Know About Table Tennis Shop Singapore

Table tennis is a fun game, also known as a ping pong ball game. The rules of playing table tennis are mostly similar to those of lawn tennis. It is played with a lightweight hollow ball and two rackets. One also needs a table that is divided into two with a net. It is a popular game and played all over the world with great enthusiasm. The question arises of how one can set up a table tennis game in the comfort of his house. One needs to get supplies for that. Get good quality supplies for long-term use is a must. Therefore one must only visit a good table tennis shop. A reliable table tennis shop singapore has is not very difficult to find. All one needs to do is check the quality of the product.

 After getting the supplies, one has to know how to play the game; for that, the person needs to know the game’s rules.

Rules for playing table tennis – 

  1. One must not keep their hand on the table. To be precise, while playing, one cannot touch the table. If that happens, the person who touches the table will lose a point.
  2. At the time of service, the ball has to be thrown at least 15 millimeters high. One cannot throw the ball in a way in which it spins and reaches the opponent. This adds up to a deduction of points.
  3. In the first service, there are chances that the ball touches the net. In this case, the player has to reserve. There is a general rule that a total of 3 reserves can be done. After that, the points start to be deducted.
  4. Before the service, the ball has to be held up on the flat palm. So that both the umpire and the opponent can see the direction in which the ball will be thrown.
  5. The rubber used on the racket is of two colors. One side has to be red and the other black. This helps the opponent know what kind of ball is to be expected.

The game can be enjoyed with two or four players at a time. There are many championships held both at the national and international levels. The sport is not only played in public like schools, social clubs, sports clubs. But also in private, like in homes at the time of some parties or just casually.