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The Idea is that these two athletic dudes one an MMA fighter, the other a former football player and wrestler travel all around the world to train , and then test out different cultures’ martial arts. And while just two episodes have aired as of this writing, the series already has shown itself to be a rather revealing diagnostic tool to people that has the ability to check past the romanticism and isolate the reality. Allow me to explain. Last week’s episode was on Karate. And never the kiddie Karate nonsense you see down on the street corner. No, the Individual Weapon boys travelled directly to Okinawa Karate’s birthplace to train with three of the world’s most respected, toughest, and best educators.

The series revealed amazing feats of human strength, discipline, Conditioning, and coaching. Along with the Okinawa Senses were totally incredible to watch, and also learn from throughout the miracle of television. Quite simply; it was pretty darn cool. But why really loved the series was that while it respected the individual practitioner, it was not reluctant to provide an unbiased, accurate history of this artwork like me.

Karate did not stop the Japanese Samurai from coming in and occupying The Island, nor was there any prosperous peasant revolt to overthrow the Samurai. Sure, there were a few famous isolated cases of Karate men successfully defending themselves against an armed Samurai, and karate near me training is admittedly gruelling do, incidentally, have a black belt in Gout Ryun Karate but the facts are facts. Okinawa, once an independent kingdom, is now a part of Japan.

Now, what is Fantastic for contemporary practitioners of Karate is that the Japanese Influence on Okinawa was infused in their native martial art. Karate has implemented Japanese Judo uniforms and belt positions While Okinawa Karate remains primarily a striking art, Japan’s Samurai methods of jujutsu are becoming a part of Karate’s standard training program. Because of the fact that each and every method of Karate is an intricate motor motion using multiple muscle groups, it might take two or three lifetimes to be great enough in Karate to ensure success under kill or be killed combat stress conditions.

The best example of this brings us back to the Individual Weapon TV series as the orgasm of every episode is just one of those two hosts really competing against a skilled practitioner of the art they have been studying throughout the series. Smoothly executed techniques deliver the maximum power without wasting energy. Most Karate students spend years studying this. Some never learn it and stop because they have not mastered these basic concepts. Understanding these concepts will help tremendously with creating Karate punching techniques. Standard understanding of how to do the Karate punch will cause a greater comprehension of Karate techniques.