure to delight travellers from all over the world. Travelers can now organize trips without restrictions, choosing the days of the trips and creating a route for each day. Users can add as many waypoints for each day as they want, there are no limits. Read more [...]

Suburban Aussie Mum Develops Social App: DoubleBud

terribly early in the morning
Ag and Scott Lacey today announce DoubleBud 1.0.2, their new lifestyle app for iOS devices. DoubleBud aims to inspire and motivate people through other people's changes. The app provides a single area where users can come together and share before and after images throughout different categories. The app allows users to categorise their photo strips into various categories. All these photos shown in sequence, highlight the changes in a night, in a year or in a few weeks. Read more [...]

Musk Links released for iOS – New Download Manager

terribly early in the morning
Independent music software developer Joerg Garbers today introduces Musk Links 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app and its web extension help users to quickly find relevant links in web pages and to download multiples files from web pages more easily. It analyses the web page and highlights links that have pre-selected file extensions. Users can search within these links for textual patterns and download matching files in the background. Read more [...]

Arabic Dictionary 12.0 Released with Apple Watch Support

terribly early in the morning
iThinkdiff today announces Arabic Dictionary 12.0, an update to their popular bilingual dictionary app for iOS devices. Featuring a large database, Pronunciation, Online Translator, Phrase Book, Flash cards and games help both students and travelers to translate nearly anything from Arabic into English and vice versa. Version 12.0 introduces Apple Watch support. Now anyone can quickly see recent search history, bookmarked words, translation, phrases and word of the day in their watch. Read more [...]

iNotepad for Mac: write and manage in one single document multiple texts

terribly early in the morning
Apimac has just released iNotepad, a new app for OS X that let you write and manage in one single document hundreds or even thousands of texts. With iNotepad, you have everything in one place. Write texts and format them as you like, enhance them with images and export them into various standard file formats. iNotepad features intuitive tools for organizing options, tag view, and more. Immediately find what you are looking for with basic or advanced search. Read more [...]

ChordsMaestro, Your Personal Music Chord Wizard

terribly early in the morning
Neonway recently updated ChordsMaestro 1.5, its most popular music app for Mac OS X. With no prior experience required, ChordsMaestro enables anyone to play and save chords of their favorite songs on seven different instruments. The app is perfect for beginners, hobby musicians, music students, and fun to use for music lovers of all levels. The update includes support for left-handed users, volume control, piano photos for right hand and images for flat sign representation. Read more [...]

Learning Sticker Puzzle, puzzle or sticker game? Your kids will tell you

in the wee hours
California based development studio, Black Mouton today announces Sticker Puzzle 2.2, an update to their star kids app available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. Designed for kids of 2 to 5 years old, this free educational app helps develop the abilities of matching shapes, differentiating colors, learning daily objects by hearing, delicate finger movement and much more. The puzzles come along with real human voice for each sticker, which helps kids understand & learn the object names. Read more [...]

Ziggy Road 1.0 released for iOS and Android – Zigzag Traffic Racer

in the wee hours
UK based Abson Developments today introduces Ziggy Road 1.0, the latest Secret Box developed game for iOS and Android devices. Ziggy Road ZigZag Traffic Racer is set in the near future, when all cars are self driven by computers. You are the owner of the new AGPO-500. Unfortunately your new car has developed a bug! Rush to take control of the runaway car and zigzag race to avoid everything. Featuring 29 Vehicles, Ziggy Road offers 3D graphics, with hidden Easter Eggs throughout the game. Read more [...]

ArtHandler – Artist’s Record Book 1.4 Now Available

in the early morning
Independent developer, Martin Walk today announces ArtHandler 1.4, a new version of the Artist's Record Book application for Mac OS X. ArtHandler is built for artists who need to remember titles, dimensions and dates of their artworks. ArtHandler archives images of each artwork and makes them easily accessible for future use. ArtHandler 1.4 brings export functionality and the possibility to set a default artist's name for all newly added artworks. Read more [...]

Forbes Mongolia Magazine is now available on Magzter

terribly early in the morning
Mongolia's leading business magazine, Forbes Mongolia, now becomes available on Magzter, the world's fastest growing global digital multi-platform magazine newsstand and bookstore. Mongolia's extensive mineral deposits and steep growth in mining-sector activities have transformed Mongolia's economy. Forbes Mongolia plays a vital role in showcasing the business opportunities in Mongolia, thereby increasing the Foreign Direct Investment, which is essential for every nation's economic growth. Read more [...]

MathX 2.0 is now available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

terribly early in the morning
The MathX team today announces MathX 2.0, a major update to their popular educational app developed for iOS devices. MathX brings the power of a graphic and scientific calculator on your iPhone and iPad. It can solve more than 15 operations and gives you step-by-step explanations. It allows you to graph and compare up to seven functions simultaneously. Version 2.0 features a completely new application on iPad, all-new standard calculator, new capabilities like Matrix Operations, and more. Read more [...]